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“Flip the Bird!” Replace Turkey with Bison for Thanksgiving

flip the bird from Bison Council

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Have you ever considered something other than turkey for Thanksgiving? The Bison Council is singing the praises of Bison as an alternative option for our Thanksgiving meals. They say, “Flip the Bird” and have bison for Thanksgiving. The Bison Council is also providing some great recipe ideas that I will be using beyond just the holiday. My family loves Bison burgers so we were thrilled to discover other recipes to try. Look at this mouth watering Braised Bison Sirloin Stakes.

bison recipe

They are also tickling our funny bones with funny bison-promoting videos like this one:

Bison has some great ecological benefits. According to the Bison Council Website:

Because bison move constantly, grazing specific areas intensely for short periods, they actually enhance the biodiversity of their “Home On The Range.”

As bison move across the land, they create good locations for the seeds of new prairie plants to germinate. The result is a varied grassland that hosts butterflies, pollinating insects, and nesting birds.

Unlike cattle, bison can’t be fenced in. They need only food, water, other bison, and room to roam. This leads to more diverse grasslands, nutrient-dense meat, and a better life for the bison themselves.

Have you ever tried Bison? Share in a comment if you have or if you might give it a try.

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  1. Kathia says:

    Bison is part of my diet because I cannot do regular beef so bison is my go to for read meats. I buy it ground and make awesome Chili con Bison, Bison muffins and even meatloaf. I am preparing to blog about this idea as well and will post my recipes for sure.
    Thank you for sharing this!!

  2. I’ve never tried bison, but this is something I would actually try. Looks yummy.

  3. Never had bison. I am a white meat type of girl, and really don’t like all the red meats.

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