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Feeling Centered – Connecting Mind and Body

Feeling connected to mind and body with Yoga

Feeling happy and content.

In your wellness efforts what is a healthy habit that makes you feel most centered after doing it?

This is an easy answer for me, it is totally YOGA! I have not practiced as much as I’d like to, but I am making a point of doing yoga at least once each week. I just got back into a practice for the past two weeks and it feels SO GOOD!

I often have difficulty quieting my mind. A visit to my local yoga studio, or even a good yoga DVD really helps me focus on connecting my mind and body. Yoga helps me create an environment where I have a more “in-the-moment” thought process. I can forget about my worries or the to-do list for the day. I also like the way yoga makes me feel centered. I get a this feeling of oneness with my mind and body. Not to get all zen on you, but it’s true.

I love striking a pose where I can feel fully balanced from head to toe. Of course, there are days when I am a bit wobbly too, but even then, there is a feeling of inner strength and communication with my inner self. If you have not tried yoga, I highly recommend it, but if you are a pure beginner, take some beginner classes from someone who is really experienced. Although it may look easy with slow and steady movement, you can get injured in yoga if you don’t use proper form.

What makes you feel centered?

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Saturday 21st of September 2013

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Thursday 7th of March 2013


I am Kathia visiting from the Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors group!! I agree about Yoga. When I used to do it, it really did help me to stay focused. Working out is a big deal for me so I do HIIT and weight training but doing Yoga on Saturday mornings really help to get my weekend going.



Thursday 28th of February 2013

I don't know if I can call it "centered," but doing progressive muscle relaxation has helped me a lot in giving the mind some rest.

Janice - Fitness Cheerleader

Wednesday 27th of February 2013

Having a regular routine makes me feel centered. Great job on getting back to your Yoga!


Wednesday 27th of February 2013

I'm not sure yoga makes me feel centered, but I know I need to try to quiet my mind more. I think walking my dog clears my head the best-especially if I pay attention and see things through her eyes (and nose!).

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