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Daily Synbiotic from Seed is Helping My Gut and more

Thanks to Seed for sponsoring this post.
All opinions are 100% my own.

When you hear the word bacteria, what comes to mind? Does it make you think of something gross and slimy? While your first instinct may to be to think of something bad for you, good bacteria is actually essential for your health.

In fact, you have more bacteria in your body than cells and most are good for you. The bacteria found in your gut influences not only the digestion of your food, but helps with your overall health.

There’s a community of 38,000,000,000,000 (that’s 38 trillion) microorganisms, mostly bacteria, living in and on your body. The majority of them reside in your gastrointestinal tract, but many others live in diverse places like your mouth, your skin, and your armpits. They represent 50% of you by cell count. Collectively, the genes harbored in these trillions of microbial cells constitute your microbiome.

Daily Synbiotic, (affiliate link) a unique gut health formulation from Seed, is helping my gut, and I’m really happy about that. I’ve had gut issues on and off for years, and I’ve found that when I take a probiotic, I find some relief.

However, not all products work the same or as well for me. Taking Daily Synbiotic has drastically helped my gut, and it’s all because of their science-based approach that’s good for me and the planet.

A Unique Approach to Gut Health

I’ve seen probiotics on the shelves at my local store, and I’ve seen prebiotics, but what I haven’t seen before is a combined formulation. Seed’s Dialy Synbiotic is a formulation that combines both probiotics and prebiotics to help balance my gut.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.

In this case, you are the host and the Seed Daily Symbiotic is provides the adequate amounts for a healthy benefit.

This formulation goes further than the standard ones that have strains found in yogurt of fermented foods. It includes 24 clinically-studied, naturally-occurring strains that aren’t found in these fermented foods. They’re strains that we otherwise would not get in a typical diet.

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics, refers to prebiotics as ‘substrates that are selectively utilized by host microorganisms conferring a health benefit’.

In English: nutrients used by bacteria to help you thrive. This has broadened the path to introduce new classes of non-fermentable prebiotic compounds like polyphenols that are metabolized by gut bacteria into beneficial metabolites.

Working together, these strains promote digestive, heart, skin, and immune health. It’s also the first product to include probiotic strains that synthesize folate and increase its production in the body.

Stewards of My Gut and the Planet

I love that while I’m on my journey to feeling better, they’re helping the planet feel better, as well. This vegan, gluten-free product uses a Sustainable Refill System (affiliate link). It starts with a glass jar that I simply refill every month when my supply arrives. They also have a small glass tube that’s perfect for travel.

This system also minimizes waste because it’s shipped using biodegradable, compostable materials. The Daily Synbiotic pouch, cell foam shipping cushioning, and shipping insulator are all environmentally friendly!

On top of that, Seed is also using their probiotic formulations to help save the bees. If you’re a nature science nerd or have watched the news at all, you know that Colony Collapse Disorder is hitting bees across the country hard. It’s caused by pesticide use, climate change, disease, and habitat loss.

Seed is helping bees fight these challenges with their BioPatty, developed by scientists to support insect immunity and defend against pathogens!

How Daily Synbiotic is Working for Me

I had fun going through Seed University to better understand
their product and the science behind it.

I want to start by saying that I know everyone’s experience will be different when it comes to any product. I’m not here to say that Seed’s probiotic + prebiotic formulation will diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. I’m just here to tell you how it’s been working for me.

It’s been great. Probiotics have always worked fairly well for me, but I never saw the level of results that others seemed to get. However, once I started taking Seed Daily Synbiotic, I began to feel a real change in my body.

Their blend of probiotics and prebiotics have been a game-changer for me. In addition to regulating my gut and all that goes with it, I’ve even noticed an improvement in my skin, thanks to four strains included in this formulation that are clinically-studied to support skin health. I think my skin looks a little younger and brighter.

Try Seed Daily Synbiotic for Yourself

With its unique formulation combining a variety of probiotics and prebiotics, Seed Daily Synbiotic (affiliate link) helps balance gut health while promoting heart, skin, and immune health, as well. When compared other products on the market, Seed is the only one to have all of these benefits:

I’ve seen great results while taking Seed. I hope you’ll try it as well. It’s kind to your body and the environment, and that’s a great combination.

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