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How do You Focus Your Fitness?

focus on fitness

Focus on Fitness

Focus is an amazing tool in our quest to be fit and healthy.

Can you block out everything when you workout and push as hard as you can? Or, do you answer the phone or let your mind wander about whatever might be going on in your life at the time?

The ability to focus on the task at hand is MONUMENTAL in your ability to achieve your fitness goals. As a busy mom, I know it’s not easy. I try my best to shut off my cellphone, home phone, etc., just for the time I have scheduled to workout. I try to think about nothing else but moving my fitness forward!

How about Nutritional Focus? Do you plan your meals or just eat on the fly? This is a tough one for me. I am not a big planner, but I am trying to make this a part of my weekly shopping where I really consider the meals I will prepare for the week ahead.

The time to really have laser focus on nutrition is late in the day. That is when the “Carb Monster” can sneak into your house and jump on your back! Believe me I know! There is nothing worse than an entire day of super clean eating and then blowing it in 5 minutes right before bed time! A cup of decaf tea with a little sugar and milk helps keep my late carb cravings in check.

Everyone has a choice…what are you going to do today?

Remind yourself of the benefits:

When you’re physically active, your entire body, mind and emotional state reap the benefits.  Not only do you have more energy, better balance, flexibility and strength, you also enjoy better concentration, a more positive mood, and better sleep. I have this stuck to my refrigerator to remind me how much better I feel when I keep moving and eat right.

How do you focus your fitness?

What are your tips or struggles when it comes to keeping focused?

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Linda A Tait

Saturday 25th of June 2016

I like to workout 3-4 times a week, weight training and cardio. I find eating 5 small meals a day has boosted my energy. Also detoxing your system once every 2 months works for me.

Andreya Atari

Tuesday 21st of June 2016

I make my workouts a priority. I schedule them same time every day and look at them like I’m going to a meeting with a really high-profile client I can’t afford to miss. Also, I know we’re in a society of instant gratification, so I take advantage of that by focusing on the immediate effects of exercise – happy chemicals! I never miss a day of my workouts this way. :)

Sara Cooper

Tuesday 14th of June 2016

It is really difficult to put that much attention on my training...though I try my best. But, you are right- there is no point of doing that much hard work if I am not ready to put my complete focus on that. I should try harder. Appreciate your work...thanks.


Tuesday 17th of May 2016

I wish I had the willpower to keep exercising!


Tuesday 17th of May 2016

Focus is so hard for me!! I try to get my workouts in during naptime (along with everything else!). I usually get most of the way through my workout when one of the kids wakes up a then I have no focus for the end of the workout and when I try to do my cool down with her, it's definitely not easy to focus!

I'm trying to plan meals as well, and it is so helpful! I've had a ton of lettuce and spinach in the house for salads and just washed them up last night - that's when planning really helps!

Maybe someday I'll get it al dialed in! Have a great week!

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