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Five Benefits of Family Travel

5 benefits of family travel

No matter what we do throughout the year, it’s our family trips that the kids always remember the most. We have been blessed to travel to many locations throughout the US and Canada. Hopefully Europe and beyond will be in our future soon. Here are what I think are the top five benefits to traveling as a family.

Family Bonding

Family travel often provides the most unique experiences for family bonding away from the worries of everyday life. You don’t need to worry about specific schedules, work deadlines, homework, or errands. You can truly focus on one another and having fun!

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Experiences and not Stuff

I love that when we travel we are focusing on life experiences and not the accumulation of stuff. Sure, the kids may want a souvenir, but the overall focus is on seeking out new adventures as a family. Kids learn to live life a bit more in the present moment. I remind them that the experiences and the memories will be cherished much more than a trinket from a souvenir shop.

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Making New Friends

My kids really enjoy meeting new kids from around the world. In Canada, we met kids from Japan, France, the UK and more. We still keep in touch with the family from the UK. This helps them realize that there are many other languages and cultures in the world. Travel is an opportunity to let go of the “Don’t talk to strangers” rule. A stranger today can become a lifelong friend by tomorrow.

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The World is Your Classroom

The real world can teach your children so much better than any classroom. It helps them let go of school rules and just explore based on their own curiosities and sense of adventure.

5 benefits of family travel

Seeing the World Through Their Eyes

There is nothing I like more than watching the wonder in my children’s eyes as they experience a new place. Take the time to ask questions about how they feel, what was their favorite part of the trip, etc. You’ll often be surprised and amazed by what the kids come up with.

5 benefits of family travel

We are looking forward to making more family memories at the Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando with the #FamilyForward conference. Check out other bloggers sharing their tips and experiences by looking for the #TravelforReal hashtag.

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  1. There is nothing really like family travel for bringing families closer together! I love that you still keep in touch with the family you met on your trip!

  2. LaneVids says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more on every aspect you mentioned above. Those are all of the reasons why we travel with our kids too. In fact, we have a goal to sell our house and everything in it, buy an Airstream Travel Trailer and travel the country while homeschool (or roadschooling, if you will) our kids! We love documenting our travels on our YouTube channel also. I find it so much fun to have all of these memories stored!

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