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Funny Gym Quotes: The Return of Silly Saturday

A while back, I used to feature funny fitness photos each Saturday. Well, I’m bringing it back so that everyone can have a healthy giggle to start their weekend off right. I’m adding some funny gym quotes too!

8 Funny Gym Quotes and Photos

funny fitness photos

I tend to workout more at home, but I have seen people taking selfies at the gym. How about you? I love this fitness meme about getting tired just from fitness selfies.

This funny gym quote is one of my favorites and it’s totally true. If I can get myself to the gym first thing in the morning, I have less time to make up any excuses.

funny fitness photos

Obviously a fake photo with Danika Patrick’s head on someone else’s body. Can you imagine if this were real? I am not a fan of when women get too bulky. What do you think? I still support strength training, but not to these lengths.

Isn’t this a funny gym quote? I certainly wish that this counted as resistance training. LOL!

funny gym quote - dog walking

This one is so perfect. Too bad my dog’s name is Panda although I suppose saying I walked a panda sounds impressive too.

funny fitness photos - strange yoga pose

First, I don’t think I would ever be able to get into this yoga position. Second, I don’t think I’d want to. Third, I would kick this guy if he touched my butt like this. It does make for a funny fitness photo for sure.

I definitely struggle with sleep so sometimes a nap wins out over exercise. Does this every happen to you?

funny gym quote
 - puppy at gym

Sad, but true. How often does your body, or really your mind, talk you out of working out? It’s been a little too often for me these days although part of the reason has been a back injury. I think this puppy wants out of the gym for sure.

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