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Welcome to my World: Family Blogging in 2020

Blogging in 2020 is a different beast entirely than it was a year ago. There was a time not so long ago when blogging and influencing almost always involved in-store photos, event shots, and other group photos to help brands showcase themselves.

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Blogging in 2020 is different. These days, you can’t go anywhere without a mask – and that’s if you even want to go anywhere at all. It’s a scary time, but it’s also been a time of great change in the blogging and influencer industry.

As a family blogger, I’ve seen changes in my own approach along with the approach of other bloggers. I’ve also seen a change in how companies interact with influencers and what they ask for.

10 Trends I’ve Seen for Blogging in 2020

If you aren’t a blogger, this will be an interesting read for you. Blogging these days is marketing, and marketing is all about the look. Of course, I don’t promote things I don’t believe in, however, I still have to put a nice, shiny polish on the things I talk about to make them look as good as possible.

A year ago, that meant doing everything a certain way, but these days, all of that has been thrown on its head. I and my fellow bloggers and influencers have had to get creative with our approaches, and I actually think that some of them have been a huge step forward in the industry.

Increased Authenticity

Perhaps the change that I love the most about blogging in 2020 has been an increase in authenticity across the board. With everyone stuck at home, there’s been less of a focus on making everything look glamorous and a shift to being real.

Celebrating Family With Ice Cream Sundae Fun!

Authenticity is key to both brands and bloggers these days. If there’s one positive that has come out of the pandemic, it’s that people have come together in a way that they never have before. Both brands and influencers are focusing more on community and delivering real, true content than ever before.

Increased Creative Control

Another huge positive change in blogging in 2020 has been an increase in creative control given to influencers. There was a time when brands would give you specific guidelines to follow right down to copying and pasting their messaging verbatim into your posts and on social media. It felt very fake.

These days, with options limited, brands are giving creatives much more control over their process and what they share. I have seen a marked jump in the quality of posts and social media simply because people are able to have more control over what they say and post.

Significant Others Get in on the Act

With so much time spent indoors, it’s easier for us bloggers and influencers to get help from our significant others. After all, what else do they have to do? My husband – who was already helpful, just FYI – has now become a part-time photographer for me.

I just had to give him a few pointers, and my life got instantly easier. He’s become very good at lighting and taking good shots. That has saved me so much time with trying to get a good shot on a timer for certain shots.

The Kids are Always Available

Similarly to significant others getting in on the act, blogging in 2020 has also made it easier for me to get the kids in on the action. As a family blogger, I focus on family life, which, of course, includes my kids. With so much time on their hands, they’re ready for photos practically any time.

My amazing daughter - Go Big!

Virtual Events

Virtual events have become a huge part of blogging in 2020. This time last year, we would have seen an in-person press junket coverage for “The One and Only Ivan” from Disney. However, due to the pandemic, Disney held a virtual press junket.

It’s been the same with other companies all over the place. The ability to host teleconferences has made it possible for companies to put together groups for social media coverage while everyone stays safe. And bonus, no one has to travel.

Homeschool “Everything” is Everywhere

With so many schools doing remote learning and so many parents either taking advantage of that or doing homeschooling on their own, homeschooling has become a hugely popular subject among bloggers.

From tips to workspaces and everything in between. I’ve seen a dramatic uptick in homeschooling posts. What used to be a fairly niche subject has now become completely mainstream.

Selling Products Online

Many influencers and bloggers are also creative with other things as well. Blogging in 2020 has seen an increase in bloggers and influencers promoting their own creations on their feeds and selling them on sites like Etsy.

Offering Courses on Sites Like Teachable

Homeschooling bloggers have found a new way to help other parents as well as increase their income this year by teaching courses on sites like Teachable. This site allows people to share their knowledge with others via online courses.

More Influencer Spotlight Posts

While influencer spotlight posts have been around for years, I’ve been seeing more and more of them these days. I love it. These posts focus on a particular blogger, how they got started, what they do, and what tips they can offer other aspiring bloggers or influencers.

I think it’s a wonderful thing to see so many of these posts popping up more and more. With everything so up in the air, influencer spotlight posts like the one on Michelle Goth offer excellent information to people who need to change what they’re doing or just want to express their creative side.

There’s no Vacation from Blogging

There’s no vacation from blogging or being an influencer, especially if you focus on family. The past several months have offered a wellspring of creative ideas and options for family-focused bloggers and influencers. We have to strike while the iron’s hot, so it’s been more work for us, not less.

Exercise is a wonderful healthy habit for a healthy family

That being said, when you love what you do, and what you do is about your family, you don’t really need a vacation from it. At least I don’t. Honestly, most of what I do is just photographing what I’d be doing in the day anyway.

Blogging in 2020 has Changed Things in a Big Way

From increased authenticity to more creative control and even getting the family in on the act, blogging in 2020 has changed a lot, and I’m really happy with the majority of it.

I’m glad to see more authentic posts. I love having my family around to help more. Overall, while things might be scary in the world at large, I think the upside for the blogging community has been quite positive. I hope these changes hold when things in the world settle down.

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