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My Goals for 2013 – No Resolutions!

Happy New Year. I’m a little late, but I’m a bit of a procrastinator.  So, it’s resolution time! I am not big fan of resolutions because people typically “resolve” to make sweeping changes in their lives in January, and most are out the window by February. Some may think “tomato-tomAHto” regarding goals vs. resolutions, but I think there is a difference.

Instead, I’d like to set smaller goals and put plans in place to achieve them. So, in no particular order, here are my top goals for 2013.

Blog at least 3 times a week
I’ve joined a blog challenges before, but often set myself up for failure with a plan to blog everyday. That is just NOT going to happen. So, I think 3 times a week is a good goal and if I go beyond that, cool! If not, I won’t beat myself up about it. If you have a blog, and even if you don’t plan to blog daily, the folks at give some great ideas and support.

Best Body BootcampMove more and eat less
Last year, I was plagued by injury and illness. I turned to food for comfort far too often. I was quite a yo-yo with my weight fluctuating by as much as 20 pounds. I refuse to go back to that environment. I am surrounding myself with a support community both at home and online. I am thrilled to start 2013 off with a few challenges to help me on the road to success. The first is Best Body Bootcamp. This is an 8-week plan where I’ll workout 5 times a week. I also entered a challenge to lose 4% of my body weight by February 4th. I am using My Fitness Pal to help track my workouts and food intake. It is amazing how quickly the calories can add up when you don’t track them.

Improve my overall organization
As I’m sure many of you can relate, I have a “junk” drawer, a messy office and a ton of projects that I meant to finish over the past 2 years. I’m not putting the pressure on myself to get it ALL done, but I plan to set 1-2 priorities for each month so that I don’t get too caught up with an unending list. With my blogging, I’m going to make a daily checklist of for my social media efforts. It’s easy to sort of float all over the internet, Facebook and Twitter and not really accomplish much. I want my social media to represent more quality than quantity. Need to get organized? I found some good tips for the new year here at

Color Run

Doing this one!

Feel the fear and go for it anyway!
I’m not sure where I first heard this saying, but I really do want to push fear to the side for 2013. Why not make 13 a lucky number? Fear has stopped me from completing any fun run or competitive race for years. I’m not sure why or what I am afraid of. Heck, you can’t “fail” a fun run, right? I’m doing the Color Run in July for sure! I am also toying with the idea of the sprint triathlon in my town in May, but the swim training keeps holding me back. I am not a fan of lap swimming, but I need to get over it and just do it. Once spring hits, I’d like to do more organized 5Ks and perhaps strive for a 10K. A half marathon might be in my realm of possibilities, but I have not run more than 4 miles in quite some time. So, we’ll stick with the 5K goal for now and see where it goes. See, not setting myself up to fail with anything too big.

Fit Bloggin 13

I’m speaking!

Attend at least one blogging conference
I am thrilled to announce that I have been selected to lead a discussion at Fitbloggin 13 in June. I attended this conference two years ago. I skipped all conferences last year and I’m really excited to get at least one under my belt this year. Secretly, I’m aiming for two, but again, let’s keep that more of a “wish” so that I meet this goal. Speaking at Fitbloggin kind of goes with my “feel the fear” goal as well as I am typically quite nervous about public speaking. So, I enlisted the help of a co-leader and we are going to ROCK this discussion!

Those are my goals to start the year. I have more, but this will get me started. How about you? What do you want to improve? What goals can you set for yourself?

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riverside arthritis doctor

Thursday 10th of January 2013

Great goals, even if you don’t completely reach them, just making some progress will be an achievement in itself.


Monday 7th of January 2013

Sounds like some excellent goals Stephanie. I will be at Fitbloggin too. I need to look into BlissDom and see if it fits into my schedule.

Stephanie @ Food and Fitness 4 Real

Monday 7th of January 2013

I did not make any real resolutions either. Just goals for myself. Blog twice a week, create two new recipes a month and do a couple of giveaways. After taking off of running most of last year, I am signed up for 7 races this spring! I am training for a half marathon so I am throwing in some fun training races along the way (5K, 10K and 15K). This will also be the first time I am attending BlissDom and Fitbloggin. Since BlogHer food is in Austin this year, I am also going to drive down for that.

Jenn @comebackmomma

Monday 7th of January 2013

I know I should do the tri. I need to look into a swim trainer since the regular tri trainings do not fit with my schedule very well.

Janice - Fitness Cheerleader

Sunday 6th of January 2013

great goals! Go for that triathlon - you'll be glad you did!!

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