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45 Happy Hour Cocktails & Mocktails to Survive 2021

Last year sucked. This year is already a bit of a mess. Let’s cheers to surviving it all with some homemade happy hour cocktails. Whether you’re having virtual happy hours, a date night, or zoom cocktail hour with your friends, you’re sure to find a few recipes you’ll want to try.

Many of these recipes can easily be made into mocktails as well so you can enjoy them with our without alcohol. Mocktails reduce the calories in these drinks and you can even make some for your kids. My daughter loves a fun umbrella mocktail from time to time.

45 Happy Hour Cocktails and Mocktail Recipes

This list includes it all. We’ve got fruity drinks, spicy cocktails, frozen drinks, dessert cocktails and more. Above all, if you are gong to drink alcohol, always do so responsibly.

Blue Basil Mezcal Margarita

This Blue Basil Mezcal Margarita is herbal and refreshing. Pick a super smoky spirit for a complex finish, or a light one for something more mellow. This margarita has all the things I like about a classic; lime, slightly sweet, salty rim, booze.

Frangelico Espresso Martini

A classy cocktail you can easily make at home, this espresso martini with Frangelico is the perfect drink to celebrate with friends.

Frozen Melonball

Love Midori? Try this Frozen Melonball cocktail. It’s tasty and has all of the familiar flavors we love, but brighter & fresher. This recipe makes 2 drinks, but can easily be multiplied.
Mocktail version: Remove the alcohol and add scoops of fresh melon.

Butterscotch Schnapps Butterfinger Drink

Who wouldn’t want candy in their happy hour cocktail? This dessert drink is incredibly satisfying yet fairly easy to make at home. Once you make it once, it will become a staple!

Blueberry Smash

This blueberry smash cocktail is made with fresh blueberries, lemon juice, jam, thyme and gin that is topped off with some ginger ale, making it a refreshing summer drink.
Mocktail version: simply remove the alcohol and it’s still super yummu!

Mango Mojito

By adding some fresh mango, this mango mojito gives a fun tropical twist on a classic drink. More importantly it is both refreshing and tasty.
Mocktail version: Another easy one by taking out the gin.

Salted Mango Margarita

Whip up this easy Salted Mango Margarita for your next Potluck or Cinco de Mayo celebration, Summer Drinks party, picnic or shhhhhhhhhhhhhh just for you!!

Jalapeño Blackberry Margarita

You’re going to love this spicy fruity margarita recipe! Spicy Jalapeño Blackberry Margaritas are so easy to make and so easy to drink!

Sparkling Fig Cocktail

This sparkling fig cocktail is super quick and easy to make! It’s light, refreshing and so good! You just need fresh figs, vodka, and champagne!

Strawberry Pineapple Mojitos

by Belle of the Kitchen is easy to make and super delicious using juicy strawberries, fresh mint leaves, pineapple juice, Malibu Coconut Rum, and a splash of 7UP. Yum! This drink is sure to impress any guests at your next summer party or get-together!
Mocktail version: remove the rum and your good to go!

Red Queen

The Red Queen is a gorgeous ruby red which looks beautiful, capricious and just a little bit dangerous. This is a perfect festive cocktail – just the thing to get a party started! 

Blue Passion Fruit Mojito

This blue passion fruit mojito recipe is cool, delicious, and such a unique cocktail!

Grapefruit mimosa

This grapefruit mimosa is champagne (or prosecco) mixed with grapefruit juice that has been flavored with fresh rosemary.
Mocktail version: use sparkling apple juice or sparkling water.

Pink Squirrel

If you’ve never heard of the pink squirrel cocktail, then you’ve been missing out. This pink drink tastes like dessert in a glass as it is full of chocolate and nutty flavors but is a perfect pink sweet treat.

Kentucky Maid

Looking for a refreshing and unique way to serve a bourbon cocktail at your next get together? Try this recipe for the Kentucky Maid. A nod to the Mint Julep but far from being so sweet, the Kentucky Maid uses mint and cucumber to satisfy your taste buds.

4-Ingredient Orange Julius Cocktail (Gluten-Free, Vegan)

Give your Orange Julius a grown-up boozy twist! A quick and easy 4-Ingredient Orange Julius Cocktail recipe that’s gluten-free, vegan, and makes for a perfect frozen, creamy, and fruit treat! A sippable Creamsicle for adults only!

Apple Cider Whiskey Slushie

These apple cider whiskey slushies are the perfect frozen cocktail! This frozen alcoholic slush recipe is filled with apple cider, bourbon, and ginger beer.

Pieapple Mezcal Margarita

A little bit smoky and a little bit sweet this pineapple mezcal margarita is a fun take on the classic margarita.
Mocktail version: remove the alcohol and add some sparkling water for a refreshing drink.

Grapefruit Tequila Cocktail

A sophisticated and delicious Grapefruit Tequila Cocktail that will impress all of your guests! Tequila, Campari and Grapefruit topped with fresh ground cinnamon make a cocktail that puts the margarita on the back burner.

Vodka Thyme Lemonade

Vodka Thyme Lemonade is the perfect summer cocktail. Sweet and tangy with a bit of earthiness.

Apple Cider Cable Car Cocktail

A modern twist on a classic cocktail this Apple Cider Cable Car Cocktail is simple to make but surprisingly balanced.

Strawberry Lime Bellini

by Plating Pixels is a simple recipe similar to a mimosa, but consists of a homemade fruit puree, instead of orange juice. It requires only a few ingredients for a rich and fruity drink perfect as an easy brunch cocktail or for pampering yourself!
Mocktail version: substitute the water with sparkling and remove the alcohol.

Strawberry Mimosas

This is the perfect cocktail for brunch! These easy Strawberry Mimosas simply elevate a standard mimosa with the addition of freshly sliced strawberries and the use of pink champagne poured over orange juice. It is a beautiful twist on the standard mimosa!
Mocktail version: Use sparkling apple cider or sparkling water instead of champagne.

Cara Cara Orange Margaritas with Sriracha Salt Rim

This blood orange and tequila drink is refreshing and fun, perfect fo spring or summer sipping!

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise is a delicious and gorgeous cocktail. It is sweet, fruity, and envokes relaxation like a vacation in a glass. But this isn’t just “another tequila sunrise…”, these cocktails are made with an ingredient swap out to make it special.

Strawberry and Passion Fruit Caipirinha

by Muy Bueno is a scrumptious and mouthwatering cocktail! Wondering what a caipirinha is? This delicious drink is very similar to a mojito, but instead of rum, you make it with a Brazilian spirit called cachaça. Besides the yumminess, it is super easy to make. You may just find it is your new favorite cocktail!
Mocktail version: Take out the cachaça and your good to go!

Purple Passion

Purple Passion was a grape-flavored Everclear based ready-to-drink bottled cocktail from the 80s. It was very fruity, a little bit sweet, and had a high alcohol content. This copycat brings back all those memories and is so pretty and delicious.
Mocktail version: No vodka and maybe some sparkling water for a bit of fizz. My daughter loves this one.

Lilac Gin Cocktail

A decadent Lilac Gin Cocktail to add to your springtime bar recipes. Fresh lilac syrup and fresh lilac flowers add a beautiful aroma and taste that is unique and delicious.

Not Your Father’s Old Fashioned

Not Your Father’s Old Fashioned has some of the ingredients that you would expect like bourbon and bitters….but adds in some spectacular ingredients like fresh oranges and grapefruits and an amazing thyme simple syrup!

Strawberry Frosé

This Strawberry Frosé recipe is the perfect summer frozen cocktail. It is basically a cold, refreshing and delicious grown up slushie. The use of an ice cream maker in this recipe creates the perfect slush texture.

Lavendar Lemon pisco

This happy hour cocktail is an easy recipe that incorporates homemade lavender simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, and pisco from Peru.

Apple Cider Mojito

For a unique twist on a classic cocktail try this Apple Cider Mojito packed with fresh mint, sultry spices and natural sweetness.

Don Pedro

Don Pedro is a classic South African cocktail comprising vanilla ice cream, cream and Amarula. It’s a dessert in a glass and it’s love at first sip!

Grape Juice Voodoo Cocktail

This grape juice cocktail is a delicious drink for adults that includes vanilla liquor, fresh grapes, and grape juice!
Mocktail version: Simply remove the alcohol

Pink Greyhound Happy Hour Cocktail

Looking for some simple vodka cocktail recipes? If you want something that’s guilt free to go with all your yummy party appetizers, why not try some ruby red grapefruit cocktails?
Mocktail version: use sparkling water instead of vodka.

High Tide Cocktail

A sweet, delicious rum cocktail with a touch of Midori citrus, the high tide is a fabulous adult libation. This is very tasty and goes down very, very smoothly.

Birthday Cake Martini

Celebrate your birthday (or unbirthday) with this sweet and strong cocktail, that tastes just like vanilla cake batter, with a kick. This fun and colorful drink is perfect for any party, or a party of one at home. With fun sprinkles, white chocolate, vanilla, and almond flavors, you’ll wonder if you’re actually eating cake!

Black Fog Happy Hour Cocktail

This black fog happy hour cocktail contains the rich, malty taste of Guinness with the sweetness of raspberry liqueur. The liqueur brings out the coffee and chocolate flavors present in the Guinness, bringing a whole new flavor sensation to this normally bitter drink.

Melon Vodka Cocktail

This Refreshing Cucumber Melon Vodka Cocktail is made with just 4 ingredients. It is a delicious blend of muddled cucumber, lemon-lime soda and melon vodka poured over ice. It is the perfect drink to enjoy by the pool on a warm afternoon
Mocktail version: Just take out the vodka and voila!

Strawberry Lemon Drop

Strawberry Lemon Drop is a refreshing cocktail with fresh pureed strawberries, lemon juice, and vodka. Dip the rim of your glass in sugar and your drink is complete!
Mocktail version: Skip the vodka and add some lime juice instead of triple-sec

Gin Mint Happy Hour Cocktail

This is my Gin Mint Cocktail with Pomegranate – a fresh, citrus take on a gin and tonic using fresh mint, pomegranate and orange zest. A gorgeous party cocktail!

Cucumber Collins

This refreshing Cucumber Collins is a delicious, easy twist on the classic Tom Collins Cocktail recipe. Pureed cucumber gives it a wonderful fresh flavor!

Brandy Alexander

This sugar-free Brandy Alexander cocktail tastes heavenly, is easy to prepare, and is the perfect elegant cocktail to impress your guests. In John Lennon’s words, or so I’ve read, it tastes like milkshake. I agree. You can’t even tell there’s alcohol in it!

Bailey’s White Russian

This decadent Baileys White Russian Cocktail is the perfect after-dinner drink. Easy to make, creamy, and delicious it’s like having your dessert in a glass!

Watermelon Vodka Slush

This tantalizing Sour Watermelon Vodka Slush will have your taste buds begging for more. Each sip of this lip-smacking cocktail is filled with vodka, tangy lemonade, Sour Patch watermelons, and more. These are quick to blend together and taste incredible. Perfect for pool parties or barbecues.
Mocktail version: Another favorite for the kids, just go vodka-free.

Mango Sangria

Last, but not least, this mango sangria is an ultimate happy hour cocktail! It’s loaded with fresh, delicious fruits and has just the right balance of sweetness. Enjoy it for happy hour with friends and family!

How do you enjoy your cocktails or mocktails? I haven’t tried a virtual happy hour yet. Have you? We did do a zoom New Year’s Party though. I wish I had this list for that. Enjoy and always drink responsibly.

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