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Ame & Lulu American Style Accessories – Review & Giveaway

Ame and Lulu Accessories with American Style

ftcreviewprodWith the return of summer, I am always on the lookout for cool bags and accessories to bring to the beach, pool, etc. I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to review the Ame and Lulu line of accessories. According to the company, “Ame and Lulu is a sophisticated lifestyle brand of accessories which embraces classic American style.”

The company founder, Amye Kurson, launched her company when she was discouraged by the lack of trendy golf and tennis products on the market. Her goal was to form a company that had classic, fun, and appealing accessories that were both stylish and practical.

Ame and Lulu Accessories with American Style

I was sent a Wet Bathing Suit Bag in the Harbor design fabric. This bag allows you to keep the rest of the belongings in your beach bag dry when you are ready to leave the beach or pool! The bag is about 17? w x 8? H and big enough to keep one or two bathing suits which makes it very convenient. It comes in handy to carry my kids wet suits after a playdate at our neighbor’s pool. The bag seems quite strong made with quality materials. I also like the attention to detail with no stray threads or loose fabric. The Ame and Lulu wet bag has a water-resistant plastic lining that will keep your wet clothing from leaking through the bag. The wet bags have a retail price of $36.00 with the option to have it personalized for an extra $30.00.

A bit more about the company from their website:

Ame & Lulu quickly evolved into a lifestyle brand encompassing golf, tennis, yoga and everyday accessories. The stylish fabric and bold colors have become a signature of the brand. Ame and Lulu products can be found in over 500 select boutiques, resorts and proshops nationwide as well as online at

I think Ame & Lulu is a great brand for purses, bags, and other accessories with a true “American Style.” They are perfect for college students, moms, sports enthusiasts, and women in general. With the stylish designs and high quality products, you can’t go wrong. They have also been kind enough to not only offer the giveaway below, but also a 20% discount code for my readers and followers. Use the code, “summerblog” when placing your order.


GIVEWAY! Win this great Cross-body Bag from Ame & Lulu

Ame and Lulu American Style Accessories


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  4. Jessica K. says:

    I also really like the mini mesh cosmetic bag in poppy.

  5. Vikki Billings says:

    I really like the

    Beauty | Large Pencil Brush Case

  6. Jessica K. says:

    I like the jewelry clutch in pinnacle

  7. Laurie Emerson says:

    I love their Rope Tote in Astor.

  8. Joell Bryant says:

    I love the Hobo Bag in Poppy on the Ame and Lulu website!!

  9. Samantha Daleo says:

    I love the Beauty Bag in Pier! So cute!

    • Matahakers says:

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  10. Lisa Garner says:

    I love the Transit Bag in Villa!

  11. Cheryl F. says:

    I like the Diaper Bag.

  12. Jessica K. says:

    i like the weekend duffel in harbor.

  13. Jessica K. says:

    i like the yoga bag in harbor

  14. April C. says:

    I like the Poppy hobo bag

  15. Jessica K. says:

    i like the essentials insert in astor

  16. Mia says:

    I ilke the Tennis Tote!

  17. Crissie says:

    Travel & Lifestyle | Getaway Combo

  18. Danielle Van Name says:

    The Rope Tote in Pinnacle is super-cute!!

  19. Jessica K. says:

    the rope tote in astor is really cute!!

  20. Amber Dempsey says:

    I love the wristlet tote in the harbor. The wet bathing suit bag you chose is cute too!

  21. Jessica K. says:

    I really like the Flopppy Cosmetic Bag in pinnacle

  22. Jessica K. says:

    i like the Wristlet Tote in astor

  23. Laura P. says:

    I like the yoga bag in the pier pattern/color.

  24. ellen casper says:

    Astor rope tote

  25. Mia says:

    I like their vanilla yoga bag!

  26. polly says:

    I like their poppy ipad sleeve

  27. Helen says:

    the hobo bag in villa

  28. Mia says:

    I like their Playing Card Case!

  29. In love with the Getaway combo!

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  32. I like the Classic Tote!

  33. Rosanne says:

    Like the Getaway Combo set

  34. I love the Rope Tote in Villa.

  35. Jadey Sam says:

    I like the weekend duffel

  36. Cinny says:

    the hobo bag!

    • Noran says:

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  37. Jenna Wood says:

    I looked at that main photo, and I said, ‘I really like that bag,’ before I knew what the brand was advertising- that says a lot!

  38. Patty says:

    I like the transit bag. Very stylish

  39. Christine burd says:

    I like the overnight duffle

  40. Ashley Messner says:

    I LOVE your site – so happy I stumbled upon it today. I was looking for Zaggora hotpants reviews, so thanks for that, as well!

  41. K. Finn says:

    I love the wet bathing suit back, and I like it best in “Harbor.”

  42. Meghan says:

    I am lovin the Panel Tote!

  43. Natasha Tucker says:

    i love the hobo bag!

  44. Amanda says:

    I love the wet bathing suit bag you have!

  45. I love the toiletries bag!

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