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Al Fresco Dining with 4 Delicious Prepared Meals

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As the summer comes to an end, I’m trying to eat outdoors as much as possible. It’s bound to get chilly pretty soon here in New England. Besides, eating al fresco is so chic these days. I’m lucky to have some lovely spaces around my home to enjoy a delicious meal and some “me time.”

Using prepared meals is a great way to make al fresco dining easy. I recently tried a collection of frozen meals that I really enjoyed. They are easy to make in advance and take outside where I can listen to the birds, feel the breeze in my hair and forget about the laundy, dishes, and other chores for a while.

4 Delicious Meals for Al Fresco Dining 

Healthy Choice Grain Free Power Bowls Spicy Black Bean & Chicken

I’ve tried a few of the Healthy Choice Power Bowls in the past, but not this one. Containing all-natural chicken breast with black beans and vegetables. It’s served over of riced cauliflower with a spicy chili sauce topped with cotija cheese. The spice defininitely has a kick, but it’s not too spicy. The Healthy Choice Grain Free Power Bowls are a reliable source of fiber and protein, providing 18 – 20 grams of protein and 5 -7 grams of fiber per bowl.

The meals suit many diets since they are grain free and gluten free. They work well for a low carb lifestyle, and provide a nutrient-dense combination of leafy greens, vegetables, lean proteins and riced cauliflower.

I enjoyed this meal on my back porch. If you don’t have a porch, find some throw cushions to sit on the ground in comfort. Use a food tray like mine to help balance your meal.

Udi’s Sweet Potato Crust Chicken BBQ Pizza

This unique twist on traditional pizza is to-die for. Udi’s BBQ Flavored Chicken Pizza has crust made from sweet potatoes and is topped with mozzarella and smoked gouda cheese, sweet BBQ sauce, and white meat chicken.

I’ve never tried a sweet potato crust. I love it!  It has great taste and texture. It’s also gluten free and grain free. The other day, my son and I shared one after playing basketball in our driveway. This is going to be great choice for book club where we have a guten free member.

Healthy Choice Simply Steamers Chicken Tikka Masala

I just love this indian inspired dish. It has chicken breast, chickpeas, carrots, peas and tomatoes smothered in a tikka masala sauce over a bed of riced cauliflower. Best of all, the ingredients are real and minimally processed. The flavors tantalize my toungue. It’s another great meal to eat outside.

This time, I took out a colorful picnic blanket under a shade tree. It was such a peaceful place to spend time mindfully enjoying each bite. After I finished eating, I layed back and meditated for a while.

Evol Portabella & Goat Cheese Ravioli

I just LOVE mushrooms so I was excited to try the Portabella & Goat Cheese Ravioli  from Evol. While it’s a great meal for vegetarians, anyone can fall in love with these delicious flavors. I really found it to be near restaurant quality. Yummy!

The Raviolis are stuffed with portabella mushrooms, goat cheese, romano & ricotta cheeses combined with crimini mushrooms, red bell peppers, spinach and an tasty creamy basil sauce. My husband took a bite and added it to our shopping list for next time.

For this meal, I headed back to my porch after hours of weeding in our garden. Whew! That was hard work. It was nice to slow down and enjoy this delightful meal.

Do you enjoy Al Fresco dining? Where are your favorite places to eat outside?

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  1. Sterling Boyd says:

    love your recipes taste absolutely wonderful yet heathy! and if for any one looking to loose weight fast i highly suggest it not only helps loose weight but keep it off! hope it helps you too

  2. Lauren says:

    Great recipes! I never managed to lose weight easily .. until I found this plan:

  3. Veronica says:

    All these recipes are great for the coming chilly weather, I would to have these dishes for dinner especially grain free power bowls spicy black bean & chicken and the sweet potato crust pizza!

  4. Andre Brantley says:

    Those Meals look absolutely delicious. Im a busy guy and I love those quick and easy meals for those to tend to get up and go. However sometimes we don’t get the exercise that we need, so here’s a great way I found to lose weight, and I hope it helps others. Lastly Thank you Jenn for your article, you are an inspiration to us all.

  5. R.Feynman says:

    Looking forward to trying this! Only a few weeks left for “outside” eating. Thank you for the great ideas!

  6. Rosey says:

    What a good idea to take it to the back porch. I’m all about eating outside and we’re running out of day to be able to do so.

  7. Amy H says:

    The pizza and ravioli look really really good. I’ve seen the Udi’s brand in the stores. I will have to try it the next time I go shopping.

  8. What delicious looking meals! I’m all about saving time in the kitchen so I can spend more time with my family and friends.

  9. Rachel says:

    I am going to look for the protein bowls. They look like a perfect option to bring to work.

  10. Lisa Favre says:

    The pizza with the sweet potato crust looks absolutely delicious! That is something that is totally up my alley.

  11. Gervin Khan says:

    Having these ready to cook and easy prepare meals will definitely save me most especially during my busy days.

  12. Kathy says:

    These all look really delicious. I love that they’re prepared meals too. Sometimes you just need a quick and easy meal that is delicious.

  13. Ruth I says:

    These are actually all my GO TO meals. It’s delicious, easy to prepare and well loved by many. Indeed perfect for picnics.

  14. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    We always have one of those Udi’s pizza’s in the freezer for nights when we are in a hurry. It’s a good snack too.

  15. Brandy says:

    Looks like a great way to enjoy a quick, and delicious meal. I love having things on hand that are quick and easy to make when I’ve had a busy day.

  16. Ashley says:

    I had no idea that they made these power bowls. That would make dinner super easy on a busy weeknight.

  17. Shelley King says:

    I have bought several things made by these brands. I am really interested in trying the Spicy Black Bean & Chicken Bowl. That looks right up my alley!

  18. The sweet potato pizza crust sounds delicious. I’m going to have to give it a try. I haven’t necessarily been trying to cut carbs out of my diet but I have been more conscious about how much I eat. Some days, I fast till dinner and other days eat a bit more.

    The portabella and goat cheese ravioli sounds good too.

  19. Nita says:

    Wow this looks really tasty. Am considering bringing this as a side dish to a family Christmas gathering.

  20. Tasheena says:

    I have to make sure to add these to my grocery list. I love that they have so many options.

  21. Amanda says:

    Oh wow, these prepared meals actually sound quite tasty! This will make eating on the go a lot easier or even save me time on those days I just don’t feel up to cooking.

  22. The choices you gave us all sound so amazing i don’t know which to choose. That pizza with sweet potato crust sounds so delicious for starters.

  23. Denise says:

    These are absolutely wonderful do now that everyone is back to school. I love that they are easy and quick

  24. Yum, I need to pick these up. I need quick lunches during the week, so these are perfect.

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