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Cornet Barcelona – The Cure for the Common Holiday Gift

If finding the perfect Holiday gift feels like searching for a contact lens on a crowded beach…Or worse – that last-minute dash to find *ANYTHING* always seems to end with something cheap, common and forgettable…

It’s not your fault. The truth is, it’s not easy to find a spectacular gift for someone special. Especially if they already have “everything”. 

But this year, you can relax. Because we’ve got you covered! These gorgeous ‘Sagrada’ Stemless Wine Glasses by Cornet Barcelona are thoughtful, classy and memorable. And we are calling them “the cure for the common gift.”

Why Choose Cornet Barcelona?

Nothing at Cornet Barcelona is mass produced. Far from it.

In fact, every ‘Sagrada’ Stemless Wine Glass is a hand-crafted work of heirloom quality art – created with love by master artisans using ancient Roman techniques.

How’s that for unique?

And the colors!

Aren’t they stunning?

Designs Inspired By an Historic Landmark

The famous stained glass windows of the famous Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, Spain inspired their hand painted designs. And when you hold these up to the light and swirl your wine, the effect is mesmerizing.

Not only that, but they’re so stylish, they instantly transform the look and feel of any table setting. So even the most casual celebration becomes an elegant affair to remember.

Plus, the larger bowl lets your wine breathe so it tastes even more delicious. The narrowed opening boosts the wine’s aromas “on the nose”. And the flat, weighted base helps prevent those occasional “happy hour” spills.

Bottom line:

These will make you a gift giving hero. 

And I promise… the look on their face when they open the box will tell you everything you need to know.

After a glass or two, they’ll ask you:

“Where in the world did you FIND these!?”

Honestly, we are blown away by the quality and beauty of ‘Sagrada’ Stemless Wine Glasses by Cornet Barcelona. They arrive nestled in a silken-lined, luxury gift box. And with their generous money back guarantee, these might be The Best Holiday Gift Ever.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s what real customers (or members of La Familia as Cornet Barcelona considers them) say:

“These are exquisite and are indeed works of art.”

“Amazingly beautiful pieces of hand blown art that are so much fun to drink out of!”

“These make an amazing gift to friends and family that are wine lovers. Could not recommend them more!”

And there are over 3,000 more five-star reviews on Cornet Barcelona’s website.

Reserve your glasses today

If you’d like to reserve one or more glasses, they’re available now for $26 each. And you can also reserve sets of two, four, six, 12 and 24. 

But hurry! With The Holidays right around the corner, these are already flying off the shelves.

To avoid disappointment, I encourage you to reserve yours now while they’re still available. Only at 

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