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Body Weight Exercises With Fitness Expert John Garey

john-garey-fitness-pilatesJohn Garey presents the “All You Need Is You” series focused on body weight training. We don’t always have access to equipment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get an awesome workout. Using your own body as your exercise equipment means you can workout virtually anywhere! John has put together a terrific series on You Tube with a group of great body weight exercises.

Some of the moves are a bit challenging, so modify when you need to. Here are the videos he has put together so far, and there are more to come:

The  “All You Need Is You” series, continues with an exercise called “Push-up Play Time.” Pushups are a full-body exercise targeting your upper & lower body in addition to your core muscles. This variation challenges chest, shoulder, triceps, and core strength, as well as balance.  Using your own body as your exercise equipment means you can workout virtually anywhere!



Power Lunge Sprinter is another exercise in our series “All You Need Is You.”  This is a very dynamic exercise that includes stability, balance and strength work for the lower body.  This exercise focuses primarily on the muscles in the leg.  Decrease the challenge by taking out jump at the top.  Increase the challenge by adding a balance hold at the end of each jump before beginning the next repetition.


The next exercise in our series “All You Need Is You,” Side Lunge to Twist focuses on moving in all planes and specifically working on the muscles in the lateral system, such as the hip abductors, and the obliques. This exercise will challenge stability, balance and strength work for the upper quadrant. Decrease the challenge by doing one segment at a time, such as just the side lunge, or just the twist.

About John Garey

John Garey is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through NSCA and earned his MS in Physical Education from New York University. As a Master Instructor Trainer for Merrithew Health & Fitness, John is an integral part of the programming team specializing in STOTT PILATES® and CORE™ and has starred in over 60 Fitness and Pilates DVDs, most for Merrithew Health & Fitness. John is a Fitness Expert for the LA Times. John is also certified as a Personal Trainer from the American Council on Exercise and is a Fully Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor since 2001.

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  1. LauraOinAK says:

    Those are some great exercises. Push ups and I are not friends, but I keep trying to do my best at them.

  2. Doesn’t it make you want to get off the couch seeing an older person kicking butt like that?! Ok now I have to start doing Pilates!

  3. Krissy H says:

    I don’t think people realize what a REAL work out Pilates really is. Love these videos, may have to try them out tonight!

  4. Lena says:

    I love body weight exercise – it does make me feel about myself

  5. Jadey Sam says:

    I have been trying to get back in shape so this is perfect!

  6. Wendy says:

    I am not a huge Pilates fan, but I am impressed at how awesome he is at his age! Guess I better start Pilates!

  7. mel says:

    I need to start moving!! I am now motivated:)

  8. Krista says:

    Thanks! I am getting off the couch now to try out these new workout moves! 🙂

  9. I’m not a fan of exercise. But when I am finally able to convince myself to do some, I tend to do more of these types of exercises, using my own body versus equipment. It really is helpful! And you can do it anywhere.

  10. ohh i just wrote a post about struggling with weight loss! i should check this out!

    Sandy a la Mode

  11. Missy says:

    I love discovering great fitness related videos on Youtube thanks!

  12. Thanks! I’m always looking for a new workout.

  13. Jenna Wood says:

    Wow, he is so limber for his age; I’ve always wanted to get into Pilates!

  14. Michelle says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog, and I nominated you for a Bouquet of Three Award (

  15. Nice presentation.The lunges are excellent,many fail to get it right leaving the body strenuous

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