25 Creative First Day of School Signs

Photo from the first day of school are some of my fondest memories. Are you thinking about taking a picture of your child on their first day of school? A first day of school signs are a great addition to any photo!

Here’s a collection of some printable signs as well as some DIY ideas for your adorable students to hold while they smile for that first day memory.

Here’s a collection of some printable signs as well as some DIY ideas for your adorable students to hold while they smile for that first day memory.

First Day of School Signs – Printables

First Day Of School Free Printable Signs from happinessishomemade.net

Heidi says, “You can print these back to school signs right before the kids head off to school and still manage to snap a few precious First Day of School pictures for posterity. One of my favorite things to do is look back at those photos each year and see how much my kids have grown!”

Three Color Options First Day Printables – Wherethesmileshavebeen.com

These are one of my favorites of the bunch. They are so cute and colorful and you get to choose from 3 difference variations.

Free Printable First Day Of School Signs For 2019 from blog.chickabug.com

These printables have first day of school signs for every grade. Cute to match if you have multiple kids for a group picture.

DIY Back to School Sign with free Printable aprincessandherpirates.com

Fill out and share the upcoming details of your child for the new school year. 

First Day Of School Printables from sarahtitus.com

I love getting this sign out every year for our princess to fill out and share her upcoming details on her new school year.  I am excited to share this easy project with you, and hope that it will be a nice way to preserve your memories year after year.

Super cute printables that are not specific to any year so you can use them again and again.

Scribble design first day of school signs from maple planners.com

I really like the scribble design on these signed. They look cool both in color or in black and white.

Easy to customize with instructional video by PlanesandBalloons.com

Big, colorful and easy to customize. These signs even come with an instructional video to help you achieve a flawless design.

Printable First And Last Day Of School Signs from fromabcstoacts.com

I really love the way these are styled. Like the printables above, these can be used year after year and are cute for group photos of multiple kids heading into different grades.

Back to School About Me Printable – TheDenverHousewife.com

Capture their picture on the first day of school and the last day of school and add them to the picture boards. On the All About Me pages you can ask your kid(s) their favorite food, color, movie, and song. Fill in what they love, how old they are, and the date.

First Day Of School Signs Free Printables from simpleeverydaymom.com

I especially love the quote she has at the bottom of her signs. While your kids may hate taking the picture at the time, they do enjoy looking back on them once they are older.

Free First Day Of School Printables from ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

Kristi says – These Free First Day of School Printables are perfect to celebrate your kiddos’ big day back! They’re available from preschool through twelfth grade. I’ve also got tips on getting a great first day of school pic.

Printable Fun School Signs from thedigicrafter.com

This blogger not only has adorable first day of school printables, but also cute lunch notes to surprise your kids. So cute!

First Day Of School Printable Chalkboard Sign from bearhugsandblanketforts.com

I love how this blogger created sections in her printable to include the age of the child, what they want to be when they grow up and more.

First Day Of School Printables from carrieelle.com

These adorable first day of school signs include the students teacher’s name too.

Free First Day Of School Printables from blog.chickabug.com

Another adorable set of back to school signs for every grade.

Free School Photo Signs That Can Be Printed And Decorated from laughingkidslearn.com

This collection includes printable signs for every year of school including first year of college. Fun!

First Day of school for all grades – funwithmama.com

With the beginning of a new year at school, what better way to remember this time than with these great First (and Last) Day of School Posters. Taking pictures of kids holding up the correct sign is a fun way to remember the start of school and is a great memory keeper. See how your children have grown.

First Day of School Signs from sixcleversisters.com

Instagram-Ready Back To School Photo Prop Printables from tatertotsandjello.com

This collection has cute prop printables in addition to the grade signs.

First Day Of School & All About Me Free Printables from teepeegirl.com

I love that the back of these signs include a bunch of information about the child. What a great way to look back on how things change from year to year.

first day of school signs

Personalized Printable School Signs from 100directions.com

This is a fun school craft the kids can create as they get ready for school to start. I also have created alternate versions of the signs so you can use them for other events throughout the school year.

First Day of School Signs – Chalkboards

Upcycled Chalkboard Signs from gymcraftlaundry.com

A great tip from Herchel: I made sure we were ready an extra thirty minutes early so we would have time to take photos and still make it early enough to get a parking space.

DIY Chalkboard Tutorial With Faux Antique Ruler Frame from blog.consumercrafts.com

This quick project is fun to make, and now I have the cute DIY chalkboard I’ve been wishing for!

How To Make A Reversible First Day Of School Sign With Chalkboard Paint from diydanielle.com

DIY First Day of School Signs Ruler Craft – honeyandlime.co

I love these adorable signs framed by old fashioned wooden rulers. It’s a great craft for the kids to help with too.

After you’ve made you signs, I’ve also got ideas for back to school lunches.

Get your kids started on the right food with these 17 Inspirational quotes for kids.


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