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The 10 Best Funny Workout Tanks for Women

Ladies, is there anything better than a funny workout tank to rock at the gym or on a run?!  They give you a little chuckle every time you put ‘em on, you generally feel fun and confident in them, and tanks feel less constricting than tees when you’re getting your sweat on.

You can grab funny workout tanks from lots of online retailers these days, but I’m partial to scoping out the picks on Etsy.  I love knowing that I support other small business owners when I’m buying their products.

Today, I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite silly workout tanks on Etsy for you to check out.  These are great to treat yourself to for some extra gym-day motivation.  And remember, the holidays are just about two months away – so it’s a perfect time to start grabbing some gifts for any of your fit-minded friends and family.

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Woman on a traedmill with a text overlay about funny workout tanks

The Best Funny Workout Tanks for Women

1. “My head says gym but my heart says tacos” tank top

Funny taco workout tank top

This shirt makes me giggle – it’s totally accurate for me.  The beauty of the gym is that it definitely gives you a little more flexibility for some of those tacos!

2. “Squat…because no one raps about little butts” tank top

Workout tank top about squatting

Was Sir Mix a Lot responsible for a cultural revolution here?  😉  Either way, squats are an amazing exercise that help strengthen the glutes and legs – with a more functional benefit than many other leg exercises.  I definitely want to add this squat-promoting tank to my workout attire collection!

(PS – Looking for more exercises for a better booty?  Check out this list of 7 exercises.)

3. “Cardio is hardio” tank top

Cardio is hardio tank top

Are you a cardio fan or a strength training fan?  Both are obviously important, but it always seems like people tend to veer towards one or the other as far as their preference.

I’m 100% a cardio girl, but I know all you strength training mamas might sometimes dread it.  This shirt so eloquently describes those feelings.

4. “You have died of burpees” tank top

You have died of burpees funny workout tank top

Where are all my Oregon Trail fans at?!  Well before the days of tablets and online gaming was the O.G computer game, designed to teach our molding minds about 19th century pioneer life.  Who could forget dying of dysentery?

This funny workout tank combines your favorite fourth grade pastime with your current gym life, switching up dysentery with burpees.

5. “Got 99 problems…and most of them involve burpees” tank top

Workout tank top about burpees

Another burpee shirt?   Yes, because burpees are H-A-R-D.  I’m sure 90% of ya’ll do them more out of necessity to your training plan, not because you wake up every morning craving a round of burpees, haha.

6. “I’d give up carbs but I’m not a quitter” tank top

I'd give up carbs but I'm not a quitter workout tank top

The dietitian side of me loves this tank top.  I know people love to hate on carbs, but carbs can play a role in a healthy diet for sure.  If you’re a runner, triathlete, or other fitness friend that just loves a good bagel or sweet potato, grab up this tank top today.

7. “Original planksta” tank top

Original planksta funny fitness top

Planks seem to be the “it” exercise in the core world – and for good reason; they’re a challenge!  Show the world how tough you are and bring out your inner ‘planksta’ with this tank top.

8. “Mama said knock you out” tank top

Boxing tank top for women

Any boxers in the house?  Bring it back LL Cool J style with this fun and functional tank top that’s perfect for a lady who’s not afraid to step in the ring.

9. “HIIT me baby one more time” tank top

HIIT me baby one more time tank top

Many of these favorite tank tops have song references, this one included.  Who doesn’t remember this classic Brittney hit of the 90’s?  (PS – I just looked it up out of curiosity, and that song came out in 1998.  20 years old.  Crazy!)  I love how this tank top pulls the song quote together with your workout through the HIIT (aka high intensity interval training) reference.

10. “World’s Okayest Runner” tank top

Funny running tank top

For those of us who aren’t speed demons on the course, this tank is a perfect choice.  This is definitely going on my Christmas list!

Share: Which of these funny workout tanks for women is your favorite?

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