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Wood Decor Sign – Great DIY Baby Shower Gift Idea

This wood decor sign is perfect for a first time crafter or the seasoned DIY ‘er. It is easy and adorable, the perfect addition to your wall and home decor for this coming spring! Would make for a great DIY baby shower gift too!



*3 wood boards – any kind will do!
The 3 pieces I used were scrap wood my Dad was going to burn in his fireplace but I rescued them before he could!
*Wood Glue
*Any scrap fabric with a fun print
*Mod Podge
*Metallic Marker
*Stain brush or an old clean t -shirt  to apply stain

Step 1.

Sand your boards if they need it.  I cut the two outside boards shorter then the middle one, whatever you think looks good!

Step 2.

Next stain the boards – don’t forget the edges that will be shown on the sides.image


I used  a walnut stain that you can find at any hardware store.

Always stain “with the grain”  which is usually from top to bottom, lengthwise.

Allow the stain to dry.

Step 3.

Glue your boards together with wood glue. Wipe off any excess. Allow to dry.

While your glue dries you can work on the fawn cut out.

I Googled free deer printout and found this cute little guy. I then printed it, cut it out, and traced it onto some fabric I had at home.



Step 5.

Glue the fabric down with Mod Podge…don’t be shy! Cover the back side then actually put the glue over the whole piece of fabric. Smooth out any bubbles with a paint brush. It goes on cloudy but I promise it will dry clear! Don’t panic! Wipe off excess glue on wood.

Step 6. The next stpe is the words. I found a font and size that I liked on Word and printed it out.


Trace the outline with a pen or pencil you should press into the wood a bit. It will leave a small indentation on the wood that you can trace with your marker.

If you look close you can see the indentation.



I decided to color in the word “little”. Go over the outline twice to smooth lines.

Repeat with the word “blessings”…

I traced the fawn outline with the silver marker as well…

If you don’t like the deer…try mixing it up with photos of your kids, pets, etc. You can use the mod podge right over photos as well!

DIY Baby Shower Gift

A special thanks goes out to Laura from But First Coffee Mom for contributing this great post. Stop by her blog for more DIY inspiration. 

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