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Fitness Friday: 5 Ways to Get a Great Workout On the Road

5 ways to get a great workout on the roadWhether it’s for work or leisure, a lack of equipment or gym space while traveling can make maintaining your fitness challenging. This tips are great for traveling during the holidays too.

Here are 5 tips for getting in a great workout on the go:

  1. Invest in a suspension trainer

Suspension trainers are awesome lightweight training investments as they provide you with a variety of training options you wouldn’t otherwise have with only your bodyweight. Many have the ability to just be thrown over a closed door to be secured. My favourite exercises are inverted rows for upper back and mountain climbers for some core/conditioning work.

  1. Use furniture

If you’re working out in your hotel room with only your bodyweight, furniture like the bed, couch, or ottoman are your best friends. Use them to elevate your hands for push ups, rest your upper back on for hip thrusts, or balance your leg on for single leg squats.

  1. Lower slower

A lack of resistance can make bodyweight workouts seem too easy, especially if strength is the goal. Slowing down the lowering part of an exercise can make the lightest weight seem challenging and is great for building strength. Try squats where it takes you 4 seconds to get to the bottom and then squat up as fast as possible.

  1. One and A Half Reps

If you’ve never tried 1.5 reps you’re in for a treat. Simply pick an exercise and do a half rep in the hardest part of the movement followed by a full rep. Using the squat as an example you would squat to the bottom, come halfway up, squat back down, then come all the way up. This counts as 1 rep. This can be used with virtually any exercise and is great for fat burning.

  1. Increase the Density

Increasing the density of your training means either doing more work in the same amount of time, or doing the same amount of work in less time. Increase the challenge and effectiveness of your workouts by timing them and then doing the exact same workout the following day or week, but beating your previous time.

Follow these tips to keep up your fitness while traveling. Let me know how it goes! 

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  1. Hi Jenn! I’m a fan of short high-intensity bodyweight exercises when travelling. I use the 7-minute workout app (available for both Android and iOS), which doesn’t require any equipment whatsoever. The exercises are simple so that you can do them inside your hotel room but NOT easy! I am a little bit more on the fitter side of the spectrum, so sometimes when I want more, I repeat the entire thing two or three times for a half-hour workout. Works just great for me.

  2. The tips you shared here are good ones. I like the fact that they can be done at any hotel room, a guest room any other location.

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