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Funny Back to School Photos

It’s time once again for another fun giveaway hop. For this time of year, I thought it would be fun to share some funny back-to-school photos. Why did I never think of some of these ideas. My son is going off to college this year. I will have to come up with something fun!

At least they all look like they are celebrating, at least 3 of them do.
This would have totally been my son. He hates having his photo taken.
I’ll have to ask my husband to figure out his approximate work days. Too funny!
This silly back-to-school photo gives me an idea for this year. My daughter will HATE me waiting with her in a bathrobe. LOL
funny back to school photos
I’d be happy too if I was sending this many kids back to school.
Hmmm, I think I see a future Instagram post for me.

I hope you enjoyed these back to school photos for a good giggle today. Share them with a friend.

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Kim Naumann

Sunday 15th of September 2019

Activity books for road trips!

Cassandra D

Sunday 15th of September 2019

I would buy a new outfit.

Laura Unger

Sunday 15th of September 2019

I would buy my son the new treehouse series book that is coming out this month!

Lagean Ellis

Sunday 15th of September 2019

I'm planning on buying my Grandsons some rain boots.. they just started Pre-K this year.. this would help! Thank you for the opportunity!


Sunday 15th of September 2019

I would buy either workout stuff or cooking stuff!

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