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10 Gluten Free Cakes and Tasty Treats

Having gluten free cakes and treats on hand make guests with gluten sensitivities feel welcome and included. If you have a gluten issue yourself, you can delight in these desserts. Many of these are gluten free holiday recipes, but some are great for any time of year.

gluten free cake

Ginger Bread Cookies – Strength & Sunshine

The holiday season is not complete without Gingerbread Cookies! These classic gluten-free, vegan, and allergy-free gingerbread men (and friends) are such a fun sweet treat for all to have this Christmas. Food allergies don’t have to get in the way with this gluten free cookie recipe!

cranberry gingerbread rice pudding

Cranberry Gingerbread Rice Pudding – Food Meanderings

Sweet, milky cinnamony flavors somehow remind me of french toast (in rice form, of course) on a cozy weekend morning. And the cranberry and gingerbread flavors completely elevate this pudding to an entirely new level, while giving it that comforting holiday flair!

Peppermint Patties – gluten free and Keto – Hodgepodgehippie

Prove all the naysayers wrong when they say that you’ll have to skip the holiday sweets…instead, introduce them to this Keto dessert that is certain to knock their socks off! Treat your taste buds with these Peppermint Patties.

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Gluten Free Fruit Cake – A Sweet Alternative

This gluten free cake is a great healthy addition to a Christmas dessert table. It’s perfect for dessert at holiday parties and potlucks, yet I think it’s nutritious enough to eat for breakfast or as a snack.

vegan strawberry trifle

Vegan Strawberry Trifle – Rhian’s Recipes

This Vegan Strawberry Trifle is so easy to make and just as delicious as the traditional version: layers of fruity strawberry jellycreamy custard and fluffy coconut whipped cream topped with fresh strawberries!

Gluten Free and Vegan Christmas Pudding – Rhians Recipes

This Gluten-Free Vegan Christmas Pudding is super moist, pleasantly boozy, perfectly spicedand really easy to make. The best indulgent Christmas dessert!

Gluten Free Bundt Cake – Snowflake – Healthy Tast of Life

This gluten free cake is Holiday ready with a Snowflake mold, but it’s delicious any time of year. It is also dairy free and refined sugar free. It makes a healthy holiday treat to be enjoyed on Christmas morning with a cup of tea or coffee. It’s an easy recipe, all you need is a snowflake cake pan and bowl to combine all ingredients.

Vegan Chocolate Brownie Cake – Planted 365

This Vegan Chocolate Brownie Cake is a rich, dense, delicious brownie textured treat that you’d never guess also contains a bit of sweet potato and beet. It’s also a gluten free cake for any chocolate lover you know.

Gluten Free Banana Bread – Your Wandering Foodie

Gluten-free banana bread is a great recipe! So many people are gluten free, or low carb or trying to avoid sugar. This is the perfect option for all of those. I have friends and family that don’t eat gluten for health reasons and I love finding new recipes to make for them. 

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Best Chocolate Fudge Recipe – Vegan – Happy Kitchen

Wonderfully sweet, delightfully gooey, this is without question the best chocolate fudge recipe made without condensed milk (and sugar!) you’re ever going to have! Feel free to indulge yourself with this vegan fudge without any guilt or second guessing.

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When purchasing ingredients like chocolate or plant-based flowers, just make sure they are marked “gluten free” to be sure.

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