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How to be a Fitness Role Model for your Kids

how to be a fitness role model for your kids

Be a Role Model for your Kids with these Fitness Tips

Everything we do is a decision, we decide to be on track with our fitness…..or not. But in the  ‘grown up’ world filled with fat free snacks, remote controls and instant fixes, we are quick to tell our children to behave, without really looking at the big picture of our own behavior. Being a healthy role model for the kids in your household is a very real influence that could affect the rest of their lives.

Just by shaping up, you influence your children to make healthier choices which means your child will live a better life – likely free of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other obesity related diseases. Unhealthy habits can trickle down through generations – all it takes is one person to break the pattern and take control of healthier living for your family.

Step One: Starting today, write down your long term shape-up goals that you feel confident you could achieve if you put your mind to it in the next five years. Keep them posted in a place that you will look at often. This will serve as a constant reminder to yourself of what you are working to accomplish.

Step Two: Write down more short term targets that you can work towards. These small goals motivate and help you keep going to reach the ultimate goal. Once you have reached one of these targets, reward yourself by buying a new running t-shirt or shoes, or whatever you enjoy doing. This will give you the incentive to keep reaching the next target.

From here on in, make sure that you are providing your body with enough rest as to avoid burn out and injury. When first starting a fitness program, people tend to over work themselves to reach their targets and achieve their goals. The enthusiasm is needed, yet it must be done using your brain and body. The human body is a wonderfully complicated thing, but it knows when too much or too little is being done. Listening to your body is the key; therefore resting your body giving it time to repair and restore its energy will improve your output helping you in the long run.

Be persistent! Have the patience to work through your fitness programs, despite its ups and downs. Go at the pace that you need to get results, but not so intense that you burn yourself out. Set yourself up for success by achieving realistic targets, which will in turn motivate you when you achieve them. If you can, find someone to join you in your shape-up mission. Together you can keep each other on track!

But above all, find your best behavior when it comes to making lifestyle choices, exercise and nutrition. It will all come together – just give yourself twenty-one days to form the habit!

Have any fitness tips to share? Let us know in a comment.

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    Thank you for Sharing tips, I have researched more about your fitness vacations and it seems so interesting to me – I would love to come and join your camp next year 🙂


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