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Five Tips to Love Your Body

Love your Body

As a mom, sometimes we might feel that time and gravity has not been so kind.  With five kids, sometimes I wake up so tired when I look in the mirror that I barely recognize the person staring back at me! I’m here to give you some suggestions to help you love your body again.

  • Stop and breathe!  That’s right, breathe in your favorite scent – lavender, spice, cucumber – whatever your favorite fragrance is!  Scented oils are so therapeutic.  I personally love lavender due to its calming effect.  I used to just use the oil in my bubble bath, but now I even put a bit on the ends of my hair, so not only do I not have dry ends, but I breath in lavender all day long.  To find out what oils are beneficial to you look here:
  • Stand up straight!  So many women are hunching over due to long hours on the computer, holding kids, and pure exhaustion!  Just by rolling your shoulders back and tightening your tummy you instantly look better and more confident.  Don’t forget to smile.  Let the world see your best side.
  • Go get fitted for a new bra!  Besides some retail therapy, the right bra can help you look 10 pounds thinner as well as helping your posture.  Plus, let’s face it, sometimes just having something new and sexy is all it takes to change your mood!
  • Go for a run!  Incorporating exercise into your daily routine will make you feel better about yourself immediately!  Thirty minutes five times a week, will make you look and feel amazing!  Don’t have 30 minutes you say? Then break it up into two 15 minute walks or even three 10 minute walks!  Burst training (running up a flight of stairs or sprinting as fast as you can for one minute and then walking two minutes) can not only make you feel good, but it revs your metabolism for the rest of the day!
  • Lastly, try one of the new blowout bars and get your hair done!  Some local places I have found you can get a sexy blow out for $20-$25!  Fully bouncy beautiful hair is sure to make you look and feel fantastic!

To me being a mom is the greatest gift of all—I know I don’t have the pre-baby body I used to have, but that is okay, because I am one happy momma!

About Becky Reese:

sexymomsrunningArmed with a mission to empower moms across the country to feel beautiful no matter what their size, mother-of-five Becky Reece founded Sexy Mom’s Running Club ( to help busy women make themselves a priority again, while still balancing career and family.


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  1. Kelly says:

    The exercise tip is a must. Often we feel like we do not have time to get out and get some exercise. But, when I am sedentary all day I become less productive anyway…so the productivity lost can more than exceed the time saved in skipping working out.

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