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Be Yourself, Together with Target Wedding!

Target Wedding #targetwedding


Ah, my wedding day seems so long ago. I suppose it was since my husband and I just celebrated our 15th anniversary. Whether you are a getting married soon or married long ago, wedding memories last a lifetime. It’s a great idea to select gift that will last and represent your relationship as well.

This year, Target’s Wedding Theme is “Be Yourself, Together.” This premise celebrates the unique qualities each individual brings to a relationship that, when combined, result in something beautiful. Aww, shucks… I’m getting all teary eyed. Seriously though, it could not be more true that each person brings something different to the relationship. Those difference should be celebrated.

This theme helped inspire the Target Wedding Registry line, which is filled with national brands and products, is super convenient, and provides great value and incentives like nuptial discounts! The products within the registry include your traditional wedding items as well a some fun, non-traditional items to help make your gift extra special.

I love the ease of this process, which my newly married cousins recently took advantage of. It’s so easy to shop when people register for great items like these.

Some tradition items include:

  • KitchenAid Mixer
  • Calphalon Bakeware Set or Cookware Set
  • Dyson Vacuum
  • Keurig
  • Oxo Corkscrew or Cocktail Shaker
  • Threshold Dinnerware
  • Riedel Glassware
  • Fieldcrest Towels and Bedding

More untraditional items include:

  • Panasonic Camera
  • Weber Grill
  • SwissGear Luggage
  • Schwinn Bikes

Have you ever considered what products might represent you and your partner? For this post, Target asked me to consider just that. I think this is a fun way to shop for wedding gifts as well. Consider what items make the couple unique and special.

The Threshold Dinnerware represents me. It’s fun, colorful, and romantic. It is creative, yet somewhat traditional. It represents home, family and happiness to me.

Target Wedding #targetwedding

These tool sets represent my husband. They are helpful, logical, refined, and straight forward. Tools are kind of laid back, but get things done. That’s my hubby.

Target Wedding #targetwedding

What items at Target represent you and your partner? Give it some thought and leave a comment or tweet about it with the #TargetWedding hashtag. Celebrate what is unique about each of you.

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  1. Kristyn says:

    love that dinnerware set and love target registries!

  2. I know I’m the odd one but I like tools and have my own. πŸ™‚ I like it when some one signs up for a registry because that way I know I’m getting them something they want and need.

  3. I love that dinnerware, very me too! As for my husband, I think I will chose some pans for him as he loves cooking!

  4. mel says:

    Oh I love Target and love the registries! Thank you!

  5. Dede says:

    LOVE those dishes. Such a gorgeous pattern! I get a new set every 3 or 4 years….it’s about time. Might need to check those out even thought it’s been a LONG time since my wedding. πŸ™‚

  6. We’d probably choose similar things to what you did, and truly it makes so much sense. So many EXPENSIVE tools need to be bought for maintaining a home. Of course, you must have pretty dishes.

  7. I love that for a registry. Much more practical.

  8. Jenna Wood says:

    I am in love with that Threshold dinnerware set- I don’t have a wedding coming up, but I want it, NOW. Target has a great registry process, I’ve helped several friends use it for baby showers and weddings!

  9. Wendy says:

    I’m LOVING those dishes— I think that we should get a 2nd shower after 20 years πŸ™‚ My husband would be over the electronics- and I’d be messing around in kitchen, for sure!

  10. My husband would also go for tools or outdoor items.. Me? Straight for the kitchen section! Love the dishes! That’s a beautiful pattern!

  11. Krissy H says:

    I actually did register at Target for my wedding – I LOVE that place!

  12. Erinn S says:

    I cannot think of a wedding I have been to lately that didn’t use Target as a registry!

  13. WOW those dishes are amazing!! And my husband would be in heaven with the Black and Decker tools!

  14. When my husband and I got married six years ago we used a Target Wedding Registry. It was so easy to use because we had family all across the country. Great post!

  15. Patty says:

    It’s funny, back in the old days when I got married registries hadn’t really started yet. No computers, you know.

    Congratulations on your fifteenth wedding anniversary!

    I’m like Ellen – all kitchen and I’m sure my husband would be all over the tools.

  16. My husband would definitely go for the tools but I’d pick something for the kitchen.

  17. Great article the dishes are beautiful have a great day.

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