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Celebrating What’s Amazing About My Tween!

From the time your child is born, you realize how amazing they are. From their first words to first steps, everything they do is quite impressive. Enter the teen years and there is even more opportunity to sit back and watch them develop as they explore new passions and talents.

My amazing daughter - Go Big!

My daughter loves to dance and do gymnastics. Last year, she made both competition teams. It was such a proud moment for both of us. Her determination to take lessons, attend practice and keep up with her schoolwork was quite impressive.

My daughter’s dedication is especially remarkable since she has dyslexia. School work, and learning dance and gymnastics routines are all more challenging for her than the average kid. Her persistence warms my heart. I cannot relate to her struggles. Many of these things came easy to me. She shows me every day how to push through challenges.

My amazing daughter - Go Big!

The folks at Yoplait Yogurt are celebrating what’s amazing about your teen/tween. Their new Go Big Yogurts area a great way to remind my daughter how she Goes Big in her everyday life. They are a great snack when she gets home from practice or dance class.

Yoplait Go Big

Yoplait Go Big is a new large yogurt pouch made to fuel up what’s amazing about your teen/tween. With a grip-and-rip pouch, it’s also perfect for on-the-go. Even better, they contain real fruit with no artificial colors, or high fructose corn syrup. They are also gluten-free, and taste great!

My amazing daughter - Go Big!I wanted to let my tween daughter know how amazing she is. So I wrote her a poem to remind her how special she is to me and the world:

To the girl who so easily
makes me smile and laugh
And light up a room
As you twirl and dance.

The girl who puts others feelings
Before her own.
Does so much for others
Without wanting anything in return.

The girl who teaches me
that struggles can be strength.
Never forget that you are
so incredibly AMAZING!

You always Go Big!
And I love it!

Yoplait Go Big come in 8 count variety packs and are currently available in two different flavor combinations – Strawberry/Mixed Berry and Peach Mango/Cherry. You can find them at your local grocery or big box store. It’s a convenient grab and go, no mess snack that’s ready and waiting whenever your tween needs to refuel!

Yoplait Go Big

What’s amazing about your teen?

Yoplait wants to know. Share why your teen is so special on the Go Big Facebook page. 3 teens will be chosen to share their amazing stories with the world and win a $3,000 cash prize. Please note, this contest is open to teens only ages 13-17.

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