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10 Insanely Delicious (and Healthy) Cacao Powder Recipes

What would be the top three foods you’d never want to give up in your life?  For me, it’d be cheese, potatoes, and of course – chocolate.  If you’re like me and you’ve got that sweet tooth for a good chocolate snack or dessert, you’ll definitely want to check out this roundup of cacao powder recipes.

Chocolate with a text overlay about Cacao Powder Recipes

What is Cacao Powder?

If you’ve never tried cacao powder before, it’s one of the least processed forms of chocolate.  You see, all chocolate starts out as a seed, located inside the pod of a cacao plant.

To make cacao powder, the seed is fermented, dried, then heated.  The last part is done at a very low temperature, typically mechanically or via sun roasting.  This separates out the cocoa butter (fat) from the bean, and then the remaining dry bean is ground into the powder.

Cocoa powder is similar, but processed at much higher temperatures.  This makes it a bit less bitter, but it also reduces the nutritional value slightly.

Try grabbing some cacao powder and whipping up these different recipes.  You’ll experience a truly rich, chocolatey treat that helps indulge your sweet tooth – in a nutritious way!

10 Insanely Delicious (and Healthy) Cacao Powder Recipes

1. Cacao and Coconut Seedy Bliss Balls from Kidgredients

How perfect are these energy balls for a healthy snack?!  They’ve got no added sugar as they’re naturally sweetened with dates, and are full of chocolatey, coconut flavor.

Cacao and Coconut Energy Balls

2. Antioxidant Packed Cacao Smoothie from Snacking in Sneakers

This smoothie is made with just five ingredients – cacao, dark chocolate chips, banana, milk, and almond butter.  It’s a delish post-workout treat!

Post Workout Cacao Smoothie

3. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chia Pudding from Lemons + Zest

This chia pudding is perfect for a nutritious breakfast or healthy snack.  There’s just nothing better than that classic chocolate and peanut butter combo!

Peanut Butter and Cacao Chia Pudding

4. Raspberry and Chocolate Protein Brownies from One Clever Chef

I’ve never thought of using protein powder in a brownie recipe, but this is brilliant!  These fudgy chocolatey brownies combine cacao powder with chocolate protein powder.  Plus, that fresh raspberry topping?  Oh, yes.

Raspberry Chocolate Protein Brownies

5. Double Chocolate Buckwheat Flour Cookies from What’s in the Pan?

These cookies are made with buckwheat flour, making them a tasty gluten free treat for any of your friends that can’t have regular flour.

Double Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies Are a Delicious Cacao Powder Recipe

6. Coconut Cacao Ice Cream from Trinity’s Kitchen

Introducing you to the easiest ice cream recipe you could ever make.  You only need three simple ingredients – coconut milk, dates, and cacao powder – to make this healthier ice cream recipe.

Coconut Cacao Ice Cream

7. Hot Cardamom Tahini Cacao from Moon and Spoon and Yum

Think of this cacao powder recipe as a healthier take on hot chocolate!  It’s packed with flavor thanks to the combo of the cacao, cardamom, and tahini.

Cardamom hot chocolate

8. Chocolate Orange Avocado Mousse from Healthy Little Foodies

That chocolate and orange combo just reminds me of a fancy dessert I had while traveling!  This recipe is so simple to make, and is naturally sweetened with banana.

Chocolate Orange Avocado Mousse

9. Raw Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bars from Natalie’s Happy Health

I’ve tried quite a few of Natalie’s blog recipes and always been happy with them – so I have no doubt you’ll feel the same about these raw chocolate bars.  Every bite is loaded with nutrients and rich chocolate flavor!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bars

10. Healthy Banana Oat Waffles from Supergolden Bakes

This morning meal looks so delectable – but they’re also gluten free and have no refined sugar.  A breakfast win!

Chocolate banana waffles with cacao powder

Share – Which of these cacao powder recipes would you like to try out asap?!  Do you have any other delish ideas for using cacao powder?

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