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Sustainable Gift Ideas to Help the Planet This Holiday Season

This year, consider gifts that are good for the planet as well as delightful for your friends and family. Here are my top recommendations for eco-friendly holiday gifts.

7 Sustainable Gift Ideas

Save the Earth Gifts

Consider a gift that will literally help save an area of the world. The mission of the Natural Resources Defense Council is to safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends. At the NRDC Green Gift site, you can choose from a variety of ideas like saving a wolf, helping create a whale nursery, or contributing to clean water funding. You can choose gifts by dollar amount or occasion too.

Adopt an Endangered Animal

In addition to the site above, we love the World Wildlife Federation. Our kids adopt an endangered animal every year. We’ve adopted giant pandas, polar bears, snow leopards, spotted owls and more. The animal adoption kids are super cute and help kids understand how they are making a difference.

Recycled Gifts

Giving items made from recycled materials is another great choice. has an excellent variety of recycled and hand made gifts to choose from like the lovely glass ornament above. Other options from recycled metal and reclaimed wood are also great choices.

Help for the Home

Help others make their home goods more eco-friendly with sites like the Sister Collective. Their mission is to inspire and make it easy for people to make small changes in their daily lives to live cleaner and more sustainably.

Minimize Waste

I found this site the other day. It’s even called Zero Waste Store. How cool is that? They have so many fun and unique sustainable gift ideas that don’t produce waste that ends up in our oceans on a landfill. They also include products that are gentle on the skin and the environment.

Go Unique and Green

I love finding not only eco-friendly gifts, but those that are really unique and clever. The bag above is made from recycled seat belts. How cool is that? At The Ultimate Green Store, they have a huge selection of unique gifts. Even gifts for vegans and pets.

Research Other Eco Friendly Materials

Research what other materials are great for sustainable gifting. Candles are a popular item that often contain harmful, synthetic chemicals. I like candles from Sanari. Their essential oil candles are made only with ingredients from organic farms and coconut-soy wax. They are made in the USA too!

Have other eco-friendly gift ideas? Let us know in a comment.

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