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Best Free Exercise Videos for Kids of all Ages

As the majority of the country heads toward lock-down mode, millions of kids are stuck inside. Regular exercise will help them sleep better, maintain better focus on school work and hopefully keep them from going CRAZY! These exercise videos for kids are free and fun.

Best Free Exercise Videos for Kids of all Ages

Luckily, there are so many great free exercise videos for kids on the internet. YouTube has choices for kids of all ages. Any of these workouts allow caregivers to join in the fun. After all, none of us want to gain what some people are called the “COVID-19lbs.”

These are a few of my favorites as well as others reported to me from other parents and bloggers. There are thousands on YouTube, but these should help get you started. Get moving and have fun!

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Best Exercise Videos for Toddlers-Preschool

These adorable videos are aimed at the pre-school age group. These make me wish my kids were toddlers again.

This video is so adorable. You can learn the workout routine and do it with your little ones or watch it together and follow along.
This is an adorable adventure themed “dragon hunt” inspiring young kids to try yoga. This is a super fun workout to get kids warmed up before learning time.
The kids in this video are older, but the music and moves are definitely aimed at younger kids. They’ll feel like they can keep up with the big kids.
The Pop Babies have videos for practically every kid song there is. Little kids are sure to fall in love with Mila, Pele and Jordan.

Best Exercise Videos for Kids

These videos are aimed at kids from about grades 1-6.

Kids can imagine they are outside with this great group from Cincinnati. It’s perfect for an activity break or workout before the “school” day gets started.
This first video is a fun dance that’s great for taking quick breaks between school work. It many take a few tries to get the moves down, but once kids do, they’ll love it.
This 25 minute routine can take the place of a gym class.
Although the This is a good one for boys. It’s exercises they’ve likely done in gym class. The instructor and his son alternate doing the exercises on camera. His daughter gets involved too.
Kids 20 Online provides excellent 20-minute workouts lead by a variety of instructors always with a kids partner performing the exercises.
This yoga video is excellent for the elementary school age group. It’s not too “babyish” so even the older grades can do it.

Best Exercise Videos for Teens

This fast moving video is perfect for teens who want to burn calories, but might not want to put in a lot of time. No dance experience necessary.
This 4-week challenge is great for teens wanting to strengthen their core and burn fat.
Another dance inspired workout that will hopefully inspire the boys to join in the fun. I also love that this video has people of different shapes and sizes. No experience or equipment needed.
If your teens are already in good shape, this tabata workout is perfect for them.

BEST EXERCISE VIDEOS FOR the entire family

I love that these videos get the entire family involved.

I love that the little on here is likely around kindergarten age and she keeps up just fine.
Another workout for the whole family aimed at beginners.
I’m a huge fan of the folks from Body Project. They focus on low impact workouts that everyone can do. These videos also feature average folks doing the workouts rather than super fit bodies. Simple exercises the entire family can follow.

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