Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Are you looking for rainy day activities?  You know, a way to keep your kids from getting too bored in the house?  Let’s face it, when the weather keeps you inside throughout winter and the early part of spring, it’s easy for anyone to get bored, let alone little kids with tons of energy!  No worries though, because I have put together a great list of rainy day activities that will keep your kiddos busy and active!

little girl walking in the rain with umbrella

Here are some of my favorite rainy day activities for kids:

All Natural Homemade Gluten-Free PlayDoh

No need to buy overpriced, chemical filled dough at the store, when you can make this All Natural Homemade Gluten-Free PlayDoh right at home with the kids!  Plus, this is a great one to use in case of allergies! Check out this DIY recipe at StrengthandSunshine.

Borax Slime

Slime is all the rage with kids these days.  Have you ever made it at home? This Borax Slime recipe is quite easy to do and it will provide hours and hours of fun for all of the kids (and maybe even you).  Eatingrichly shows us how to make this.

pink and white slime

Indoor Hopscotch

Keep the kids busy and active with this fun Indoor Hopscotch game!  With just a couple of inexpensive items (that you may already have lying around) you can keep the kids busy for hours. Go check out Aturtleslifeforme to get the instructions on how to make this fun Hopscotch pad.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is one of those things that most kids seem to love and parents like it because it is relatively mess free!  I don’t know about you, but that is a plus in my book! Rainy day activities become far less fun for mom when there is a huge mess left to clean up. Check out 5minutesformom to check this one out.

blue kinetic sand

Where Do I Live

This is a fun activity that is actually really useful for the kids to learn!  This fun Where Do I Live project will help your child learn their address, their city/state and more!  This is a great Geography lesson and a safety lesson as well. Head on over to Rockitmama to see how to make it!

DIY Paper Flowers

If you are looking for a rainy day activity with a spring focus, these DIY Paper Flowers are just what you need!  They also make great gifts for kids to give for Mother’s Day too! The Flying Couponer will lead you through the directions on these cute flowers.

Edible Finger Paint

Crafts can be tricky with younger kids because of the chemicals or harmful ingredients that they have in them, but this edible finger paint is perfectly safe!  With just a couple of super simple ingredients, your kids could be painting away with this edible finger paint. If this isn’t the most fun rainy day activity, I just don’t know what is.  Check out TheSavvySparrow for directions on this fun activity.

finger paint

DIY Straw Rockets

These DIY Straw Rockets look like they would be so much fun and they are a really good STEM activity!  You can make science a blast for kids with just a couple of items from your local craft store. If you want to make these, check out ArtsyFartsyMama for the directions.

straw with rocket attached

Bag Ice Cream

This is a great one, because not only does it make a great rainy day activity, but it is also a great dessert!  You and the kids will love this one! EatingRichly shows us just how to make this tasty treat.

Friendship Bracelet

Do you remember making friendship bracelets when you were young?  Now you can easily teach your kids how to do it too! In case you need a little refresher course yourself, head on over to Simplifycreateinspire for a reminder.

friendship bracelet on child's arm

Have you ever done any of these activities I have listed here?  What do you think of them? Do you have a favorite rainy day activity that you would add to this list?

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Jenn Mitchell is a proud mom, wife and adventure seeker. She’s traveled either solo or with family to 20 countries and 36 U.S. states so far. A former personal trainer, Jenn looks for ways to keep her family fit and active both at home and on the road. Her goal is to inspire other moms and families to live happy and healthy lives.

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  1. HS

    I like to watch movies at home on rainy days.

  2. Calvin

    I usually like to run in the rain.. or go to the gym

  3. Super D Duper

    I like to make a stew, soup or chili in the crockpot and watch a good movie or read a book.

  4. Lynne B

    I like to bake cookies on rainy days!

  5. paige chandler

    I like to watch a scary movie when it rains

  6. Maureen

    I knit or I go to a yoga class.

  7. Kelly D

    I like to read a book on a rainy day.

  8. Lisa

    I like to stay inside and get cozy.

  9. Kristen

    I like to watch the rain out my window.

  10. Lisa Williams

    On a rainy day I love to watch one of my favorite movies while drinking a cup of tea with one of my comfy throw blankets and holding my cat in my lap.

  11. Ellie Wright

    I like to curl up with a book on a rainy day.

  12. Melissa

    i like the play board games or watch movies.

  13. Kim Avery

    I love to bake on rainy days.

  14. aaron reck

    Read around on the blogs and work outside in my house. I like to go to the park. I have a little rain jacket I can wear alright and nothing little rain gonna stop.

  15. Darlene Owen

    On a rainy day I like to curl up with a good book.

  16. heather

    I am usually on the Internet on a rainy day or I like to watch a movie.

  17. Natalie

    I love to bake and do crafts on rainy days with my family.

  18. Jessica To

    I love to read and eat on rainy days!

  19. Michelle J.

    I like to read good books!

  20. monique s

    I grab a cuppa tea and read a book

  21. Barrie

    Rainy days are great days to snuggle on the couch with the dog and read. If my hubby’s home, we’ll snuggle on the couch and binge watch our favorite TV shows.

  22. Susan Smith

    I like to stay inside and watch movies.

  23. Shelly Peterson

    I like to stay inside and watch movies.

  24. bn100


  25. brigette

    play board games

  26. Laurie Nykaza

    I love to stay in when it rains and watch old movies.

  27. Lissa Crane

    I like to rent a few family movies, pop some popcorn and curl up on the couch with my kiddos! Sounds simple, but unless it rains, we just don’t take the time to have a day to lay around and relax!

    1. Jessy Yarrell

      I like to read.

  28. Janet W.

    On a rainy day, I like to try and complete a puzzle!

  29. stephanie jones

    i like to watch movies on a rainy day

  30. sheila ressel

    I like to watch movies on a rainy day.

  31. julei


  32. Debra Guillen

    I like to read on rainy days.

  33. Michele Behlen

    I like to spend time on the computer.

  34. Sherry Blamer

    My kids and i just play with toys or watch netflix.

  35. chelsea w

    I love to just stay inside under a cozy blanket, sit in my corner chair, drink some hot tea, and read!

  36. Mary West

    We like to play games or watch movies!

  37. Vickie

    Fun question. And, my answer might be different and help some too.
    When it rains, I take advantage of free water and wash off our decks.
    Conservation, environment and ecology are very important to me.

  38. Darlene Carbajal

    Snuggle up and watch movies!

  39. Lyndsey Rullman

    Curl up under the covers and read a good book!

  40. Nancy

    I like to snuggle up in bed & read. But that’s just about every day. 🙂

  41. Dana Rodriguez

    I usually watch a movie or bake.

  42. Birdie Skolfield

    we like to do puzzles on rainy days were in So Cal sooooo we don’t do many puzzles

  43. Tiffany S

    On a rainy day I like to read a good book.

  44. Stephanie Shipley

    On a rainy day, I like to open the blinds and watch and listen to the rain. It’s very soothing.

  45. Marisela Zuniga

    I like to read or watch some movies

  46. Alexandra Y

    I like to take naps on rainy days.

  47. Paula Ball

    I always have 1 or more projects going on inside, I make homemade paper & books, but if I’m feeling lazy I like to read & play on my phone.

  48. Febie

    Stay inside the house and drink hot chocolate.

  49. Vicki Wurgler

    stay inside and read books with a cup of hot tea

  50. Jeanna

    I like to snuggle on the couch with a good book!

  51. Rachael J

    I like to watch tv on a rainy day.

  52. Debbie P

    I like to watch it rain or hopefully storm. Storms are a big show put on by Mother Nature!

  53. Rosie

    I like baking and sewing!

  54. Rajee Pandi

    I read books

  55. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I like to stay in and catch up on cleaning & bake a little.

  56. kayley

    I would like to sit inside and read (although usually I have to go out anyway.)

  57. Casey Garvey

    I like to read on rainy days!

  58. Terra Heck

    On a rainy day we like to stay inside and play games like Uno, Sorry and Yahtzee. Thanks.

  59. Edye

    Read a book 😀

  60. Dee Parker

    I like to go in the kitchen and cook/bake on rainy days.

  61. Donna Hufman Warrington

    Read….I was just given a nook and I love it…already have over 80 books downloaded…

  62. Shelly Dixon

    I like to read or watch a good period drama

  63. Diane

    Curl up on the couch and watch movies

  64. polly

    I love sitting at the computer and looking for new recipes, giveaways etc.

  65. Tonya Dreese Flores

    My kiddos love to play in the mud.

  66. Jan Lee

    On rainy days I read or watch movies on television. Sometimes I’ll do puzzles or computer games. I try to do things that won’t stress me out during free time, which rainy days are considered free time to me, lol

  67. Ann Fantom

    I like to read a book on a rainy day

  68. Susan Christy

    I like to read or take a nap. Or both!

  69. Annamarie V

    We had a rainy day today and I watched Netflix.

  70. Cathy Truman

    I like to read or bake cookies or cakes.

  71. Leonie

    I would read, it feels so much more cozy when it’s raining. Of course pancake would be great!

  72. Dianna

    I love to take a nap when it rains.

  73. Tracie Cooper

    We love to have a dance party in the rain! So much fun!

  74. Ginger

    Rainy days are good for sitting and reading a good book.

  75. Abigail Gibson

    I’d enjoy streaming movies and snuggling with the dog.

  76. John Smith

    “What do you like to do on a rainy day?” Read a good book and eat bon bons!

  77. jason jennings, Sr.

    look out the window

  78. Debbi Wellenstein

    I like to read on a rainy day-or a sunny day!

  79. Barbara Montag

    On a rainy day I enjoy listening to audio books.
    thank you

  80. Cindy Merrill

    I like to bake desserts when I have the chance to on rainy days.

  81. Kelly Gray

    Rainy days are great for boardgames.

  82. Cynthia C

    I like catching up on my Netflix watching on rainy days.

  83. Gina Ferrell

    I like to watch movies, read or play board games on a rainy day.

  84. Kelly Hanley

    usually read or watch a movie!

  85. David Hollingsworth

    I like to watch movies, read, or listen to classical and jazz music.

  86. Jon Heil

    Rock it up to music

  87. Paula D

    I like to walk in the rain.

  88. Zoey

    I like to read and bake on rainy days.

  89. Robin Abrams

    On rainy days I like to sit and read a good book

  90. Barbara Long

    I like to read or watch a movie on a rainy day.

  91. Linda G

    I like to stay inside and cook or put a puzzle together on a rainy day

  92. Karley Moore

    I like to curl up with my dog and watch movies.

  93. Jennifer Sparks

    Sleep. Rain is so soothing to me. I could be bouncing off the walls with caffeine, but if it starts raining, I’m ready for a nap. I usually cuddle up with a good book and a cup of tea first.

  94. Melissa Storms

    I like to read on a rainy day all cozied up on the couch, doesn’t haooen often but love when it does.

  95. Diana

    We like to stay in and watch movies, color, and play with legos!

  96. denyse

    Food shop- why waste a nice day?

  97. June S.

    On a cold day I like to have a couple of hot cups of good coffee and watch a good movie too.

  98. Clem

    I read a book.

  99. Sara

    Watching a movie with hot cocoa.

  100. Heather Kaufman

    I like to play games with my kids.

  101. Del

    I like to watch TV.

  102. Lisa Canada

    Rainy days are spent at home playing games and/or watching movies.

  103. sandra

    i like to park myself in front of the tv

  104. Francine Long

    I like to catch up on correspondence with friends and family on rainy indoor days.

  105. Lynne

    I love to read, with a cup of coffee by my side!

  106. Lisa

    I like to catch up on TV shows.

  107. Sarah L

    Curl up in my comfy chair with a good book, a cup of tea and a cat on my lap.
    Thanks for the contest.

  108. Tina W

    I love curling up with a cup of tea and reading on a rainy day (naps optional but encouraged)

  109. kathy Persons

    You will find me at my sewing machine

  110. Michelle C

    I like to sip coffee and read on a rainy day!

  111. Julie Bickham

    I like to catch up on my shows on a rainy day.

  112. Stephanie LaPlante

    On a rainy day, I like snuggling up and watching movies.

  113. Laurajj

    On rainy days, we love to play board games!

  114. Jeanna Massman

    I like to read and watch TV on a rainy day.

  115. Kathy Cozzarelli

    I like to stay in bed and read on rainy days.

  116. Betsy Barnes

    On rainy days, I love watching movies.

  117. Daniel M

    stay in watch a movie

  118. Tara Woods

    I stay in and binge on Netflix.

  119. LeAnn Harbert

    I like to read books with my granddaughters and build forts with them.

  120. Jeanette Sheets


  121. Helen

    I like to stay inside and listen to the rain, while I stay all comfy reading a book.

  122. Lydia Goodman

    I like to curl up with my dog and watch a movie or read a good book, and either way it usually turns into a nap!

  123. clynsg

    I read as often as I can on rainy days.

  124. Susan Climan

    Watch a movie on the couch.

  125. kathy pease

    I like to watch videos on youtube

  126. Sara Tarver

    I like to stay in, watch Netflix, and relax.

  127. Amanda Whitley

    i like to stay in and craft or read on a rainy day

  128. Michelle Catallo

    Depends on the rain actually:
    Warm rains = my kids and I running up and down the street splashing in shirts, shorts, and bare feet.
    Cold rains = movies, crock-pot, and lots of snuggles.

  129. Daniella Bonagura

    I like to cuddle my daughter and watch movies.

  130. Michele Pineda

    Sometimes sleep, sometimes read a book. If with the family, we like to watch movies.

  131. Shayna Brookman

    I like to stay inside and watch movies and play games w/my kids 🙂

  132. kerry paul

    i like to use rainy days as an opportunity to stay home and get chores done.

  133. Antoinette M

    I like to bake.

  134. christina Moore

    I love reading a book on raining days

  135. Carolyn D

    I like to stay in and watch movies when it is raining.

  136. Audrey Stewart

    I curl up on my sofa with my cats and a good book.

  137. Terry Cross

    I like to stay in and read

  138. Cassandra D

    I like to read books,listen to audiobooks,binge watch movies and television shows and complete crossword puzzles.

  139. Jillian Too

    I love to read on rainy days.

  140. Gaye McGill

    Rainy days are perfect for bundling up on the couch with a cup of hot tea and a good book.

  141. Amy Deeter

    i love to lay on the couch and watch movies

  142. Michelle H.

    I love to listen to the rain. And I love to sit and read where I can hear it.

  143. stella methvin

    I like to get out my canvas’ and paints and turn on some tunes and lose myself in art.

  144. Vikki Billings

    I like to cuddle up in my blanket and watch movies on a rainy day.

  145. Julieh

    I like to cuddle up with a good book.

  146. Philip Lawrence

    I stay inside and play my dulcimer on a rainy day.

  147. Sandra Preti

    read and relax

  148. DanV

    We like to play board games

  149. AEKZ2

    I like to watch movies on a rainy day

  150. Breanne

    I like to read.

  151. Lisa F.

    On a rainy day, I like to veg out and watch TV, usually under a blanket because rain usually causes me to be chilly.

  152. Buddy Garrett

    I like to sleep.

  153. Ann S


  154. Shakeia Rieux

    I like to stay in bed and watch tv.

  155. Jenny Ham

    I like to cuddle up in front of the TV and watch movies.

  156. Seyma Bennett

    I love to watch movies!

  157. Betty Curran

    It depends on my mood. Most of the time I just like to read but sometimes I get the urge to cook comfort food.

  158. Tosha H

    I love to read on rainy days, I find it comforting & cozy

  159. Celeste A Herrin

    I like to grill out with the kids and just have a nice relaxing day.

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