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Stop Sorting Laundry and Enjoy the Colors in Your Life with Purex No Sort #LaundrySimplified

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Stop Sorting Laundry with Purex No Sort #LaundrySimplified #Shop

Do you ever feel like you practically LIVE in your laundry room? I certainly do. How can a family of four create so much laundry? I feel like I am constantly surrounded by piles of laundry for sorting, folding, putting away, etc. Does it ever end? I was super excited to hear that “The Rules Have Changed” with Purex® No Sort™. I could not wait to try it out for myself. Could I really stop sorting laundry and live a #LaundrySimplified life?

Stop Sorting Laundry with Purex No Sort #LaundrySimplified #Shop

When I first learned to do laundry (I think I was about 8 or 9) I learned that sorting was a key component of the process. You likely learned the same. This is no longer a requirement with the Purex No Sort breakthrough Anti-Color-Transfer Technology. According to the folks at Purex, “it traps loose dyes in the wash and does not let them settle onto other fabrics.”  As a result I can simplify my laundry routine by doing less sorting and less loads. Guess what doing less laundry gets me?

  • Less loads = Saving Money – Yippee!
  • Less loads = More Time away from the laundry room – Hurray!
  • Less loads = A happy mommy – Oh yeah!

Stop Sorting Laundry with Purex No Sort #LaundrySimplified #Shop

I feel like a princess who has been rescued by her Magical Laundry Fairy Godmother. It’s a dream come true. OK, maybe I am exaggerating just a bit, but you know what I mean. Anything that gets me out of my dreary basement is huge for me. Of course I still need to use common send like not washing brand new jeans with white towels, but all of my clothes that have been washed a bunch of times before can all easily go into one load from now on.

Stop Sorting Laundry with Purex No Sort #LaundrySimplified #Shop

So, what am I doing with my extra time and money? I’m taking the time to enjoy the colors around me.

  • Enjoying a fruity drink on my back porch
  • Catching up on some yoga and meditation
  • Giving myself a home facial
  • Stopping to smell the roses
  • Getting a much needed pedicure and just sitting with my feet up for a change

Stop Sorting Laundry with Purex No Sort #LaundrySimplified #Shop

I’m also spending more time with my kids. We recently went to the driving range and painted decorative rocks to put in the garden. Now, this is the life!

Stop Sorting Laundry with Purex No Sort #LaundrySimplified #Shop

Look for Purex No Sort at your local Walmart.

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Stop Sorting Laundry with Purex No Sort #LaundrySimplified #Shop

What will you do with your extra time and money when you stop sorting laundry?

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  1. Emily says:

    Yoga is my favorite way to spend my extra time, too! #client

  2. I currently use this detergent and I am so in love with it. It makes doing laundry so much more easier.

  3. Angel says:

    This is great! I do not like sorting laundry! I love this post and how you described what you are doing with your extra time, great review!!

  4. Lisa Jones says:

    I Can’t Wait To Try This It Will Save So Much Time Thank You!

  5. I use Purex all the time. I will have to check this out because with 7 people in my house, sorting is the most tedious task EVER!

  6. I have never been brave enough to not sort my laundry, not sure I could get to that point, but if I was in a huge rush maybe, just maybe.
    Glad you got good results!

  7. Barb W. says:

    Anything that gets me out of the laundry room quicker is a win, will have to check out Purex No Sort. Would be nice to just toss everything in and go!

  8. You know we were shopping the other day and I saw this, and thought I need to get this! Simple and easy, that is my moto!

  9. WOW, I really could have used this when all 10 of the kids were still living at home. I cannot even begin to imagine how many loads I have sorted over the last 40 years!

  10. Sorting is one thing that I’ve never done actually. I wash all clothes together with the exception of towels and bleachables. Nobody’s got time for that! lol

  11. Monica says:

    I saw this advertised and would love to give it a try, I HATE sorting laundry!

  12. Sarah says:

    I rarely sort anyway so I should already be using this! lol

  13. Emily says:

    I’ve used purex for a long time & am so excited that they come out with a for-everything detergent because we have colored bath towels so we barely have any whites, it takes forever to get a whole load together.

  14. diane says:

    I would be terrified to not sort my laundry! But, it would make my life a lot easier!

  15. maria says:

    Laundry & I are not very friendly. Luckily my teen helps around the house and that is her chore she helps me with.

  16. Mitch says:

    Thanks, I haven’t sorted laundry since college! My first roommate said put everythning in cold. That mostly works, but not all the time! I will have to try this!

  17. First off-great post–I don’t want to sort anything either–so thanks!!! And I have to tell you =your pictures with sayings are just too cute!

  18. I have not sorted colours for my laundry for years. Everything goes in together on a cold wash and comes out perfectly clean.

  19. Nikki says:

    This is so perfect for me because I never sort laundry anyway, lol! Bad, right? Well now, no one will be able to tell anyway!

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