Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts

eco friendly gift ideas

Eco Friendly Holiday Gifts

When it comes to holiday giving, many people get caught up in the never ending cycle of stuff, stuff, stuff. This year, consider gifts that are good for the planet as well as delightful for your friends and family. Here are my top recommendations for eco-friendly holiday gifts.

Save the Earth with NRDC

Consider a gift that will literally help save an area of the world. The mission of the Natural Resources Defense Council is to safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends. At the NRDC Green Gift site, you can choose from a variety of ideas like saving a wolf, helping create a whale nursery, or contributing to clean water funding. You can choose gifts by dollar amount or occasion too.

Recycled Gifts

Giving items made from recycled materials is another great choice. has an excellent variety of recycled and hand made gifts to choose from like the lovely glass ornament above. Other options from recycled metal and reclaimed wood are also great choices.

Go Unique

I love finding not only eco-friendly gifts, but those that are really unique and clever. The bag above is made from recycled seat belts. How cool is that? At The Ultimate Green Store, they have a huge selection of unique gifts. Even gifts for vegans and pets.

Research Other Eco Friendly Materials

In addition to products that are recycled, research what other materials are eco friendly. Candles are a popular item that often contain harmful, synthetic chemicals. Soy wax has become a popular substitute to crude oil-derived waxes for environmentally-conscious candle companies. The candles pictured above are from BsaB Candles, which use 100% natural wax, scents and even lead and chemical-free cotton wicks.

Have other eco-friendly gift ideas? Let us know in a comment.

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  1. Patty

    You can always make a donation to your recipient’s favorite charity-no stuff involved and the money goes to a good cause.

    1. Jenn

      Excellent idea Patty. I like “no stuff” gifts as well.

  2. Jenna wood

    Beeswax candles were a big hit in our family last year, and burn so much cleaner than alternatives.

  3. Carla

    I honestly buy very few gifts. I hostess and do all the cooking. I feel like my kids and grandkids get so much from others that it’s really not necessary. Maybe I’m just a scrooge. 🙂

    1. Jenn

      Being a hostess is a huge gift to your family.

  4. I prefer beeswax candles. I think there are so many different companies using soy for products that we are exposed to it way too often.

    I know my dogs would love a new dog bed from the Ultimate Green Store their Earthdog line! I wonder if the kitty cube would be too small for them because I could see them loving that too.

    1. Jenn

      Good to know about beeswax vs. soy. I am looking forward to having a doggie basket of gifts this year for our new pup.

  5. mel

    I love all your suggestions! We ordered from Uncommon goods last year! They were great!

  6. katherine

    I love recycled gifts so much. They are also really fun to give too!

  7. Lisa Froman

    Great post. I’m going to check out these sites! Thanks for doing the work for us!

  8. Jeannette

    Great gift ideas! People don’t realize that eco-friendly gifts can still be stunningly beautiful!

  9. Mary

    We like to give handmade gifts. Sometimes when money is tight, creatively reusing things around the house can make for an awesome gift! Stitching up old jeans into a rag doll, using old mason jars to create decorative candle holders or even gifts in jars. These are a few of the things we’re doing this year.

    1. Jenn

      Very cute ideas. I wish more people gave hand made gifts these days.

  10. Tonia

    I like the idea of recycled gifts. That’s definitely something I’ll be looking into this year.

  11. Teresha F

    I am going to try making upcycled gifts this year. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for putting out a Christmas gift guide that focuses on renewable, sustainable, Earth-friendly ideas.

  12. Ellen Christian

    I love recycled gifts. I wish more people would make eco-friendly choices for the holidays.

  13. Mina Slater

    I was once given a bangle bracelet made from recycled soda cans, it was so awesome!!! There was a little online shop that was making some too and I wish I could remember it so I could grab some as gifts.

  14. Amber Edwards

    Candles are big gift of choice for a lot of my friends. So I love the idea behind the BsaB Candles! I haven’t heard of them before, but I am loving the natural approach they take.

  15. Cinny

    I love the recycled seat belts idea!

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