8 Fall Decor Ideas + September Giveaway Hop

Fall is a great time to change up your decor. Even small touches can add warmth to your home for this cozy time of year. I searched the web to find some of my favorite ideas for fall decor. Perhaps you can use the giveaway gift card if you win. The giveaway hop is at the bottom of this post. Check it out!

Beautiful Fall Decor Ideas to add Warmth to Your Home

Faux Succulent Pumpkins – Pottery Barn

Photo credit: Pottery Barn

This indoor garden accent is ready for the fall season. Placed in a faux pumpkin, these succulents bring warmth and cheer to a room.

Mason Jar Harvest Floral Arrangement – LTD Commodities

Brighten up your home with this Mason Jar Harvest Floral arrangement. Use it as the centerpiece of your seasonal display or your dining room table. The Sunflower choice comes in an orange jar. Dahlia choice has petals tipped with gold sparkles and comes in a yellow jar.

Sentimental Pumpkins – Lakeside Company

Accent your shelf or tablescape with a Set of 3 Sentiment Pumpkins. Each mini pumpkin in the set features a sentiment and a rustic bow. At only $9.99, these are a bargain!

Fall Table Rustin Centerpiece – Etsy

This is a beautiful and rustic planter for your seasonal decor. It’s a very versatile piece and can be used as a table centerpiece, for mantle decor or you can display on a shelf or accent table.

New Haven Urn Filler – Grandin Road

Haven Urn Filler welcomes the season with a warm gathering of faux hydrangea, shapely gourds, leaves, and natural, woodsy pinecones-artfully framed with a pumpkin-shaped arbor. Leafy vines trail along the bottom and cascade over your urn or planter.

Grateful Frame Wall Decor – Birch Lane

grateful wall hanging fall decor

This handcrafted framed piece delivers a farmhouse look by pairing pine frames with inspirational typography. The deep, boxed frame allows for tabletop display, as well as, wall application.

Orange Berry Wreath – Wayfair

Beautiful orange berry wreath with countless two-toned orange berries

back to school giveaway

I’ve teamed up with the folks at The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island for another fun Giveaway Hop. So many great bloggers with terrific giveaways. Hop around and good luck! My prize is a $30 Amazon Gift Card

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Jenn Mitchell is a proud mom, wife and adventure seeker. She’s traveled either solo or with family to 20 countries and 36 U.S. states so far. A former personal trainer, Jenn looks for ways to keep her family fit and active both at home and on the road. Her goal is to inspire other moms and families to live happy and healthy lives.

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  1. Randi

    I will likely use for groceries!

  2. Will G

    I will buy something for around the house.

  3. Darlene Carbajal


  4. Nikki bowling

    I would use the gc to buy a slime kit fir my sons bday next month

  5. paige chandler

    I would get a new duvet

  6. Dana Rodriguez

    I would use it on a upcoming birthday!

  7. Nerlande

    I would use it for shoes.

  8. Kelly D

    I would buy a fall centerpiece for my dining room table.

  9. Janet W.

    I would love to buy my grandsons some new chapter books.

  10. aaron r

    Pay for gas for one last road trip this summer out to a lake.

  11. monique s

    I will get some clothes for the kids

  12. Jeanna

    I would put it towards my daughter’s birthday party!

  13. Lynne B

    Lunch for my husband and me!

  14. Rachel

    I will buy diapers.

  15. mami2jcn

    I’d like to buy myself a new dress.

  16. Christina Gould

    I will buy groceries if I win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Debbie P

    I would buy another toy for my son’s birthday.

  18. Candice

    I would buy some groceries for my household.

  19. calvin

    Would use it to pay some fees/bills.

  20. Debbie Campbell

    Most of my things are in storage, so I need to buy some new Fall decor!

  21. shelly peterson

    I will use it for Christmas gifts.

  22. Stacy Renee

    I’d like to use it to purchase my child a Halloween costume or put it towards Christmas shopping!

  23. Corey Olomon

    School supplies

  24. Anna Memphis

    My husband wants some new tea for his birthday, so we’d order it online.

  25. NANCY

    I would use it towards an Amazon card.

  26. Natalie

    I would honestly probably use the gift card to buy groceries!

  27. Lisa

    I would use it for groceries.

  28. NICOLE

    I will buy Christmas presents!

  29. Cheryl Billings

    I will buy some fall decor.

  30. Julie Lundstrom

    I would buy some Holiday decorations.

  31. Ann

    I would put it towards my iPad fund, as I don’t have a computer right now.

  32. Dan Dykstra

    I would purchase a book.

  33. Darlene Owen

    I would buy a birthday present for my son.

  34. Tiffany S

    I would use it towards Christmas presents, because Christmas is coming around fast.

  35. Lisa Ann Painter

    I would buy an outfit for my granddaughter.

  36. Kim Henrichs

    I would get kitty supplies!

  37. Sherry

    I would use it to buy gas.

  38. Marisela Zuniga

    I would use this to get my son some new shoes

  39. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I would put it toward Christmas gifts for my kids! I’m trying to come up with ideas and shop early this year.

  40. Patricia Parsons

    It’s so boring but probably gas to be honest. Such an evil necessity. Thanks for the chance! πŸ˜€

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  42. Donna D Newman

    Continue my Christmas shopping

  43. Kim Avery

    I would buy something for my first grand daughter who is due to join us next month!

  44. Clem

    I will buy health supplements.

  45. Annette

    I will put it toward cat food.

  46. Tracy Robertson

    Im going on a short trip in October. I would take it to have lunch out with on my vacation.

  47. Pauline Milner

    I would put this gift card toward purchasing Final Draft software online. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity.

  48. Sherry Blamer

    I would buy something for my daughters birthday which is coming up next month.

  49. Robin Abrams

    I will buy some warm clothes for my grand kids. It is getting cooler out and they have out grown all their winter clothes

  50. Lauren Becker

    Probably a book or something for someone else; gotta start Christmas shopping.

  51. Jean Holland

    I would buy groceries.

  52. Melissa

    food and gas!

  53. Vicki Wurgler

    I will buy a birthday gift for my grandson

  54. Michele Behlen

    I would buy some new fall clothes.

  55. Heather Dawn

    I would buy diapers!

  56. Kristen Joiner

    I’d save it for Christmas. Already starting to buy presents, but there’s always more people to buy for.

  57. Jennifer Sparks

    I would use it to buy a christmas gift for my husband.

  58. Ann Fantom

    If I won, I would buy wireless earbuds

  59. Heather S

    I would use it for Christmas gifts

  60. Del

    I will get groceries.

  61. ms. dani

    not sure if my comment went through before, so sorry if posting again! But i would put it towards fitness clothes!

  62. Mary Cloud

    I’ll buy something for my Son’s upcoming Birthday

  63. Alexandra Y

    I would buy shoes.

  64. jenny stratton

    I will probably will buy either alcohol markers or watercolors.

  65. Bryan Vice

    I Would like to save up for Christmas for my kids

  66. Clarissa Hiciano

    I would buy myself a Birthday present. It’s on the 28th

  67. kelly nicholson

    What will you buy if you win?

    i need a new mouse….

  68. Kristen

    I’ll buy some new sneakers.

  69. Lauren Peterson

    I’d get some treats for my dogs.

  70. Rochelle Haynes

    I would buy some body wash

  71. Shirley Emitt

    Try to put it in on an ipad.

  72. Mendy Dinsmore

    If I win, I win buy a large order of breadsticks with extra cheese.

  73. stacey mccrary

    I would buy something for around the house. Could use a new shower curtain.

  74. Madonna

    a glow in the dark vest for one of my dogs. He just loves to go out at night

  75. Amanda

    A book of course πŸ™‚

  76. Eloquence

    I’d start shopping fro the holidays! πŸ™‚

  77. Andrea Williams

    My kids have birthdays coming up so I would use toward that.

  78. Anastasia

    Birthdays are coming up so I would definitely use this toward a much deserved gift πŸ™‚

  79. Mary Rutter

    I would pay some bills with it

  80. Rebecca Orr

    I would probably save it for Christmas shopping. I have tons of people to buy for this year. But I am trying to start a little earlier. Thanks for the chance.

  81. Tracie Cooper

    I would love to use it towards holiday shopping!

  82. Tiffany Banks

    I would buy some fall/winter clothes for my kids

  83. Katie Hanson


  84. brigette

    i would use it towards getting my hair done

  85. Debra Guillen

    I would treat myself to a manicure for my birthday

  86. Lauren u

    I’d get a birthday present for my son.

  87. Jolene

    I would put it towards a new bedroom set for my daughter!

  88. Natalie

    I would put it towards Christmas shopping .thank you for the chance

  89. Kris I.

    I would put it towards some new clothes for myself!

  90. bianca r

    i would put the GC toward fall decorating. things i can use year after year

  91. polly

    I would buy a new Fall wreath for our front door.

  92. Tami Vollenweider

    I would buy some goodies for my grand kids!

  93. Mishelle G

    I’d put it towards the purchase of the missing Grimm dvd’s in my dvd collection – I am missing the last 2 seasons.


    1. kelly woods

      I would buy my daughter something for her sweet 16. Thank y. ?

  94. Charlene S.

    I would get a new kitchen rug.

  95. Arlinda

    I would buy something for myself.

  96. LeAnn Harbert

    I will get my granddaughters some books about science.

  97. Jo Ricker

    I will use it for game/movie night with the kids.

  98. Kristi C

    I need a new mat for my front door.

  99. Holly Thomas

    I would put it towards a Christmas gift. Christmas will be here before you know it!

  100. Edye

    I’d get a new book! πŸ˜€

  101. Laura DeLaRosa

    I’ll use it for groceries.

  102. Robin M


  103. Melissa Storms

    I have been saving money to put towards a diy tile backsplash in my kitchen. I would throw this in the pot and be just a little closer to my goal.

  104. Susan Christy

    I’ll get some mums for my patio.

  105. Michelle J.

    I’d buy an outfit.

  106. kelly grant

    I will try to save it for Xmas.

  107. Jeanna Massman

    I would buy something special for my grandson!

  108. Jackie

    The decorations are all so pretty.
    I’d use it towards a new coffee maker.
    Thank you!

  109. Kayla klontz

    I would use it to save up for Christmas.

  110. Beth Minyard

    I would buy some makeup

  111. kelsey vinson

    I would save it towards my husband Christmas gift

  112. Cynthia Ann Brooks

    I would put it towards my electric bill.

  113. Ellen Thompson

    I would probably use the gift card for Christmas shopping.

  114. Jan Lee

    I would most likely buy printer ink since it is very expensive. πŸ™‚

  115. Celeste Herrin

    A fall wreath. Thank you!!

  116. Ingrid Jackson

    I would buy some scrapbooking supplies to help with my ancestral albums.

  117. Kasey McCarty

    Awesome Giveaways!

  118. Cassandra D

    I would buy a pair of shoes.

  119. Jenny Ham

    I will buy pet products

  120. athena graeme

    We have a rule in our house, any money I win goes toward Christmas!!!

  121. Victoria Barbour

    I would buy Halloween decorations

  122. Jennylyn Gross

    I will put it towards Christmas shopping

  123. olly king

    i would start my christmas shopping!

  124. Stephanie Jones

    i would use it for christmas gifts

  125. Elena

    I would buy groceries.

  126. sandra

    i would love to purchase a massage for myself

  127. waly caly

    some new crafting supplies would be nice

  128. Lori Thomas

    I`d use towards Christmas presents

  129. Terra Heck

    I’d use it to get a new Welcome mat for my front porch. Thanks.

  130. Janice Cooper

    I would use it to get my friend something for her upcoming birthday

  131. richelle bowers

    I would use it towards xmas gifts

  132. Susan Smith

    I would buy a pair of boots.

  133. unicorn love

    halloween costumes!

  134. Donna Teller

    If I win I would probably use it towards Christmas shopping.

  135. Heather Cowin

    I’ll be putting this toward bills! We have debt to pay down πŸ™‚

  136. Dawn Ballo

    I would get a new dress.

  137. Amanda Rauch

    I really need new gloves for the upcoming cold season

  138. Elizabeth Miller

    My 14 year old has the opportunity to take college classes while in 9th grade but at a reduced cost. I would use this towards those fees.

  139. Angelica Dimeo

    I would buy Christmas gifts with this.

  140. Peggy Johnson

    I would buy some fall decorations

  141. Andrea Anderson

    I would probably treat myself to a nice lunch.

  142. Karen A.

    I’d get a birthday gift for my granddaughter.

  143. Megan Parsons

    I would buy something with skulls or the nightmare before christmas

  144. Miranda Sherman

    I would save it and use it on Christmas Shopping.

  145. Belenda

    I would probably stick it in my wallet for an “emergency” gas purchase at an unfamiliar gas station.

  146. Heather Kaufman

    I would buy boots for my kids.

  147. karen

    I would use it towards some decorations for my new house.

  148. Stephanie D'Aquila

    I would put it towards ink I need for my printer.

  149. Jennifer R

    I would use this money to help buy things for the holidays coming up.

  150. jennifer cervantes

    If I win I would use it for Christmas presents for my kids since money is tight this year.

  151. Sandy Klocinski

    It would go toward redecorating my living room

  152. Margaret Smith

    I would use this towards Christmas Shopping.

  153. Brandy Williams

    I would put towards Christmas gift

  154. Nicole Fall

    If I were lucky enough to win, I would use it on completing the basement project we have been ‘working’ on forever!! We have all the plans, but not enough material to get it going! lol

  155. kimrk56

    I will buy items for an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox.

  156. Hollie Jahnke

    I would buy some new shoes for my daughter.

  157. Carol Moore

    Gas for the week!

  158. rachel

    I would get pumpkins!

  159. Michelle H.

    I would probably use it towards clothes.

  160. Christy Leonard

    I would use it toward my daughters birthday

  161. Roger Nusbaum

    I’d use this for Christmas gifts

  162. Christina A.

    I am pretty practical so I would probably put it towards gas or groceries!

  163. Traci A

    Fall decor! I love that orange berry wreath

  164. Stephanie O'Day

    I would buy something for my new baby, coming in January!

  165. Lisa L

    I would buy my son a gift for his birthday

  166. Cynthia C

    I would use it toward holiday gifts.

  167. Daniel M

    would probably use for holiday shopping

  168. Jessica S

    I would treat my husband to a date night

  169. Jason Cullum

    I would use the card to buy household items online like tissue paper and pet products.

  170. Shane A

    I really like the white pumpkins with the gold writing on the front. I think they would be perfect for your foyer!

  171. Mary Gardner

    I would use this towards Christmas gifts if I won.

  172. beth shepherd

    I would use it for a new halter for my mini horse. Thank you

  173. Sarah Oswald

    I would use it towards buying Christmas gifts. Thanks for the chance to win.

  174. Kayla N

    I would put it towards a new computer chair!

  175. Francine Anchondo

    Christmas gift

  176. Katy

    I need some new clothes now that I’m volunteering at our daughter’s school!

  177. Michelle Tucker

    Probably use it to help me buy hubs his bday present. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance.

  178. James Coyne

    I would probably buy something from Amazon

  179. JanD

    I would buy baking ingredients.

  180. stella methvin

    I would probably save it for the upcoming Black Friday shopping.

  181. Dan Denman

    If I win, I will probably buy books or electronics.

  182. Audrey Stewart

    I will buy Friskie’s Canned Cat Food for my elderly cats that have no teeth.

  183. Claire McKeon

    I really like the look and sentiment of that “grateful” sign, so probably that.

  184. Amanda Hoffman

    I would buy diapers

  185. wen budro

    I would probably buy some groceries at Walmart.

  186. Leah Shumack

    You’ve inspired me to head to the Dollar Tree to try to recreate some of these centerpieces!! They are really lovely! I would use it towards Christmas gifts if I won!

  187. I’m never sure what I’d buy until the time comes…probably some books for me and my sweet hubby. Thanks and God Bless! com

  188. Karen

    Supplies for my new Cricut machine!

  189. Sonya Allstun

    some house supplies

  190. Sandra Preti

    I will buy household supplies.

  191. Seyma Bennett

    I will use it for seeds for a home herb/spice garden.

  192. Teresa Moore

    Actually I could use this to buy a tank of gas for my car. But I might save it for a trip I taking late next month.

  193. Stacey A Smith

    I would buy a Birthday Gift for my Niece.

  194. Celeste Herrin

    I think I would put it toward a new fall wreath.

  195. AEKZ2

    I would buy a Switch game for my son.

  196. Laurie Nykaza

    I would put it towards my vet bill for my cats meds.

  197. Sand

    I would use this towards baking supplies.

  198. Megan Wilson

    I will buy new fall outfits for my boys!

  199. Linda

    I would like to get some kids books with this.

  200. Stephanie

    I would put it towards some gifts I want to buy my mom for Christmas.

  201. Jayne Townsley

    I don’t know right now what I would use it for but I’m sure someone will say, “we need x” and the gift certificate will be there to get it. OR I’ll buy a mess of music.

  202. DebP

    If I won, I would buy a book that my son wants for Christmas.

  203. Micheline

    I would purchase my grandson a Christmas gift.

  204. Mishelle G

    I would put it towards Christmas presents – I’m striking out early on them as I do not know what is going to be going on in December with Covid.

    Mishelle G

  205. Melissa

    i would buy new sheets and pillows.

  206. Cindy Peterson

    I would buy a knife sharpener.

  207. Darlene Carbajal

    I would save it for the holidays.

  208. Francine A

    I would buy gifts

  209. Dana Rodriguez

    I would get my guy some thing for his upcoming birthday.

  210. Mary West

    I would either buy a laminator or I would put it up for Christmas!

  211. Lori H Carey

    I would for sure buy some more fall decor. I need some more items for my coffee bar and my new entry table.

  212. Barbara Montag

    I would start a bit of early Christmas shopping.

  213. Ann Fantom

    If I won, I would buy my daughter a graphing calculator

  214. Ken Ohl

    I would love to get my little niece a Halloween Outfit

  215. Marisela Zuniga

    I would buy a book or a movie

  216. Christina Gould

    I would love to make some of the Halloween snacks for my daughter. She would love them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  217. Christina Gould

    I would buy a few household supplies if I won. Thanks for the giveaway!

  218. heather

    I would buy a pet drinking fountain if I won this one.

  219. shelly peterson

    I would buy some books.

  220. wendy hutton

    I would use this towards a new comforter

  221. Calvin

    I’d get some more batteries.. and light bulbs!!

  222. Daniela

    I’d buy something from my never-ending TBR list.

  223. Adriane

    I would use it for a kitchen floor mat – my tired legs need it!

  224. Natalie

    I would use the gift card to buy a new hydration belt for running!

  225. KariLorr

    I would definitely buy some Fall decor. I’m so ready for Fall.

  226. Victoria Alexander

    School supplies for my son!

  227. Anne Higgins

    My favorite recipe is the advertisement for the bowls that keep ice cream and spoons sticking even when turned upside down. We had a big mess last night eating ice cream outside – thanks for this chance to win!

  228. Anne Higgins

    I would put this toward a new garbage disposal strainer and a portable battery charger

  229. Tiffany S

    I would buy a new pair of shoes with the gift card.

  230. Sherry

    I would use it to buy some books.

  231. Shirley O

    I would buy Christmas gifts.

  232. David Hollingsworth

    I would purchase some new T-shirts.

  233. Debbie Jensen

    I will buy some new supplements!

  234. Thomas Gibson

    I would buy nutritional protein powder.

  235. Jennifer

    I would use it to purchase Pumpkin Spice K-Cups for my hoard. It’s my favorite coffee, but I can only buy it in fall!

  236. Cheryl

    I’d most like to make the Banana Peach Smoothie with Ginger.

  237. Jon Heil

    I buy enough monsters on there

  238. bn100


  239. Barrie

    If I won, I would purchase my mom fall flavored Kcups! She drinks decaf coffee only and needs more!

  240. Laurie Nykaza

    I will buy a birthday gift for my daughter its coming up soon.

  241. Amber

    I would buy a new jacket!

  242. shannon zeidan

    I would buy some books.

  243. Maureen

    This would be helpful towards a pair of compression stockings or exercise shoes or vitamins.

  244. Suzanne Greene

    I would use it to buy something for our motor home.

  245. Debbie Yoder

    I would buy sheets!

  246. Rhonda Tenderholt

    Scooby comforter. Thank you for the giveaway.

  247. Heather S

    Some new jeans for fall

  248. Brandi Dawn

    I am hosting a baby shower at the end of the month so I would put it towards decorations!

  249. Debbie P

    I would use it to buy a birthday present for my son.

  250. Stevie Albertson

    I have 2 memoirs I want to get my mom for Christmas

  251. Lasonda

    I would use it for Christmas gifts.

  252. Katie Bellamy

    If I won, I’d use it towards Christmas gifts!

  253. Sarah L

    I’ll get groceries!
    Thanks for the contest.

  254. Stacey McCrary

    I would buy Halloween decorations! I can never have enough.

  255. Dandi D

    I would buy diapers for our new baby.

  256. Edye

    I’d get a new book!

  257. Cynthia C

    I would buy my niece a birthday gift.

  258. Cathy French

    For the instagram comment entry you say to post with GH. What does GH mean?

  259. Jeanette Jackson

    I would buy some new PC games to play

  260. paige chandler

    I would get new lipstick and mascara

  261. Angela

    I’d buy books or everyday items.

  262. Brandi Dawn

    I would love to try making the iced chai tea latte. Yum!

  263. Shannon D Citrino

    I will save it for Christmas shopping

  264. Jessica W.

    If I win, I would be a Halloween costume for my kid.

  265. Erin

    I would love to buy a book or two to read if I won! Thank you πŸ™‚

  266. Danielle Day

    A dvd set!

  267. Laura DeLaRosa

    I would use it towards a sewing machine.

  268. polly

    I would buy some new baking sheets for making cookies.

  269. Kayla Harmon

    newborn stuff

  270. Jan Lee

    I’d buy printer ink or some toys for my great nieces and great nephew. πŸ™‚

  271. Diane

    I would use it to buy pet food

  272. Christina moore

    I would start my Christmas shopping

  273. Mya Murphy

    A gift basket to brighten up my best friend!!

  274. BookLady

    I would buy some books by my favorite authors.

  275. Jenn

    I would buy some new (bullet) journaling supplies!

  276. Susan Smith

    I would use it towards printer ink.

  277. I would leave it in my Amazon account to save for when I’m ready to buy something.

  278. tiffany dayton

    I would buy paper products, cleaning, or things for the laundry.

  279. Jennifer R

    I would get new fall boots if I won. I need a new pair of black boots because mine are wearing thin.

  280. mistercmo

    I’m big into board games so I’d probably spend it on a board game.

  281. Max Morais Dos Santos

    I want to buy a wireless headphone

  282. Erika P.

    I would buy gardening supplies

  283. Kyona Sirico

    I would buy some new decoration for my new house.

  284. Susan Christy

    I always have a lot of things on my Amazon Wish List. Weather is changing drastically this week so I better buy some new gloves!

  285. Tracy Robertson

    I would buy this amazing leave in conditioner that I got a sample of. It’s overpriced, but makes me feel good about my hair, which I haven’t had done since before the pandemic.

  286. Rosie

    I would like to get some organic beeswax for making DIY creams and lip balm!

  287. Helen

    I would get something for my daughter’s birthday.

  288. Maria

    School supplies for kids

  289. chelsea w

    I would buy some new makeup brushes.

  290. Robyn Bellefleur

    I would buy slippers for me and my daughter.

  291. kelly tupick

    i need to buy sneakers for work.

  292. Elizabeth Miller

    I would order something similar to that rustic plantar above. It is beyond gorgeous.

  293. Dawn Monzu

    I really need a new phone case! I think I’d look at that or possibly a different Fitbit watch band. Crossing my fingers!

  294. Kiara

    I would buy a book.

  295. Ashley

    A new book

  296. sandra

    i might get some clothes

  297. Michelle J.

    I’d get a birthday gift for my kiddo!

  298. Asia

    Toys for nephew

  299. Jeanette Jackson

    I’d like to try the Making Healthy Smoothies in a Snap

  300. Lowanda J

    I love everything about this post and there are so many cute ideas on how to decorate. If I were to win, you are making me think of buying some of the things in your post…but I would buy some fabric baskets to hold my books at school that I utilize with my students. Thanks for hosting!

  301. Melissa Storms

    I would buy pillow covers for fall and winter. I have some for the throw pillows on my couch but it is time for new ones.

  302. Lisa

    I would get some home decor items.

  303. Audrey Stewart

    I would buy supplies for my elderly rescue cats I shelter.

  304. Daniel M

    got lots of movies on my wishlist

  305. Nina Lewis

    New shoes for the kid. πŸ™‚

  306. Jennifer L.

    I would buy new curtains.

  307. adriana

    I would use it ti buy an instant pot.

  308. Amy Nick

    If i were to win, i would get myself a pair of pants and a shirt

  309. wen budro

    I would probably buy a book or a DVD. They have a great selection of both.

  310. Lauren Becker

    I would probably be put this toward Christmas gifts. I’m trying to get as much done as soon as I can, so I’m not scrambling at the last minute. hah


  311. Kim Henrichs

    I would get some stuff I need for my house like light bulbs

  312. LB

    I would buy a advent calendar!

  313. Breanne

    I would buy a lamp.

  314. Lisa

    I would use it towards Christmas gifts.

  315. Deb Pelletier

    need socks .

  316. Jillian Too

    I’d like to use it to buy birthday gifts.

  317. Linda K

    I would buy my Mom a gift and have it shipped to her.

  318. Dana

    I would buy the Urns to put on my front porch

  319. Ed

    The latest Taylor Swift release and Halloween candy!

  320. Rebecca Moore

    I’m currently starting my christmas shopping so I would buy something πŸ™‚

  321. Kirsten Thompson

    I would put it toward Christmas presents. The year is flying by!

  322. Tammy Catterton

    I would use towards getting Christmas gifts thanks

  323. AEKZ2

    I would buy some books for my daughter.

  324. Teresa Moore

    I buy coffee kcups!

  325. Leigh Nichols

    a wreath

  326. Sand

    I would spend it on cooking supplies.

  327. Julieh

    I would get some new books.

  328. Rachel B

    Either Halloween decor or if any of my kids needs something buy it for them

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