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5 Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Sharp While at Home

These uncertain times spent in self-isolation severely limit the number of activities you can do for leisure. And when you’re not working or occupied with household tasks, it can be tempting to fall into lazy habits.

However, just because you’re stuck at home, doesn’t mean you have to let your body and mind go. While rest and relaxation is indeed crucial, try to make some time to keep yourself sharp and healthy—both physically, and mentally.

Here are some suggestions to ensure you keep that edge…

Learn a new language

Do you like watching foreign films? Have you added being able to enjoy films without subtitles to your bucket list? Or, are you simply interested in learning a new language but never had the time? Well, now’s the opportunity to make that dream a reality. Learning foreign languages has become more accessible (and fun!) these days, with the help of language apps like Duolingo and Drops. They even have daily exercises that you can do to ease your chosen language into your life.

Try online games

Games are more than just an idle outlet to pass the time. In fact, studies show that online games can improve your focus and cognitive behavior. So before you scold your son for playing his nth game of Call of Duty, it’s important to understand that it actually comes with some benefits, like boosting decision-making and hand-eye coordination.

If you’d like to try games for yourself, online games are also a fun way to revisit old favorites. The roster of pop culture-themed titles featured on Foxy Bingo includes classics like MonopolyDeal or No Deal, and even the Wheel of Fortune—all with a cool, digital twist. Although these titles have been around for years, experiencing them on a number of alternative platforms is a different experience altogether. They’re are a good place to start to get familiar with gaming, so take this chance to explore and see what you end up liking.

Read a book

It can be daunting to begin a book when you can barely find the time to sit down still. But with us all spending a lot of time indoors right now, there’s no more excuses not to get to that pile of novels you promised you’d read years ago.

Reading is a good mental exercise, as the act pushes your brain to work hard to translate the words to images. Plus, it can even boost your memory. If you don’t know where to start, websites like Good Reads have hundreds of suggestions, community groups, and reviews you can check out to find your next favorite story. You’d be surprised how fulfilling it can be to flick through page after page, instead of watching a screen!

Join live fitness classes

Just because you can’t go to the gym, doesn’t mean your fitness regimen has to be put on pause. To continue that sense of community and encourage people to workout at home, Women’s Health Magazine has listed several Instagram live fitness classes to look forward to at any time of the day.

It includes a variety of options—from Laura Hoggins’ morning strength workout, to 1Rebel’s evening bodyweight Reshape. The best part is that Instagram stories are up for 24 hours. So if a 7AM wake-up call isn’t your thing, you can always catch up later on.


Meditating is a relaxing activity that may look simple at first. However, it takes a lot of focus to be able to perform the activity correctly. For 10 to 15 minutes, you have to let go of all thoughts and just focus on your breathing.

But once you’ve made a habit of it, you may find it easier to concentrate on your tasks and even control certain emotions. For beginners, you might find that meditation apps like Headspace and Inscape can help guide you through the process.

All in all, there are plenty of things that you can immerse yourself in to keep your body and mind stimulated during this period. Of course, you shouldn’t feel any pressure to do what everyone else is doing. At the end of the day, it’s no use getting into an activity that you don’t enjoy. 

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  1. I can say that such a help helps to support mental health, different problems and disorders that support and help to find the right solution. It is not too expensive at all, so you can find a pretty good way.

  2. As for me, in the era of computer technology, there is something to keep yourself busy for a long time. The main thing is to go outside at least sometimes.

  3. Online games really helped me pass the time and relax.

  4. Glownar says:

    I can say that such a help helps to support mental health, different problems and disorders that support and help to find the right solution. It is not too expensive at all, so you can find a pretty good way.

  5. As a teenager, I suffered from depression due to puberty and hormonal imbalances. I was crying constantly, with low self-esteem and I HATED myself. Not to mention the acne, weight gain, and puppy fat, which worsened my self-esteem. I started exercising during this time, and within two years, my low moods and crying had dissipated. Had it not been for the days I pushed myself to run, to go to the gym, my depression would have lasted years beyond puberty. I hope it’ll help someone.

  6. We also rely on each other to keep our health in check. Having a buddy really helps us say no to unhealthy cravings most of the time. Great advice!

  7. one of the worse is dextrose/glucose/fructose…which gives her really bad heartburn, nausea, irritability, and belly pain. We make our own ketchup. Eating out is a nightmare.

  8. I will practice it! Thank for sharing!

  9. I tell you about my self after working 8 hours first i do yoga 2nd eating healthy food and sleep. The next day i get up early in the morning and do run & exercise. From all of these works, i feel fit and fresh.

  10. Sky Lee says:

    Brain exercises are important to prevent Alzheimer.

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