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Hate Working Out? 10 Tips To Make Exercise Fun!

10 tips to make exercise fun

Fitness is sometimes one of those words that makes people cringe, and words like workout and exercise can conjure up feelings of dread and anxiety. Fitness  exercise does not have to be dreadful, overwhelming or boring.

Fitness is obviously important for your health. It will give you more energy, strength and the ability to live a fuller lifestyle. You know it, but how can you make it fun?.

There are many ways to get fit without the usual gym-type routines. Exercise can be a positive and an uplifting portion of your day.

10 Tips To Make Exercise Fun!

1. Sports

If you love sports, find a team in your area and get involved. Even coaching a kids team is a great workout. I coached soccer last year and got in great shape. If team sports is not your thing, perhaps swimming or biking would be a good fit for you.

2. Pump Up The Volume

Music is a great motivator to get you moving. Dance to your favorite tunes in your living room. It’s private and fun! There are also dance based workout DVDs like Hip Hop Abs that get your moving with fun dance moves and great music. Search for dance workouts for other ideas.

3. Workout While Watching TV

Try a few sit ups, and other exercises that speed up the heart rate while watching your favorite TV show. Sit ups, leg lifts, or even jogging in place while tuning in to your favorite program is a great way get exercise in every day, and the show will be distracting enough that before you know it, you’ll be done!

4. Feel The Exercise High

Exercise produces hormones in your body called endorphins that make you feel really good, maybe you have heard about the runner’s high? Well that’s what it’s all about. So, take the time to enjoy them and anticipate when you will feel them again. Give yourself a short while following a workout, simply to relax and relish the feeling of the endorphins in your body. This positive feedback that will keep you coming back for more each day.

5. Make Exercise Your Own

Making up your own workout routine is a fantastic way to stay in shape without the need to join a gym. Anything that gets your body moving and gets your heart rate up a bit is perfect!

6. Take it Outside

If you love the outdoors, seek out ways to exercise in the fresh air. Hiking, rock climbing, swimming or just walking in the park are just a few examples of very effective workouts that are fun. Not a fan of going solo? Seek out groups that have similar interests. is a great resource.

7. Hire A Personal Trainer

If you have always had a hard time with fitness and working out, a good personal trainer can really help. They offer not only their knowledge and expertise in fitness and exercise, but they can also keep you motivated and on track. An experienced trainer will know how to deal with negativity, self-doubt and clients who want to quit, and they can be very helpful in these areas. Also, the fact that you pay them can help you stay motivated, after all, who wants to waste money?

8. Get A Workout Partner

This is a great way to make exercise fun and the time pass quickly. Walk with a friend in the neighborhood while gabbing and you won’t notice the hour of great exercise you just achieved.

9. Play With The Kids

Playing with your kids is a fun way to get in a good workout, without it feeling like work. We love to play freeze dance. When the weather is nice, we play tag, kickball, basketball and more.

10. Find What Motivates You

Give some thought as to what really motivates you to get fit? Consider creating a vision board of what your goals are. Put post-it notes around the house with motivational quotes. Here is a link to my Pinterest Board for some inspirational quotes.

Final Thoughts

Fitness does not have to be dreadful. There are many ways to make exercise more fun, and reap all the benefits and rewards that it brings. Remember, anything that keeps you moving for sustained periods of time is great! Aim for at least 3 times a week.

Have other ideas to make fitness fun? Share in a comment.

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  1. Sue says:

    Taking it outdoors can be such a great change for people who mostly exercise inside. I have been offering outdoor classes since the weather has been getting nicer here in Seattle, and my clients are loving it.

    Another outdoor activity that I hear about all of the time from clients is gardening and really getting out there and working hard in the yard. What a great way to forget about the hours and get exercise while doing something that you love.

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