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5 Tips to get 10000 Steps Every Day

How much do you walk throughout the day? Have you ever measured your steps with a pedometer? I highly recommend giving one a try. Millions of Americans have fitness trackers. These little gadgets often recommend getting in 10000 steps each day. This goal can seem a little daunting. Making small lifestyle changes can help you reach your goals without having it feel like a lot of extra work. Here are my 5 tips for reaching your step goals each day.
tips to get 10000 steps each day

5 Tips to get 10000 Steps Every Day

Create mini goals
Don’t feel like you need to take one long walk to hit your goal. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, but this may not be feasible for many people. See how many steps you can achieve by walking around your block or down your street and back 3x a day. Breaking your goal down will help you feel less overwhelmed with the 10k number.

Take walking breaks

If you are like me, you sit much of the day in an office or at a computer. Aim to take short walking breaks throughout the day. I set a reminder on my phone so that I get up and walk for a 3-5 minutes every hour.
Park further away
Whenever you need to run an errand by car, park far away so that you need to walk to your destination. Some parking lots are quite big so you’ll be surprised at how these steps can add up.
Take the stairs
Skip the elevators and escalators, take the stairs whenever possible.
Get a walking buddy
Sometimes I really don’t feel like walking. When I have a friend counting on me to go for a walk, it motivates me to make sure I do it. We count on one another for motivation. Find a friend in your office or neighborhood to be your walking buddy. I guarantee you will walk more.
If you’re not moving, you’re losing out on major health and fitness benefits. No matter what your fitness level, setting a goal to move more can be a motivating way to improve your health. Have more ideas? Share in a comment.
 tips to get 10000 steps each day

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  1. Marvin says:

    This great, so many people think they need to spend hours working out.

    Not so!
    Go for a quick walk on your lunch break.
    Take that extra lap around the big box store when you are done shopping
    If you have a long driveway, make a point of walking up and down it–several times a day!
    And of course like you said, take the stairs whenever possible

    Good stuff!

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