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Get All You Need for the Holidays at BJ’s Wholesale Club

holiday shopping at bjs

BJ’s provided me with a gift card to check out my local club and do some holiday shopping. All opinions are my own.

Did you know that 25% of Americans have not even started their holiday shopping yet? Do you fall into this category? Even if you are mostly prepared, I bet there are a few items you’ll need either as gifts or to help with holiday celebrations. Guess what? You can find all you need at BJ’s Wholesale Clubs.

holiday shopping at bjs

I stopped into BJ’s this week to see what I might find to add to the holiday decor in my house. I kept an eye out for some gifts and holiday menu ideas too. I found so many great gifts for the folks my list. BJ’s has a terrific selection of gift baskets, toys, books and so much more.

holiday shopping at bjs

For entertaining, you can’t beat BJ’s wide variety of main dishes, appetizers and desserts. We’ll be hosting a New Year’s Eve party at our house so I know I’ll be back at BJ’s to stock up. I am totally ringing in the new year with one of these cheesecake wheels. My only warning is don’t shop at BJ’s while you’re hungry. You will want to bring home the entire store.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 6.55.40 PM

Have a fitness-minded person on your list? BJ’s has great gifts for them too like fitness DVDs, blenders, fitness mats, activity trackers and more. For the entertainment lovers in your life, you can pick up some new DVD releases or video games. The best part is that BJ’s prices are terrific!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 6.58.23 PM

BJ’s is having great holiday specials on their memberships too. I got an annual membership for only $40, which included a $50 gift card to and a ton of great coupons to start shopping. Memberships have a 100% money back guarantee too, which is great.

I had an awesome time checking out this year’s newest holiday items at BJ’s Wholesale. They have so many products to solve those last minute gift needs. What’s left on your holiday list? I bet you’ll find a few things you need at BJ’s. You can even give a membership as a gift. Check them out in person or online today!

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  1. Jenna Wood says:

    I love shopping at BJ’s, especially around the holidays- they have the best entertaining platters and tins. We’ve even given memberships as gifts before!

  2. Gina says:

    I need to go to BJ’s and get a giant box of shatterproof ornaments. We have already broken quite a few this year. I dropped one, my son dropped one, a tree fell over, yikes!

  3. Patty says:

    I have never been in a BJs. We don’t have them near me here in Montana. I’ve heard of them but never had the opportunity to shop in one. Sounds like a great place to shop.

  4. I shop all year long since I have such a large family. I wish we had a BJs in our town for the cheesecake alone! Oh my goodness, that tray looks amazing and I know my family would love the variety.

  5. That cheesecake wheel is so tempting. There are lots of great holiday ideas!

  6. Loving those shatterproof ornaments. So much I could do with those for decorations.

  7. I have never been in a BJs and after reading this wish there was one where I lived.

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