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10 Tips to Reduce Stress and Enjoy Life!

What busy woman these days does not have some stress in their lives? If that is you, please share your secret. If not, with a little planning and preparation, you can reduce stress tremendously. Here are my top 10 tips to reduce stress to help you better enjoy your life!

tips to reduce stress

10 Tips to Reduce Stress and Enjoy Life!

Time Management

  • Take some time to prioritize your day each morning
  • Create short to-do lists for each day, but don’t go beyond the weekend.
  • Consider using a timer. If a task is taking much longer than you expected or you are getting side tracked, move on!
  • Consider delegating tasks on your list to your kids, spouse, or even a friend. It’s OK to ask for help.

Prepare for the Day

  • Take some time each night to prepare for the next day.
  • Write out a meal plan and pack lunches ahead of time.
  • Pick out clothes for you and the kids and lay them out.

Stop and Enjoy the Little Things

  • Take a break and enjoy the moment from time to time
  • Focus on small details like the taste of a food or a lovely view from the car.

Keep Moving

  • Regular exercise is key to help reduce stress
  • Small bursts of activity help even if you can’t get in a full workout
  • If you are stuck at a desk, try to move for at least 5 minutes each hour.

Remember to Laugh

  • Laughter releases happy hormones
  • Share a funny story
  • Ask a friend to tell you a joke
  • Listen to a comedy radio station

Enjoy Nature

  • Spend time outdoors
  • Natural scents and sights have a calming effect

Take time to Breathe

  • Take slow deep breaths to reduce stress
  • You’ll lower your heart rate and blood pressure too.


  • Meditation does not need to be formal
  • Take time to clear your mind even in the shower or bath

Keep a Gratitude Journal

  • Every night, write at least one sentence about something that brought you joy.
  • No accomplishment is too small


  • Getting adequate sleep is key to stress reduction

What are your tips to reduce stress and enjoy life?

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