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Gameband: The Perfect Gift For My Minecraft Super Fan

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Gameband: The Perfect Gift For My Minecraft Super Fan
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Like millions of kids around the world, my kids love Minecraft. If you have not heard of Minecraft, it’s a video game that allows players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. Other activities in the game include exploration, gathering resources, crafting, and combat. My kids are both fans, but my son is a SUPER FAN! My son was absolutely THRILLED to give the new Gameband by Now Computing a try.


We headed to our local GameStop to pick up our Gameband. At our GameStop, the Gameband was behind the counter so definitely ask if you don’t see one on display. Our store had a display box for me to look at and some in stock for purchase. You may want to call ahead to make sure they have one in stock since this popular item is flying off the shelves.

Gameband for Minecraft

Anyway, my son could not wait to break open the box and give the Gameband a try. He loved the sleek design. It was easy to install on my laptop. First, my son took some time to personalize his Gameband. Gameband ships with PixelFurnace, an App that lets you customize Gameband with messages, images and animations. Below is his Gameband in action. The Gameband also shows the date and time.

gameband for minecraft

My son was impressed that he could easily copy his Minecraft “worlds” and save them to bring to his friend’s house. I like that the Gameband will encourage interactive play where my son can share his Minecraft creations with his friends. Every kid on the block is going to want one after he comes over. The portability of the Gameband really can’t be beat. You simply plug it in to the USB port on a any computer and you are good to go.

gameband for minecraft

Unlike many video games, Minecraft really promotes learning by helping kids to understand architecture and design, economics, problem solving, and cause and effect. I’ll be happy to encourage my son to bring his Gameband when we visit family members over the holidays. He’ll have some great creations to show his cousins and grandparents. My son has created an amazing Minecraft roller coaster that he loves to show off. He obviously gives the Gameband a thumbs up.

Do you have a Minecraft fan in your family? Consider getting them a Gameband by Now Computing at GameStop. Keep an eye out for #GameOnTheGo and #CollectiveBias throughout social media channels for more great posts and info.

Gameband belongs to Now Computing and is affiliated with Minecraft. If you have any feedback regarding Gameband please reach out to Now Computing.

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  1. katherine says:

    I’ve heard so much about this game but have never seen it for myself! It sounds interesting.

  2. Rebekah says:

    I can just imagine how excited your son must have been! I love the sleek design and it’s so cool that kids can show off their creations to all their family and friends now.

  3. Patty says:

    I have to admit that I read this – twice – and most of it made no sense to me probably because A. I am old and B. I don’t “game.”
    But I am very happy your son is the coolest kid on the block. That cannot be beat!

  4. I’ve never played Minecraft, but I do like high tech stuff 🙂 this looks fun.

  5. Holly S. says:

    My kids LOVE Minecraft, as do most of their friends. This is a great idea!

  6. Cinny says:

    That’s pretty cool for techies! I think it’d be great for fun and learning.

  7. Michelle says:

    I think your son will be the envy of all the kids on the block. You’re right that everyone will want one once they see his! I love the animations he’s loaded on his Gameband. #client

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