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Advice for New Moms To Stay Fit

Staying fit and healthy can be challenging when you try to navigate private time, work, and mom life all at once. Even if it seems like working out with an infant or a toddler is impossible, finding a few gaps throughout your day for fitness is a matter of creativity and determination. This advice for new moms to stay fit and healthy is super helpful.

When you want to work out, you don’t have to sacrifice an hour a day for exercise. All you have to do is scheduling short interval workouts in between your daily tasks. This way, you will have a few minutes of self-care and meditation. Believe the experts, when they say, that the secret to a happy child is a happy mom!

Aside from many toys that can be found at sites like, there are several ways to not only distract your child while you plank, but to incorporate them into your exercise routine as well. Read on for fun suggestions:

Advice for New Moms To Stay Fit

Exercise With Your Kids

Exercising with your kids may sound impossible, as it may be hard to get them interested in the workout. However, when your toddler sees how much fun their mommy has from fitness, they’ll be very likely to join in the fun.

How to get your kids involved in the workout?

Create a cardio session with five or more stations. This way, you will be on the move all the time (and we know how lively toddlers are). You can incorporate various exercises, and your child will be happy to repeat after mommy. You can also improvise and prepare kid versions of dumbells and other workout equipment with rolled-up socks and half-full water bottles.

Get Outside

Take your child for jogs and bike rides. Jogging and riding a bike can seem impossible with an infant or a toddler, but all you need is the right equipment. You can invest in special strollers for active moms that are easily navigable and light. This way, you won’t have to skip your everyday jog for a not-so-energetic walk, and stick to your workout schedule. The good part? Some kids pass out when they’re taken for a ride, and if your child is like this, take advantage!

Advice for New Moms: Is my child too small for exercise?

If your baby is only a few months old, it may be hard to find time or energy to start working out again. Young moms often experience weak muscles, exhaustion, and they are told that their body won’t handle too much.

Exercises like baby overhead presses or walking lunges can do marvels for abdominal muscles and bonding with your infant. Here are a few more postpartum fitness ideas for when your baby is too small for a together-jog:

Baby Bench Press

Lay face up down on a yoga mat or a carpet, bend your knees, and firmly hold your baby on your chest. Then, contrast your abs and press your arms with the infant up and lower them back done to the starting position. Ensure that during this exercise, your sacrolumbar stays on the floor to avoid strains and pain.

Baby Squats

Stand up and hold your baby close to your chest in a comfortable position for you both. Next, place your feet shoulder-width apart and push your hips back. Lock your abdominal and gluteus muscles and push your hips down like you’re trying to sit down on a chair. Repeat it eight times, rest, and do three more reps. In squats, your knees must be precisely over your feet, because if not, you can strain your lumbar.

Peekaboo Pushups

All you have to do is lay your infant on a cushioned surface and get into a pushup position above them. Paying close attention to keeping your elbows close to your body, lower yourself down to face your baby face-to-face. Do five reps, rest for a minute, and repeat. It will help to get your stamina back to shape and strengthen your chest muscles.

Toddler Overhead Press

Children love when you raise them up, so your little one will have lots of fun with this exercise! To start, sit cross-legged and hold your baby against your rib cage. Then, straighten your arm up and lower your baby to the starting position. It would be best if you didn’t lock your elbows when your hands are in the air not to pressure the elbow joints.

Staying Fit With an Infant-Advice for New Moms

Having enough free time and motivation is hard for young moms. It’s hard to stay fit, when caring for a child is a 24-hour job. But just like with everything, it’s the baby steps that matter.

If your body feels not instantly ready for jogging and muscle workout, you can try out baby yoga or a beginners yoga and light postpartum exercises.

For every woman, the postpartum recovery is different, and it can take months to even a year to get back to normal. That’s why young moms should listen to their bodies and stop the workout as soon as their body feels uncomfortable. Experts recommend starting from 15 minutes a day and increase the exercise duration gradually.

As with any exercise routine, always consult with your healthcare provider first.

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    I appreciate the idea of involving toddlers in the exercise routine. Generally, a new mom can’t even think of leaving her baby alone and that’s why making the little one part of the exercise is awesome. It’s not easy at all but after some time, a new mom will get used to it and I am quite sure, it will become another tool of strengthening the motherhood bond.

    Lovely piece of writing for new moms.

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