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20 Easy Ways To Live A More Adventurous Life

Is your daily routine a little boring? Do you find yourself reflecting on your week, wondering where the time went when you haven’t done anything worth mentioning? If so, it’s time for a change! Life is too short to sit still and be bored! Embrace adventure as often as you can to experience the world as fully as possible.

Feel like your life needs a bit of a change? Here is a great list to creating a more adventurous life. #adventure #healthyliving #lifechange

20 Easy Ways To Live A More Adventurous Life

Ready to throw caution to the wind and embrace a little excitement? Here are 20 easy ways to live more adventurously:

1 – Break up your routine as much as possible

Many of us get stuck in a rut and find ourselves moving through the same routine every single day. Shake it up! Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier so you’ve got time for a quick workout or eat something different for breakfast, and you’ll be well on your way to living with a little more excitement.

2 – Eat something new

There’s a whole world of flavor out there! Don’t be afraid to sample different cuisines, even if they’re unfamiliar. Check out a new restaurant or whip up a new recipe at home.

3 – Say “yes” more often

If you’re prone to turning down plans because you’d rather stay at home, it’s time for an attitude adjustment. Try to say “yes” more than you say “no” and you might be surprised where you find yourself!

4 – Make it a big deal

What is “it”? Everything! The more open you are to celebrating the small wins, the more opportunities you’ll find to have fun and make your day a little more exciting.

5 – Go out alone

An adventurous life means stepping out of your comfort zone. Want to go to a concert but can’t find anyone to join you? Go by yourself! Get a little adventurous and set out on your own. Who knows – you might even make a new friend!

6 – Get in front of a crowd

Whether you take the stage at karaoke night, sign up for an improv class or share a piece of yourself at a poetry reading, putting yourself out there can be nerve-wracking and exhilarating at the same time.

7 – Learn something new

Learning a new skill or becoming an expert in a subject can be a tremendous adventure! Find a free online course to take or pursue higher education and push yourself to achieve your dreams.

8 – Be spontaneous

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is throw caution to the wind and see where life takes you! Head out for the day with no plans in mind, and you might be surprised to find how much fun you have.

9 – Try a new workout

Spend your time at the gym on the treadmill? Get a little adventurous and sign up for kickboxing, rock climbing or aerial yoga for something different.

10 – Take a different route home

Break up the monotony of your daily routine by following a different path home. Take the back roads and

Feel like your life needs a bit of a change? Here is a great list to creating a more adventurous life. #adventure #healthyliving #lifechange

11 – Change jobs

Lots of people stay in jobs they dislike because they’re too afraid to make a switch. Put yourself out there and explore other opportunities. You spend too much time at work to be unhappy – take a chance and see if you can change your situation for the better!

12 – Talk to strangers

Strike up a conversation with the person next to you while you’re sitting at the bar, waiting for the bus or standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. Some people might not want to chat – and that’s fine. Others will! You’ll be amazed by who you’ll meet by simply putting yourself out there.

13 – Go camping

Spending a night outdoors, surrounded by nature, is an easy way to instill a sense of excitement and adventure – especially if camping isn’t part of your normal routine. Find a picture-perfect campsite and enjoy an evening huddled around a campfire, sharing ghost stories and s’mores!

14 – Do something that scares you

Not the biggest fan of heights? Consider skydiving – or, at the very least, choosing the window seat on the plane. The only way you’ll overcome your fears is to embrace adventure and face them head-on.

15 – Adopt a dog

Getting a dog will certainly lead you to live a more adventurous life, whether you want to or not. Between long walks and trips to the dog park, it isn’t hard to see how getting a pup can keep you on your toes!

16 – Unplug

It’s hard to be adventurous when you’re staring at your screen. The more you can detach yourself from your phone or computer and engage with the world, the more exciting your life will become – I promise.

17 – Explore a new place

Book a flight to a different country or load up the car and check out the next town over. Either way, there’s excitement in experiencing something new!

18 – Watch live sports

There’s something exhilarating about cheering on your team, surrounded by thousands of like-minded fans. Whether you prefer baseball, basketball, football or something else, attending a game in person can be a huge adventure.

19 – Write out your bucket list

 Putting your dreams down on paper is the first step toward making them more of a reality. If you can come up with a list of things you’d like to accomplish, you’ll be more inclined to actually tackle them!

20 – Test drive the car of your dreams

For a quick thrill, head to the nearest dealership and take your ideal car out for a quick spin.

Don’t wait, do something more adventurous today! Have you done something out of your comfort zone? Share in a comment.

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