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10 Back to School Ideas

back to school ideas

It’s nearly back to school time. Can you believe it? Here are some fun ideas to help celebrate the occasion and make the return a bit more fun for your kids.

back to school ideas

Back to School Printables

Here is a super cute printable for those back to school photos. I’ll need the 4th and 6th grader cards. I can’t believe my kids are getting that old. WOW!

back to school ideas

Back to School Treats

Send your kids off with a special treat in their lunch box or welcome them home with these yummy cupcakes.

back to school ideas

Back to School Card

What a cute send-off card for any kid. I need to work on some ideas for mine. I think my daughter would really like this one.

back to school ideas

Back to School Countdown

Moms might like this one a bit more than the kids as school gets closer, but still a fun idea.

back to school ideas

Back to School Wreath

I am in love with this back to school wreath. It’s so colorful. My daughter and I are going to work on this next week.

back to school ideas Back to School Lunch Idea

I really need to make more creative lunches this year. This serves as great inspiration. So cute!

back to school ideas

Send Off Treat

I never send candy to school, but the first day can be an exception. Isn’t this the cutest idea? Love it!

back to school ideas

Back to School Breakfast

I am totally going to use this idea this year. Both of my kids are attending new schools so I should send them off with a celebration.

back to school ideas

Back to School Chore Chart

I keep meaning to create a chore chart for each of my kids. This gives me inspiration to finally get to it!

back to school ideas

 Back to School Teacher Gift

I love the idea of a cute gift for the teacher. Andes mints are a favorite of mine so I’m sure one of the teachers will love this as well.

So, there is my collection of ideas. I hope you like it. Have more ideas? Please share in a comment.

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  1. Jenna Wood says:

    I really love the crayon wreath- I am always pinning these cute seasonal wreaths and forget to make them!

  2. Patty says:

    They are all very cute. I don’t have kids (not the human kind anyway) so I don’t have to worry about all of this stuff.

  3. Lena says:

    The crayons are adorable – so cute. This is way too creative for me

  4. The crayon wreath and adorable lunch are my two favorites. Love all this fun back to school ideas!

  5. I LOVE that wreath! It’s so freaking adorable!!

    Great ideas!

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