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Birthday Giggles with Hallmark’s #FunnyPetCards at Walmart


Hallmark Funniest Pet Cards at Walmart #FunnyPetCards  #shop

My kids love picking out funny cards for friends and family. They always gravitate to the cards with animals on them. That’s why the Funniest Pet Cards by Hallmark at Walmart are the perfect fit for our family. I hate getting stuck in the card aisle taking forever to select just the right card. With the funniest animal cards, we loved nearly all of them. Who can resist a fat cat, dancing dog or hysterical horse? Not us!

Next week, we’ll be traveling to my niece’s birthday party in Connecticut. So, we headed to Walmart to select cards for each of my kids to give to her. We also have my husband’s birthday coming up, so we picked up some cards for him too. The Funny Pet Cards were super easy to find at the end of the aisle in their own section. We had a great time giggling in the aisle while selecting our cards.

Hallmark Funniest Pet Cards at Walmart #FunnyPetCards  #shopThe kids had a tough time deciding on their favorite cards. There were just too many great ones to choose from. There was one in particular (not really appropriate for a 9-year-old birthday, but totally great for my husband) had us cracking up big time. Other shoppers must have been wondering what was so funny.

Hallmark Funniest Pet Cards at Walmart #FunnyPetCards  #shop

In the end, we decided to bring home a collection of our favorite cards. We thought it would be fun to hold a family vote to select the winning cards to give to my niece. We voted by secret ballot with each family member coming into the official “voting area” alone so as not to influence the other voters. We are a very democratic family. LOL!

Hallmark Funniest Pet Cards at Walmart #FunnyPetCards  #shop

Each family member voted for their top two favorites. My daughter was very excited to reveal the results. She even asked our dog show us her approval.

Hallmark Funniest Pet Cards at Walmart #FunnyPetCards  #shop

Here are the winners. My niece is also a pet lover so we know she’ll love these cards.

Hallmark Funniest Pet Cards at Walmart #FunnyPetCards  #shop

One of the coolest things about buying Hallmark cards is the Hallmark Rewards Program.  Hallmark rewards you for buying their cards. Gotta love that! You earn rewards when you buy Hallmark cards wherever they are sold, including Walmart! For every 5 cards you buy, you’ll earn a reward! Can I get a “Woo Hoo?!!” After finalizing our card selections we got them all ready to bring to Connecticut next week. Don’t they look pretty with their accompanying gift bags?

Hallmark Funniest Pet Cards at Walmart #FunnyPetCards  #shop

Do you shop for funny cards for your friends and family? Be sure to check out these funny pet cards at Walmart. You’ll get a good giggle for sure! Also be sure to check out to sign up for Hallmark Rewards. To see great content from other bloggers, join in the #FunnyPetCards and #CollectiveBias conversations on Twitter!

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Friday 28th of March 2014

These cards are so cute and funny!! Love them!

Shannon Gosney

Monday 24th of March 2014

I love the variety of Hallmark Funny Pet Cards at Walmart! There are some pretty funny cards! Thanks for sharing! #client


Friday 21st of March 2014

Animals will always get them! the kids. The hilarious, creative ways Hallmark presents them makes the cards almost impossible not to be liked by the children. adults as well, for that matter. I say give them to friends and you don’t need to have a birthday or something.


Tuesday 18th of March 2014

I love that they are encouraging happiness and laughter with this cute cards, it would be impossible to frown if you receive one of these cards :)


Tuesday 18th of March 2014

HAHA my kids tend to gravitate towards these funny pet cards too. I usually send funny cards to family for special occasions and these are the first ones I check out.

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