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Introducing The Da Vinci BodyBoard

The Da Vinci BodyBoard system combines strength training and cardio in one short, daily workout system. The system works for any fitness level and can be used as a rehab system for injuries. The system is designed to build long, lean, muscles and does not tear the muscle. As a result, it can be used daily. This facilitates a more habit-forming exercise regime. Because of the short time commitment, there are no excuses. The BodyBoard also reaches the smaller muscles that support your joints creating a body with a more complete and balanced muscle structure.

You’ll never want to put off a Da Vinci BodyBoard workout. Its an effective workout system that builds strength and cardio fitness, AND it fits into a busy lifestyle, so it’s something you will look forward to in your daily routine.

I’ve partnered with the giveaway host, Comeback Momma to present this amazing giveaway. Check out her review of the Da Vinci Body Board. Good luck!


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Jenn Mitchell is a proud mom, wife and adventure seeker. She’s traveled either solo or with family to 20 countries and 36 U.S. states so far. A former personal trainer, Jenn looks for ways to keep her family fit and active both at home and on the road. Her goal is to inspire other moms and families to live happy and healthy lives.

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  1. Ricki

    I love the dance aspect of the bodyboard workout. Looks like tons of fun.

  2. Anastasia

    I am looking for a quick, total body workout that includes strength training. I definitely need to incorporate more of it into my running routine.

  3. Liesl

    I love how you can cover all aspects of fitness, cardio, stretching, balance, core work, strength – it’s all there. I need to get into shape, and this would be a great asset to have.

  4. Jay

    It looks like it works all parts of the body.

  5. Tracy

    I would love to use this board for pilates and getting back into shape after baby!

  6. Tamara

    That looks incredibly cool! Sharing away!

  7. Chris

    Something that takes up that little amount of space and provides such wonderful results – as well as so many different options. Love all the core workout effects.

    1. Chris

      ooops – forgot my twitter id – @chrisbradshaw

  8. Amy

    That looks like an incredible piece of full-body-excercise equipment!

  9. Brianne

    I’m always looking for new, interesting ways to strengthen my core… I love that this looks effective and FUN!

  10. Cinny

    Love the dance aspect part of it, sounds like fun

  11. Stephanie Lambert

    I could have some fun with this, even just the band dancing, all over it!

  12. Kristyn

    love that it works the whole body and how fun the band dancing looks!

  13. Missy W

    I really like the versatility of work out levels….form the very out of shape to the tip top shape!

  14. Krissy

    I love that it only takes like 20-25 minutes to get a work out in!

  15. Krissy

    BTW I totally need this! With the kids in a gazillion activities and it getting colder out it’s getting a lot harder to make it to the gym!

  16. Grace A

    I love how versatile it looks and really depends on how you want to use it to maximize you workout.

  17. Micah

    Cool!!! I would love to havethis!!

  18. ShannonR

    I am a Chiropractor, so I would like to try this out and try it with my patients during rehab. I like that it doesnt take up much space and can do strength training.

  19. Anne

    This combines the best of the Pilates strategies with speed and ease of storage – LOVE the whole concept!

  20. Stephanie Phelps

    Oh I love how versatile it is and how I can get a good stretch of my muscles while building muscle and getting in shape. Doing all this in a small amount of time is really appealing! The band dancing looks really fun!

  21. Rachel See

    SO fun! Can’t wait to see more!!

  22. valerie

    Looking to add variety to my workouts!

  23. Amanda

    I love my pilates machine but this is much for versatile and can easily be moved… I love the different levels of exercise for the same moves. Really allows for you to advance to the next level.

  24. laura

    I love that it’s a full body workout all in one piece of equipment! I think it’d definitely help me lose this baby weight and tone up!

  25. Gwendolyn

    Very energetic blog, I loved that bit. Will there be
    a part 2?

  26. Naomi

    I like that it takes the principles of pilates but makes it easy to do in your own home.

  27. Dee

    I am 60 years old and have always been a fitness buff. I am bored with the gym routine and I am looking for a new fitness alternative. Also, your ad misspelled “stretch” as “strech”.

  28. Dawn

    I like that this is one simple piece of equipment which offers a lot of exercise options.

  29. peggy

    20-25 minutes for a full workout?yes please 🙂

  30. Nichole

    I LOVE how much FUN that looks. I like the versatility with basic gym move like the rowing, pilates and yoga. Not to mention the general tom foolery. I honestly have to say that the dancing around would be what I do most lol.

  31. Dallys

    This looks like so much fun! I would love to have this board! I love the use of the bands and am already thinking of a million ways I could use this.

  32. Aimee

    Looks like a fun way to work out inside now that’s it’s so cold! Would love to try it.

  33. Diane

    Looks like a safe, efficient, strength and flexibility-building winner! Thanks for the exciting opportunity!

  34. Kristina

    This looks like it would take a regular workout and make it more fun and more intense at the same time. exciting!

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