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Benefits of Group Exercise

Benefits of Group Exercise

The main reason I am drawn to group exercise classes is because they truly motivate me to do so much more than I would ever do on my own.  I think they are inspiring, motivating, and energizing.  I feel the same instructing them, and truly have to say I just love my job!  When the music starts so does my adrenaline.  I work out between four and five times every week.  Most of my workouts consist of strength training, yoga/pilates, and indoor cycle, all of which I do in a group class setting.

If you are feeling a bit stuck in a rut with your current workout (or lack there of…)  I want to suggest that you try something new.  If you have never tried a group exercise class before, then try one!  If you have tried them in the past, but said forget about it, think again.  There are always new formats coming out, currently Zumba, and Barre Tone are extremely popular formats.  Look for classes that interest you, find a workout sister, and put it on your calendar.  (Be sure to schedule it into your week as an appointment, not just a suggestion…)  Find a format that makes exercising fun for you, if you like it you are more likely to stick with it.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up…try different formats and times of day, you’ll be surprised at all the variety that is offered and the results that can be attained. It is interesting how at different classes and/or times, you can have a variety of experiences.  This is dependent upon the group of participants, size of the class, time of day, personality of the instructor etc.  So…keep shopping until you find a perfect fit for you!  When you attend a specific class every week you will start to make friends, get to know the instructor and become more comfortable within the format.

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Alice Carroll

Thursday 5th of November 2020

I agree that mixing things up from time to time will make group exercise a lot more exciting. My best friend is a bit unmotivated to lose weight so I figured that I should help her out by accompanying her in exercising. We have been busy a lot lately so going to a gym together can also be an opportunity to catch up.

Kristyn Kilcullen

Monday 22nd of April 2013

i really need to get in a group exercise class because I often loose motivation quickly on my own when i work out!


Wednesday 17th of April 2013

I have to agree with Matt G. The best thing about exercise classes is the fact that they can help you make friends at the gym.

Jenna Wood

Tuesday 16th of April 2013

I always find it easier to stay motivated when working out with friends.


Tuesday 16th of April 2013

I am so with you - there is nothing like a group energy. I have to agree with every time I go to my Zomba class

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