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12 Gifts Ideas to Say “Happy Father’s Day To My Husband”

Let’s face it, ladies. When it comes to Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gift giving, mom’s often get the short end of the stick. I don’t know what it’s like in your marriage, but I am often thinking about what to get my husband for Father’s Day long before the actual day. I know for a fact that my husband often picks out my Mother’s Day gift the night before or the morning of the holiday.

How fair is that, right? I mean I do all the cooking, cleaning, child watching, etc. All he does is work… all day long… every day. Okay, I guess that does deserve a little recognition once a year, right? So, I came up with this awesome list of gift ideas for this year.

Gifts to Say “Happy Father’s Day To My Husband”

Language Lessons

Give the gift of language! What’s better than helping Dad check off one of his bucket list items? This unique gift is perfect for those always wanting to learn and those who love to travel. And the best part, it’s all done digitally! 

What’s even better? You dad’s can learn with your child! In response to school closures affecting more than 800 million children worldwide, Rosetta Stone Inc. has announced that it will be giving three months of free language learning to all elementary, middle and high school students worldwide. Parents can visit to claim a free subscription for a language of their choice. 

A Virtual Fitness Membership

I don’t know about your husband, but my husband tends to put on a few pounds during the winter months. So, what about a virtual fitness membership? Many online fitness classes are offering discounts right now too. Channels you can add to Roku, Apple TV, etc. include Daily Burn, Beach Body, Open Fit and more.

Environmentally Friendly Fire Logs

Known as the greenest and most versatile firelogs on the market, Enviro-Log Firelogs are the ultimate firewood substitute. They are quick and easy to light and don’t need a firestarter to get going. They are made from 100 percent recycled waxed cardboard boxes that are used to transport fruits and vegetables to grocery stores.

Not only are they a recycled product, but when compared to firewood, Enviro-Log Firelogs burn cleaner, emitting 30 percent less greenhouse gases, 80 percent less carbon monoxide and 86 percent less creosote. Enviro-Log Firelogs are also great for emergency preparedness because they have an infinite shelf life and are safe to cook over. 

Artisan Soaps and Body Washes

Rattlesnake Soap provides organic, natural options for men to get clean in the shower. They make bespoke, premium shower basics made with the highest quality ingredients and always free of detergents, sulfates, artificial fragrance and alcohol.

Their products are all organic and formulated with essential oils. Instead of the chemicals commonly found in other soaps, we use essential oils derived from plants because nature knows what it’s doing. So get your guy to lather up! Check out

The Classic Grill Gift

While this may seem a little cliche for a Father’s Day gift, there is a reason why so many wives give their husband’s a grill for Father’s Day. Because there is fire involved, your husband will be more than happy to cook dinner while you relax and enjoy someone else doing the cooking for once!

Those are just a few ideas that I’ve had for a Father’s Day gift that I can also benefit from. Whatever you end up getting, your husband will appreciate knowing that he is appreciated. Good luck picking just one! And, don’t forget to enjoy your… I mean his gift!

Eco-friendly, Comfortable Jeans

Your guy can look sexy and still be environmentally responsible. Again and Again is a fashion brand that exists to inspire circular living through more comfortable jeans designed to never be thrown out. Instead, they upcycle their jeans into new ones using a clean chemical recycling process. The secret is their 100% lyocell fabric, which makes our jeans softer, lighter, and more breathable than cotton.

A Wine Club Membership

Last year, I said Happy Fathers Day to my husband with a wine club membership. Family owned and operated, Cellars Wine Club we has been delivering wine gifts since 1999. Because gifts are 70% of their business, they have tailored their website to showcase wine clubs for every budget and level of wine appreciation.

Book a Virtual or Future City Brew Tour

Booking a virtual experience or future tour with City Brew Tours is the perfect gift for the men in your life this Father’s Day. City Brew Tours offers all-inclusive beer tours with roundtrip transportation, lots of beer, food, and behind-the-scenes access to the best local breweries in 11 cities across the US and Canada. Now, for the first time, they are also bringing the craft beer fun home with their live, beer-themed interactive activities online. Visit:

Every element of their jeans’ design has been carefully considered with comfort and sustainability in mind: from their jeans’ dark wash (saves water in production) to their rivet-less design (makes upcycling possible) to their non-leather back patch (saves cows and reduces greenhouse gas emissions). 

Help Your Hubby Make the Perfect Moscow Mule

I said Happy Father’s Day to My husband with this Gift a few years back. I love these copper mugs that are handcrafted traditionally by Moscow Muled. They are ideal for a number of different cocktails and beverages. Dads (and moms) can enjoy a fun family experience with a nice cold cocktail (for the parents) and mocktail (for the kids)!

At Moscow Muled, all copper mugs are premium and handmade using 100% pure high-grade food-safe copper. The company sells exclusively online and ships its products worldwide from its warehouse in the United States. Website:

A Snack Box Subscribtion from Craft Jerky Co.

We’ve tried this jerky and really love it. With a subscription to Craft Jerky Co. Every month, Your Hubby will get the latest in craft charcuterie curated from small-batch artisanal producers. Each month’s collection is filled with mouthwatering morsels to cure the cravings and tickle the taste buds of any choosy carnivore — and the fridge-free, easy-seal packages also make it perfect for summer outdoor excursions like hiking or camping trips

A Wood Carving Kit

Wood carving is a great hobby for anyone to try. It’s the perfect activities for your husband if he’s still working from home too. The Bear Craft Wood Carving kit is on Amazon a budget friendly option.

Get Him a Man Crate

I just found this website the other day. It’s got practically anything you could want for all kinds of dads and husbands. How about a personalized whisky making kit or a watch making set? There are lots of great activities for dad to do with the kids too. Could this birdhouse kit be any cuter? Visit

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Christian Alejandro

Monday 1st of July 2019

He never took a day off in his career as a dad.

Christin W

Sunday 30th of June 2019

What makes my dad special is that he’s a very caring person and extremely giving and such a hard worker for his family.

Eileen Boyce

Sunday 30th of June 2019

He does so much for us and loves us!

Cassandra D

Sunday 30th of June 2019

Very encouraging.

Dana Matthews

Sunday 30th of June 2019

My dad has the sweetest, kindest disposition. He would give the shirt off of his back to anyone in need. He's an old joker too! He loves to make people laugh and he's been known to tell a good joke, or two! I'm honored to be his daughter.

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