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4th of July Snacks for a Tasty Holiday

4th of July snacks are a huge part of this summer holiday. Of course, celebrating the birth of our country and being together with family and friends is the focus, but running a close second is all the food! Food is such an important part of our celebrations for so many of us, and the 4th of July is a great holiday for showcasing treats that are both delicious and pretty.

I’ve put together a list of some great 4th of July snacks that I think your family will love. They’re delicious, colorful, and they’re the perfect addition to any holiday table this 4th.

4th of July Snacks

These 4th of July snacks range from sweet treats to savory main dishes. Some are festive and colorful in red, white, and blue, and some are just simply perfect summer food to enjoy while celebrating the holiday with your family and friends. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re delicious!

Patriotic Trifle

I’m always on the lookout for fun and festive ideas for the fourth of July. This year, I am trying a fun 4th of July dessert I’m calling the Patriotic Trifle. Ever wonder what the difference is between a parfait and a trifle? I did, so I looked it up. Apparently, a trifle has some sort of cake included, while a parfait does not. Brownies are the “cake” in this recipe and they are so good!

Red, White, and Blue Jello Shots
These red white and blue jello shots are an easy and impressive treat for a patriotic party or BBQ. Make them boozy for adults or alcohol-free for the kids.

Lightened Up Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake Parfait
These delicious cheesecake parfait is colorful, delicious, and only 1 Weight Watchers Smart Point for those of you out there who want to stay on track while still enjoying the holiday.

Jarcuterie Snack
You’ve likely heard of a charcuterie board, but have you ever tried jarcuterie? You’ll skip the large cutting board and create mini charcuterie-style appetizers inside glass jars for your guests to enjoy.

Watermelon Salsa
Light and refreshing Watermelon Salsa, with watermelon, strawberries, herbs, honey, and jalapeño, offers a sweet and spicy summer appetizer for the 4th.

Red, White, and Blue Muddy Buddies
Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow is an easy & delicious red, white and blue snack mix recipe perfect for 4th of July thanks to the sweetness of the chocolate & saltiness of the Chex cereal.

Red, White, and Blue Fruit Salsa
This salsa is a mix of some of the freshest flavors of summer and is a great addition to any 4th of July, Memorial Day, or Labor Day party.

Strawberry Popsicles
These fresh strawberry popsicles are bursting with strawberry flavor. With whole fruit and no refined sugar, they are a great snack for kids and kids at heart.

Red, White, and Blue Poke Cake
Need to find a simple recipe for a patriotic dessert for your 4th of July celebration? Check out this super simple Red White and Blue Poke Cake. It’ll be the hit of the day and have everyone asking for your baking secrets!

No-Bake Patriotic Oreo Truffles
Whether it’s a delicious quick treat to impress guests or to delight your family, these no-bake easy chocolate truffles are sure to make everyone happy!

4th of July Firework Cupcakes
Made with Pop Rocks, Hershey Kisses, Life Savers, and sprinkles, this 4th of July dessert recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Patriotic Cake Mix Cookies
Easy Red White and Blue Cake Mix Cookies perfect for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or maybe the summer Olympics this year.

American Flag Snack Tray
This American Flag Snack Tray is such a clever idea to serve different kinds of snacks on America’s most patriotic holidays. It’s perfect for celebrations on the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day! It’s not only such an eyecatcher everyone loves, but it’s also super easy and fast to prepare.

Nacho Hot Dogs
This Nacho Hot Dog Recipe is about to change everything that you know about hot dogs. One bite and you’ll be transported to a world full of flavor, crunch, and delicious goodness.

Patriotic Popcorn Cake
This Patriotic Popcorn Cake will be the perfect finish to your holiday festivities! It’s filled with sweet flavors and red and blue candies.

Easy Fruit Sparklers
This easy treat recipe is perfect for any summer BBQ, get-together, or party. It will catch everyone’s eyes, especially on those summer holidays such as Independence Day or Memorial Day celebrations. It’s super easy to make and even your kids can help to prepare.

Grilled Peaches
Grilled peaches are a lightened-up fruit dessert to make in summer with fresh peaches. It is sugar-free, low in calories and so easy to make in just 10 minutes. Pair it with Greek yogurt and sprinkle nuts to finish it perfectly.

Patriotic Rice Krispies Treats Pops
This quick and easy recipe has all the flavors we love in Rice Krispies Treats and a pretty red, white, and blue color that goes perfectly with the 4th.

Patriotic Fruit Pizza
Patriotic Fruit Pizza is a delicious dessert pizza that is perfect for your Fourth of July celebration. With a sugar cookie crust, creamy frosting, and fresh blueberries and raspberries, this is a fun and tasty treat!

Patriotic Charcuterie Board
No cooking! Slice, stir, arrange, and serve! This beautiful charcuterie board is themed for any patriotic occasion. Perfect for Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

Red, White, and Blue Bark
This super simple patriotic bark recipe is all about chocolate! White chocolate and blue and red M&Ms come together to create an easy-to-make dessert everyone will love.

Lemon Curd Cake with White Chocolate Swiss Buttercream
Two delicious layers of lemon cake, separated using homemade lemon curd, encased in a white chocolate Swiss buttercream frosting. Does that sound good? Well, don’t forget about the raspberries on top!

Patriotic Cottage Cheese Dip with Sweet Chips
Here’s a chips dip you can eat for dessert! The cottage cheese dip with sweet chips is a healthy chips recipe you’ll love. The colorful berries paired with the white dip make it perfect for the 4th, as well!

Red, White, and Blue Pinwheel Cookies
These fabulous red, white, and blue cookies are perfect for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or any other patriotic holiday.

Try all of These 4th of July Snacks

From nacho dogs to patriotic fruit pizzas and everything in between, these delicious 4th of July snacks are perfect for any Independence Day get-together. I hope you’ll try a few of these delicious recipes at your gathering this July!

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