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Great Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

Tips for great travel photography

Great Travel Photography Tips

I am still working on improving my photography skills without taking a formal class. I’ve been doing some research on tips for taking great travel photography. When my family travels, I often depend on my smart phone to always be with me. My husband tends to carry the fancy SLR camera, but I am getting better at using it too. Here are some of the photography tips I’ve found and am working on:

travel photography tips

Get up Early

To capture most kinds of subjects in the best light is in the morning. While other tourists are still asleep, get up early to get that amazing photo opportunities.


Learn how to say “Hello” in the local Language, and be sure to greet locals when taking their photo.

travel photography tips

Think Local

Seek the advice of locals to get great photo opportunities in their own area that may not be where tourists typically visit.

Be Fully Charged

It is the worst feeling when I am all set to take a photo and the camera battery is dead. Fully charge all your batteries before going out for the day. Make sure they are in your camera and other devices. 

travel photography tips

Pay attention to details

A town may be famous for one thing, but look at the smaller details to get those best photographic moments.

Get the family involved

I’ll ask my kids to suggest what they would like me to take a photo of. Seeing the world through their eyes often opens up a new world of possibilities.

travel photography tips

What are your favorite travel photography tips?

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