Great Treats Make Me AND My Dog Happy

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Great treats are always something I look forward to giving my dog, Panda. She’s a rescue dog, so we’ve always tried to spoil her rotten – but not TOO rotten – since we brought her home. One of the ways we do that is by giving her great treats.

It’s the best thing ever, you guys. When we open up a bag of delicious snacks for her, that tail starts wagging so hard, and it just makes us smile. There’s nothing quite like the joy of giving your dog a tasty nom nom. That’s especially true for us, knowing that Panda had to spend some time at the shelter, a place that is not fun for the doggies.

I’ve found that some of the best snacks around that really get a reaction from her are Old Mother Hubbard treats. Panda really adores them. She gets so excited about them, and I get excited about that. I love to watch her eyes light up when I open up the bag for her.

Great Treats from Old Mother Hubbard

Panda loves the flavors from Old Mother Hubbard, and I love that these great treats are all-natural. I don’t have to worry about artificial colors, preservatives, or flavorings. It’s nice to know I’m feeding my precious pooch something delicious AND nutritious.

There are five varieties of delicious biscuits from Old Mother Hubbard, and they’re all winners. Each of these varieties has a great taste that any dog will love. I know because Panda loves them all, and even though she loves treats, she can be picky sometimes. Your dog will enjoy any of the following varieties.

  • Old Mother Hubbard Classic Extra Tasty Assortment Biscuits, Mini
  • Old Mother Hubbard Classic Original Assortment Biscuits, Mini
  • Old Mother Hubbard Classic P-Nuttier Biscuits, Small
  • Old Mother Hubbard Classic P-Nuttier Biscuits, Mini
  • Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier ‘N Nanners Grain-Free Biscuits, Mini

We Have a Winner, Well Two

Old Mother Hubbard’s great treats are winners for me and Panda. Panda loves the flavors. She’s especially fond of the P-Nuttier Biscuits and the Extra Tasty Assortment, and I’m especially fond of the fact that these treats are all-natural.

I love that I can feel good about giving Panda snacks that she absolutely adores without worrying if there’s some sort of chemical in them. With these treats, Panda can nosh away, and we can watch all the tail wagging we want!

If you’re looking for great treats for your dog, I highly encourage you to check out Old Mother Hubbard’s line of delicious dog treats.

Click >> HERE << to purchase your Old Mother Hubbard dog treat flavor of choice in-store or online at Walmart!

Your furry friend is sure to love them.

We are thrilled that Panda loves her new treats almost as much as we love her! I’m the one who rolls over for her. She’s just that special.


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