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Casual Comfort & Style with Karina Dresses

I was provided with this lovely Dress from Karina Dresses for this review!

Casual Comfort and Style with Karina Dresses

I am thrilled to present another Karina Dresses review as a member of the Frockstar™ Nation. As with my last review, I was immediately impressed by how my dress flowed out of its package wrinkle free. I suspected a maxi dress length might have some wrinkles, but there were none. Way to go Karina Dresses!

Casual Comfort and Style with Karina Dresses

For this review, I chose the Adele with the Chevron print. According to Karina Dresses:

The Adele is named after the multi-platinum, grammy award-winning singer whose positive body image is as powerful as her voice. It is a full-length maxi dress and features a waistband, with a v-front and a v-back. Great for oval, rectangle and hourglass gals.

Casual Comfort and Style with Karina Dresses

I agree that this dress really promotes a positive body image. It gave me a smooth and sleek silhouette. The fabric is flowing and not too clingy. The v-neck and wide waist band highlight the best part of my figure as I’m sure it would for many other body types. I recommend checking out the Best Fit guide on the Karina Dresses site before looking at dresses, as each dress is tailor made for certain body types. After reading the product description, I pictured myself attending a summer concert with Adele herself. Hmm, maybe she’d invite me up to sing a tune or two. My dog approves too!

Casual Comfort and Style with Karina Dresses

Accessories: Silver Flip Flops (Similar), Beaded Necklace & Bracelettes (BeadforLife),
Silver Shoulder Bag (similar)

This dress is amazingly comfortable and keeps my legs cool during hot summer days. I also liked that the length did not drag the floor like some maxi dresses I’ve tried in retail shops. Doesn’t it look super cute with flip flops? The dress can be so versatile perhaps for a beach cover up or a dinner out. I wore it for a lunch out with my girlfriends. 

This dress will also look great in other seasons with boots and a jacket or cardigan. I’ll be the most stylish mom for back to school conferences and events.

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  1. cody pfoh says:

    u look so nice

  2. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    omg how classy is that u look awesome and comfy

  3. Barrie says:

    Nice full length dress. It does look cool for the summer and I love the idea of dressing it up for a night out.

  4. Jeanine says:

    What a cute dress- it looks great on you!

  5. Brandy Hebden says:

    I LOVE this Adele dress!! It is so pretty and flattering! And looks super comfy! I like what you said about being long and not dragging the ground. I’m so short that all of my long Maxi dresses are too long normally.

  6. What a gorgeous dress. Love the way it looks on you.

  7. Rosey says:

    I love that it’s comfortable and cool. I’ve wanted to try the maxi dresses (I’m way behind times, I know) but they looked hot to me. Glad to know they’re not at all. :)

  8. This is one of my favorite Karina dresses and it looks lovely on you!

  9. Wow stunning dress. You look amazing and love those silver flip flops

  10. Michelle says:

    I really love this dress, it looks so pulled together but comfy. Hard to find both of those in one dress,

  11. Super cute & looks really comfortable!

  12. katherine says:

    I’m too short for Maxis!

  13. hey wow! I hadn’t tried the Adele but now that I see it on you, I love it! You don’t usually wear such light colors either so I love that about this dress too.

  14. Jenna Wood says:

    That fabric looks very comfortable and stylish, even in warm Summer weather (for a long dress)! I love my Karina dresses!

  15. Stevie says:

    Oh I loveeeee maxi dresses! Those look so comfortable and cute! You look great in the dress! Very pretty :)

  16. Cinny says:

    Oh I love my Karina Dresses, the Adeles are just absolutely beautiful!

  17. Liz says:

    Looks like a great, comfortable dress for summer!

  18. Patty says:

    It looks beautiful on you. I love a maxi dress – they are just so comfortable.

  19. Dede says:

    I love that the dress has such a defined waist. It really looks great! I wonder if a maxi dress like this would be too long on me (I’m a shortie).

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