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20 Unforgettable Shortbread Cookie Recipes

Shortbread cookies are a holiday staple. They are truly a mouthwatering treat. In this list of Shortbread Cookie Recipes, you’ll find some that are a decadent splurge and others have a healthy twist. These are sure to please your holiday guests.

These 20 Shortbread Cookie Recipes are just divine!

Simple Shortbread Cookies – Veggie Lexi

Something about the simplicity of shortbread cookies is absolutely divine.  I’ve always loved them. They’re not too sweet, they’re perfect for dipping, and they’re just all around buttery goodness.  This super simple vegan and gluten free version is so easy and absolutely fills that craving.

Chocolate Drizzle Shortbread Cookies – Grandbaby Cakes

This Shortbread Cookie Recipe is irresistible!  The initial bite is wonderfully crisp followed by a melt in your mouth buttery texture. The light drizzle of chocolate on top adds an added depth of flavor that is unforgettable. 

Gluten Free Whipped Shortbread Cookies – Faithfully Gluten Free

Melt-in-your-mouth Gluten Free Whipped Shortbread cookies that is light, buttery, and oh so pretty. A few simple ingredients create an amazing holiday favorite.

Toffee Pecan Shortbread Cookies – House of Nash Eats

Toffee Pecan Shortbread Cookies are buttery and rich, studded with caramelized toffee bits and crunchy pecan pieces in each bite. Enjoy them as is or dip them in melted dark chocolate for an extra special Christmas cookie around the holidays!

Pumpkin Pecan Shortbread Cookies – Reuse Grow Enjoy

Are you looking for a perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee or tea? Make a batch of Pumpkin Pecan Shortbread Cookies and they will do the trick!

Meyer Lemon Shortbread Cookies – The Curious Frugal

If you want a very easy recipe including the sunshiny flavor of lemon, these Meyer lemon shortbread cookies are for you! This recipe has four ingredients, and the bright lemon flavor is a perfect complement to the flaky, buttery shortbread.

Cranberry & Meyer Lemon Shortbread Cookies – The Good Hearted Woman

Surprise your sweetheart with some homemade sunshine. The heart shaped option is great for Valentine’s Day, but really perfect for any time of year.

Shortbread Custard Cookies – Lathis Kitchen

Melting Moments Shortbread Custard cookies is the one cookie recipe you need to keep for ever as this will be a hit among your family and friends. It is Egg less too. So why wait? Go ahead and bake these beauties.

Finnish Shortbread Cookies – Fab Food For All

As a child not a Christmas went by without my Danish mum baking a whole array of traditional biscuits and cookies. Finsk Brød (Finnish Shortbread) is a recipe that she learned to make at school and no doubt her own mother would have made.

4 Ingredient Whipped Shortbread Cookies – Food Meanderings

These delectable, pillowy little melt-in- your- mouth gems were always what I gravitated to. And I couldn’t get enough of these shortbread cookies with cornstarch (and I still can’t)! I am told that the magic is in the whipping.

Mexican Shortbread Cookies – Went Here 8 This

These Mexican Chocolate Shortbread Cookies are the perfect addition to your holiday baking ritual! Buttery shortbread with cinnamon, a touch of cayenne pepper for just a hint of spice, creamy chocolate chips and toasted almonds, all topped with a light sprinkle of powdered sugar just melts in your mouth.

Gluten-Free Vegan Millionaire Shorbread – Rhian’s Recipes

This Vegan Millionaire Shortbread (Caramel Slice) is the best sweet treat: a “buttery” shortbread base topped with fudgy caramel and silky-smooth chocolate. It’s super easy to make and is a great edible gift!

Fresh Cranberry Shortbread Bars – House of Nash Eats

These Fresh Cranberry Shortbread Bars make a great Thanksgiving dessert or a beautiful addition to a Christmas cookie platter! Simple, buttery, and full of sweet-tart cranberry flavor, these wonderful bars have white chocolate and macadamia nuts to make them even more special!

Spiced Shortbread Cookies – Living Sweet Moments

These crumbly Holiday Spiced Shortbread Cookies are super delicious and easy to make. Cut into wedges, they are perfect for dessert or to dip in your coffee.

Peanut Butter and Honey Shortbread Cookies – Savory Nothings

This Peanut Butter Honey Shortbread Cookie recipe makes the best cookies ever! Simple with just a handful of ingredients so it’s super quick and easy to make. Plus it’s eggless so you can eat all the cookie dough you want! 

Blueberry Thumbprint Shortbread Cookies – My World Simplified

These are great year round but were created to go in my Christmas cookie collection that I make every holiday season. I hope you enjoy these blueberry shortbread thumbprints as much as we did.

Chocolate Peppermind Shortbread Cookies – Sweat Pea Kitchen

Buttery, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cookie perfection! I’ve made these shortbread cookies twice in the past 3 days…that’s how good they are! If you love those little Andes mints, you will go crazy for these cookies.

Almond Flour Shortbread Cookies – April Go Lightly

Did you don’t have to give up cookies when you are on the keto diet? My almond flour shortbread cookies recipe will make enough to last all week. And the best part is they are low carb cookies! 

Double Chocolate Shortbread Cookies – Mom Foodie

The tender simplicity of shortbread cookies make them a favorite of mine.  They are not overly sweet and take on a variety of flavors with ease.  This is my version of chocolate shortbread cookies.  The cookie dough is flavored with cocoa powder and chocolate chips kick the chocolately goodness up a notch.

Pistachio Shortbread Cookies with Dark Chocolate – Cooking for my Soual

Pistachio shortbread cookies dipped in dark chocolate and topped with more pistachios and sea salt! I love holiday baking season, especially when I’m baking these pistachio shortbread cookies. These are slice-and-bake cookies, and the dough can be made ahead of time.

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