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27 Tasty Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipes

A hot chocolate bomb is a great way to add a little flair to your holiday season, and your winter, in general, really. Nothing is better on a cold winter day than a cup of hot chocolate, and with these recipes for hot chocolate bombs, you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors that you can make yourself!

Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipes

From delicious flavors like snickerdoodle and Mexican hot chocolate to fun shapes like a unicorn hot chocolate bomb, these little orbs of deliciousness are as festive to look at as they are to turn into a piping hot treat.

Snickerdoodle Bombs

These snickerdoodle bombs combine white hot chocolate mix with cinnamon to create a beautiful and delicious treat.

Grinch Hot Cocoa Bombs

These Grinch hot cocoa bombs have the classic green Grinch color, a heart on the bomb, and cute little mini marshmallows inside.

Mexican Bombs

These Mexican bombs feature Abuelita Chocolate Drink Mix, cinnamon, and marshmallows for a delicious Mexican chocolate flavor.

LEGO Man Bombs

These adorable LEGO man bombs are shaped like, well, a little LEGO man and have all the hot chocolate flavor kids love.

Gingerbread Bombs

These Gingerbread bombs combine rich chocolate flavor with the classic gingerbread spice mix for an extra kick of holiday goodness.

Christmas Bombs

These Christmas bombs put the holidays in a cup. Made with hot chocolate mix and peppermint, they have a classic Christmas vibe.

Gingerbread Bombs

These gingerbread house bombs don’t actually have gingerbread spice in them. Instead, they LOOK like gingerbread houses!

gingerbread house hot chocolate bomb

Hot Chocolate Truffle Bombs

These hot chocolate truffle bombs are a new take on DIY hot chocolate bombs. Rather than filling a chocolate shell with mix, the truffle IS the mix.

Hot Chocolate Bombs

These hot chocolate bombs require only a few simple ingredients and are super easy to make. Decorate them however you please and watch them burst open when you add hot milk.

Mickey Mouse Bombs

These Mickey Mouse bombs are magical from start to finish! Just add hot milk for a delicious surprise!

Disney Frozen Theme Bombs

These Disney Frozen theme bombs leave a fun surprise when you pour hot milk into your cup. They’re fun, easy to make and all ages love them!

Unicorn Bombs

These unicorn bombs use white hot chocolate mix and pink or purple sanding sugar to give that unicorn feel. They even have a unicorn horn!

unicorn hot chocolate bomb

Festive Bombs

All you need to make these festive hot chocolate bombs is two ingredients and a silicone dome mold.

White Chocolate Mocha Bombs

These white chocolate mocha bombs have a classic festive look and a touch of coffee to ramp up that chocolatey goodness.

Easy Hot Chocolate Bombs

These easy hot chocolate bombs are filled with hot cocoa and mini-marshmallows for the classic hot chocolate flavor.

Easiest Bombs Hack

These easiest hot chocolate bombs are a recipe and a hack all in one. Rather than a silicone mold, simply use hollow chocolate figurines to make them.

Vegan Hot Chocolate Bombs

These vegan hot chocolate bombs have only three ingredients, and you can customize them as much as you want with filling and decorations.

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Peppermint Bombs

These peppermint bombs are sweet, rich, and full of peppermint flavor.

Mini-Marshmallow Bombs

These mini-marshmallow bombs ditch the mold. These are solid little bombs of hot chocolate and marshmallows, and they’re so good.

Peanut Butter Bombs

These peanut butter bombs add a kick of peanut butter that makes them taste almost like a Reese’s Cup in your mug!

White Chocolate Caramel Bombs

These white chocolate caramel bombs have a pretty brown and white swirl and a kick of caramel.

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Candy Marshmallow Bombs

These candy marshmallow bombs take classic DIY hot chocolate bombs and kick them up with mini marshmallows AND candy bits.

Hot chocolate bomb with marshmallows

Minnie Mouse Bombs

These Minnie Mouse bombs take the classic hot chocolate bomb and sprinkle some pixie dust on it with adorable mouse ears.

Colorful Christmas Bombs

These colorful Christmas hot chocolate bombs are drizzled with red and green chocolate and topped with Christmas sprinkles for a festive look.

Basic Hot Chocolate Bombs

These basic hot chocolate bombs are easy to make and they can easily be adapted to create variations like S’mores hot chocolate bombs.

Complete DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs Guide

This complete hot chocolate bombs guide is a recipe and a guide all rolled into one. You’ll learn all about making DIY bombs as well as getting a tasty recipe.

Vegan and Dairy and Allergen-Free Hot Chocolate Bombs

These vegan and dairy and allergen-free bombs guide offers four bomb variations and a complete guide to allergy-friendly bombs.

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Try Any or All of These Chocolate Bombs

All of these recipes are delicious, and none of them are difficult to make. With so many variations here, you’re sure to find one (or more) that you and your family will love.

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