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5 School Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Do you get stuck coming up with lunch ideas? I know I do. With these school lunch ideas, I tried to strike a balance between treats and healthy options. Why not make lunches fun as well as yummy? Especially if you have picky eaters like my kids, it’s good to have a variety of options for each day of the week. Get your kids involved in coming up with school lunch ideas too? My kids enjoy helping with the menu.  

5 School Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Toasted Ravioli, peas and carrots, apples

This lunch may sound fancy, but it’s actually one of the easiest and a fun ‘new’ lunch that is unexpected.  You can buy toasted ravioli in your frozen section of your grocery store. Just cook and pack! To keep things warm, try Funtainers.  They come in a variety of sizes and will keep food warm or cold all day!  

Waffles, bacon and strawberries

Who doesn’t love having breakfast for lunch? Cutting your waffles into strips makes them perfect for hands to grab and dunk in the syrup.  Which is much more fun than eating with a fork! This one is a favorite for my daughter. She could eat bacon, morning, noon and night.

Make your own pizza, salad, pineapple

Everyone loves pizza! And kids love being able to layer on their own toppings. What to do for the crust?  Buy a premade crust and cut into squares that fit into your containers and pre-cook.  Including a salad and some fruit helps provides an appetizer and a dessert. My son is a huge fan of both pizza and pineapple. This is a menu option that he created. 

Chicken salad, croissant, grapes, kiwis

Dunk into the chicken salad or spread as a sandwich – either way, chicken salad is a great lunch item!  Add fresh fruit and you have a yummy healthy lunch! My daughter asked to add the croissant. Ever since we traveled to France, she loved them. Feel free to substitute the bread of your choice. Sometimes I mix it up with a bagel, whole wheat bread or a pita. 

Chicken nachos, banana

Who can say no to nachos?  Customize your lunch based on your child’s preference.  Make a chicken breast ahead of time, shred and include toppings they love!  Cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole….the sky is the limit! Kids will love loading up their nachos.

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