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Goodbye Muffin Top!

good bye muffin top!

I love muffins. I would say blueberry is my favorite, but I thoroughly enjoy other flavors like cranberry, banana nut, and even the occasional bran muffin. The one place I HATE muffins is the muffin top that has been growing around my hips. Now some folks will say not to use a negative term like muffin top to describe body imperfections, but I am really not sure if there is a positive spin for this. If you have ideas, feel free to share them in a comment.

So, it is my mission for the next few months to say GOODBYE to my MUFFIN TOP!! Now, how do I plan to do this? That is a good question. I am mapping out a plan that I have to stick to. If you know me, feel free to ping me on Twitter, Facebook, etc and say, “How’s the Goodbye to your Muffin Top going?” I am often there to support others in their fitness efforts. Well, this time it’s my turn to ask for some help and inspiration.

It’s really amazing how just a few months (ok, maybe more like 4-5) of slacking on my fitness has made changes to my body that are NOT acceptable. I’m only talking about 5-6 pounds in weight gain, but as my muscles have diminished, the fat on my body is making a new home in places that I don’t want it to be. I am not a slave to the scale. The overall number is not as important as the way I look and feel. While muscle and fat weigh the same (unlike the prevailing myth), muscles take up less space on the body. Adding muscle to my core, hips, butt, etc., shrinks my trouble zones, especially the dreaded muffin top.

In case you don’t know it, I am a certified fitness trainer. I know what I SHOULD be doing. I have fallen victim to the ever growing excuses monster. I had one reasonably valid excuse over the summer. I broke 2 toes. But, I should have kept moving. I could have worked my upper body and my core. I could still walk, but I just gave up and gave myself a break. On a small scale, taking a break is fine. But… I have now been taking a “break” for like 4 months. YIKES!

SO, what am I going to do? Here is my plan:

Schedule Workouts

This is the #1 piece of advice I always give my friends and clients. You need to schedule a workout like a business meeting that you absolutely can’t miss. Like you will be fired if you miss it. These workouts need to be non-negotiable. Get them DONE! I am often super busy first thing in the morning, so I joined a gym that has a more flexible schedule. Time can no longer be an excuse for me.

Ask for Support

I have asked friends and family to support me in these efforts. My husband is required to ask me if I have had a workout each day. If for some reason I have not, he is kicking me to the basement to power walk on the treadmill or do some yoga for at least 20-30 minutes. As I mentioned before, I am even asking my readers to hold me accountable so don’t hesitate to send me positive vibes.

Make it fun

I need to get back to making my workouts fun and not just having them feel like a chore. Workouts that I really enjoy like yoga and Zumba. I even love walking or running on the treadmill in front of a good TV show. There are some great shows this season. It’s time to fire up the DVR so I can watch them while I workout. For gym workouts, I’m making sure to bring my iPod queued up with my favorite tunes.

Baby steps

Since I have been out of the gym for some time, I am not going hard core at first. I know that slow and steady will be the best approach to improve my fitness levels and help those inches melt away. My plan is to strength train at least 3 times a week. 20-30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week and yoga once a week. This is a totally doable plan.

Mindful Eating

During my exercise “break” I tended to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I fell into that “diet starts Monday” mentality. My brain decided that I was still 18 when I could eat anything and not gain a pound. Well, snap out of it brain. you are nearly 45 and those pounds LOVE to stick to  your body when you don’t eat well. I hate tracking my food, but I will be more mindful of what I am putting in my mouth. I am going to eat to live and not live to eat. I’m sure the My Fitness Pal will come out soon where I will more actively track, but for now, I’ll start with mindful eating. Baby step, remember?

So, GOODBYE MUFFIN TOP. It may take a few months, but I am determined to stick with the occasional blueberry muffin in my mouth and no more on my hips. Oh, and if you are thinking “Boo hoo, she gained 5 pounds, I feel SO BAD for her… NOT!” Remember that I have also lost 50 post-baby pounds. Whether its 5 pounds or 50 pounds, the plan is basically the same… move more, eat less.

Have you had setback with your fitness? This blog ain’t called Comeback Momma for nothing. We all have setbacks. What I love about a setback is the opportunity to make a comeback! Join me and get back to it. Feel free to comment or contact me via email at comebackmomma at gmail dot com and we can support one another.

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  1. Randi says:

    Good for you! I just had a baby 2 months ago and although I’ve dropped most of my weight I still have toning to do. Thanks for getting me more motivated to get a small workout in every day even if it is 20 minutes at home.

  2. I’m quite a petite gal but with having Lupus that gives me random muscle and joint pains plus not knowing what types of exercises I should/can do…I’m noticing things aren’t as tight as they used to be. Set back :/ I’d love to tighten my abs and thighs and gain muscle in my arms and legs!

  3. Tamara says:

    You can do this! Hoping that the motivation our 40+Fitness Group is giving you will help as well.

  4. Patty says:

    It’s amazing what a difference 5 little pounds can make. Go for it. I can tell from all these months of reading your blog that you will be very successful in your goat. I’ll look forward to reading the posts as you get there.

  5. Good for you! Good luck!

  6. Jenna Wood says:

    A great way to get rid of a muffin top is to wear pants that actually fit…just saying, I see *skinny* girls all the time with muffin tops because they want to say they wear a size smaller. But good for you to stick to your toning and weight loss goals, it isn’t easy!

  7. I’m working on this too. It’s not easy but maybe we could support each other!

  8. Nicki says:

    Thanks for this post! I retired from training after 30 years, so I love reading straight forward, practical advice like this. Thanks for sharing and caring!

  9. Rachel says:

    GO you! You can do it! And when you’re done maybe you can share with us which workouts work the best for getting rid of the muffin top! 🙂

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